How Insurance Companies can help their Clients

How Insurance Companies can help their Clients

for blogIn our previous blog posts on Insurance we described Insurance companies’ benefits from having a mobile app solution. Now let’s consider it from a user perspective.

Over 1 billion smartphones and tablets are in use by customers, employees, partners and agents across the country and around the globe. Consumers are quickly turning mobile app usage from just the fun of social networking and games to the everyday necessities of mobile banking, ecommerce and a host of business purposes. Today, people are using their smartphones not just to make calls and send text messages, but also to solve issues, report problems, collect data, etc.

There are unpleasant moments in life when every minute counts. When there’s not much time to wait for the insurance adjuster to arrive at the place of the incident, the aggrieved person can open the Insurance Company’s mobile app, fill out the form thus creating his own incident report and send it right away! It’s really convenient, saves time and helps create the report catching every little detail. More specifically, the Incident report allows to:

*  Capture the exact place of the incident using maps
*  Capture the time stamp
*  Take multiple pictures
*  Describe damages
*  Calculate insurance estimates
*  Call/send email/send text messages
*  etc.

Thinking of other possible options an Insurance company would provide their customers with, such important things as Requesting a claim and Getting a Quote appear. In both cases it is easy for a person to fill out the form on his smartphone anytime from anywhere and send it to companies, evaluating the advantages offered by different companies. A prospect would rather turn to a company that offers a mobile solution as it is easier to access, and might look more reliable for him. Like it or not, people always seek for companies that want to be found. Having a mobile app for your insurance company is a must in today’s ever-changing world. Consider creating a mobile app with Snappii with no programming skills, the process is simple and takes a few hours vs. many months of development work if you hire a developer. Snappii has a lot of useful features, platform capabilities and offers great support.

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