Print Your PDF’s From Your Phone

Print Your PDF’s From Your Phone

Portable software used for business has been a staple since computers were first introduced to the fields. Retail stores use them to keep track of inventory as it enters and leaves the store. Warehouses use them for a similar reason, but take it once step further by also managing where in the warehouse they are. Having the power to access information without using a computer is invaluable to these businesses, and it saves them time with tasks that usually eat up hours.

As handheld technology has evolved, so has the way that technology is made. In the past, creating an app for your business usually involved hiring freelance programmers and developers to try and make the mobile app. Often times, trying was not good enough, and customers get left with an app that they may have paid thousands for, but does not do what they need it to do.

Snappii revolutionizes the way the layman can build an app. Snappii has spent years developing a platform that allows anyone to enter and build an app. There are catalogs, white papers and video tutorials to help explain how to complete the process. If you do not want to create the app yourself, Snappii developers are always standing by to talk to you about your app.


What does this have to do with printing a PDF from your phone? Snappii has recently released a new editor that allows users to go in and create a form app. The editor takes care of most of the legwork, and provides a playground for the user to go in and test if the app is something their business can actually use. From the form app, your phone can print the PDF wirelessly to any compatible printer in the area. This process is open to the public, and can be tested our for up to 14-days absolutely free.

When we take your PDF and create it into a form, we are inserting a mobile version of your form into the app. In reality, your entire app can be your form. However, users tend to expand on possibilities. Later on, the user and the Snappii team works together to tack on extra features that will make the app more functional and practical for your business. These features go far beyond what a simple form can do, including things like push notifications, GPS tracking, bar-code scanners and more. Because Snappii’s platform is so robust, we are constantly updating it with the latest features you’ll see throughout apps.


Traditional forms of creating apps tend to vary with support. In some cases, only the original team that built the app will be able to help when issues come up. In rare cases, that team will leave behind enough information for any other team to pick up the problem and understand how to fix it. However, this is not likely. Often times, when an app faces a critical failure, it means thousands to get it back up and running.

With Snappii, problems are fixed the moment they arise. Our support team is open almost all day, and communication with the actual developers who made the app is always seamless. If your app has a problem, it’s likely that we can provide you with a solution the same day. If we can’t, the Snappii support team can reach out to the developers and get you an answer within 24 hours.

Likewise, if there are things you want to update in the app, Snappii’s team will always be around to hear you out and expand on your idea. Whether it is through phone or email, we can work with you to make your app fill every gap of your business. We want to surpass your expectations, and we believe the only way to accomplish that is by working together.


Snappii has been around since the early 2010’s, creating apps for all sorts of businesses. These can include logs, maintenance reports, sign-in apps and more. Because of our extensive experience working with a multitude of clients, we’re guaranteeing that we can cut the time it takes to complete paper-related processes in your business.

If you have had an idea for an app and are not sure how to execute it, feel free to contact our sales team at

If you have tried to build an app on our platform but would like some help for certain processes, feel free to contact support at


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