Inspect Buildings with Mobile Forms

Inspect Buildings with Mobile Forms

app iconSnapii introduces a new way for building inspectors to inspect buildings without having to drag piles of paper forms with them – Building Inspection mobile app. The mobile app is ideal to perform house inspections for fire prevention, safety, maintenance, storage, occupancy, etc. There is no need to drag your laptop and camera any longer. Use your smartphone or tablet to capture all necessary data. Visualize your building inspections on a map, save inspections forms on your devices and/or email them. Download the app for iOS here and for Andrid here.

Replace paper forms with mobie forms instantly

By using this Snappii app you will eliminate paper usage and avoid costly repairs. Simplify your work process by handling large amounts of data quickly and easily. The Building Inspection mobile app is designed to conduct a thorough inspection of the building to identify signs of deterioration or failure. It covers both Exterior and Interior building inspections and helps to ensure that building systems are in good repair. By correcting minor problems in a due time, the building owner or facility manager can extend the building lifespan and eliminate extra expense. The Building Inspection app allows you to inspect such important building system components as Electrical and Heating systems, Housekeeping and Private Protection, Emergency and more. Keeping written records of observations and inspections helps to prioritize repairs, anticipate major replacements and avoid emergencies. The Building Inspection app can become an indispensable tool to help you there.

Key Building Inspection mobile app features:

• Inspect the building exterior starting from general building conditions to nearby territory
• Check the interior building conditions including heating and electrical systems, housekeeping, emergence and more
• Save the filled our inspection forms, email and share them
• Further access and edit completed inspection forms
• Store collected inspection data locally on device
• Store collected data on a device
• Get PDF forms of the conducted inspection and share them via email, Facebook, network drives and other sharing options available on device
• Visualize your inspections on the map
• Discuss and exchange ideas on different topics via the discussion forum • Get push notifications Benefits: • Keep building systems in good condition
• Extend the building lifespan
• Prioritize repairs and anticipate major replacements
• Avoid extra expense
• Eliminate paperwork and go green
• Save time and money usually spent on handwritten paper inspections
• Improve data accuracy
If you are not satisfied with our pre-built form solution, you can upload your own PDF form and 100% customize it to meet your specific business needs.
Moreover, you can:
– upload any PDF form or document from local storage or cloud drives
– add your own fields to existing forms including datetime, text, numeric, location, signature, picture,radio, checkbox
– fill in your PDF forms
– print forms
– share forms via email and messages
– upload forms to cloud drives
– save and view generated reports on your device
Don’t settle for an App that doesn’t fit your business needs. Snappii Apps are 100% customizable, securely deployed and seamlessly integrated into you back end systems using the feature-rich Snappii Platform. Utilize the Building Inspection mobile app to conduct detailed Exterior and Interior building inspections. Download the app for iOS here and for Andrid here.

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