Mobile Technologies in Medicine

Mobile Technologies in Medicine

for blogMobile technologies, particularly mobile applications, have increased greatly among the general public in recent years. Smartphones and tablets with apps have a number of features in addition to mobility, thereby serving as a valid alternative to a tradition desktop computer.

The medical world has always been at the forefront of the development and implementation of new technologies. No wonder, the introduction and usage of mobile devices with special applications is in full swing in medicine now.

How Do Mobile Technologies Influence Orthopedists’ Practice?

A recent study published in the Journal of Mobile Technologies in Medicine has shared some interesting insights into how orthopedic surgeons and trainees use mobile technologies in their daily practice. The study was conducted among Australian surgeons, and the majority of recipients were between the ages of 28 and 40. As it turned out, Australian orthopedists are avid users of mobile technologies and mobile apps for orthopedists are very popular nowadays. Here are some other facts which follow from this study.

– Over 97% of respondents owned a smartphone, and 56% owned a portable tablet device. Of these, all but two used their devices regularly for work.

– Orthopedists use mobile technologies mostly for professional contact (79%) and for accessing educational medical resources online (65.1%)

– Most respondents identified viewing patient investigations and accessing patient records as the most productive purpose of mobile devices usage in orthopedic practice.

– 93% agreed that mobile technology improved professional communication.

– Importantly, 86% believed that the effects of mobile technology in clinical practice would improve patient care.

Let’s summarize the main benefits of using mobile devices with special applications in medicine.

Constant communication and collaboration

Being in touch and aware of all processes is very important in medical work.

Data collection and storage

Mobile applications enable healthcare providers to always have all patient data and other necessary information at hand.

Workflow’s acceleration

This follows from the preceding claims. Time is of the utmost importance in medicine, and mobile technologies help to reduce downtime.

Access to resources

Specialists should be able to turn to required resources at anytime, anywhere for successful and efficient work.

Medicine is our past, present and future. And new mobile technologies could positively affect its future, providing healthcare professionals unique opportunities and benefits for successful work and development.

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