Phablets as a Future Great Solution for Business

Phablets as a Future Great Solution for Business

for blogPhone tablet hybrids or phablets are called the enterprise technology of the future as they have a real advantage in being used at the workplace because of their size and unique features.

To begin with, we should clarify what a phablet is. Phablets are large smartphones whose dimensions are close to traditional tablets (their sizes range from 5.7 inches to 6.4 inches) and that are lighter than traditional tablets.

The screen size of a phablet makes it more convenient to read e-mail, messages, browse websites, and work with different documents. It also improves the ability to watch videos. Last but not least, large devices have a large battery, so people do not need to frequently charge them.

Some phablets, for example Samsung Galaxy Note line, have a stylus, which looks like a pen and allows you to take notes and sketches.

And of course do not forget about the main benefit of the phablets – it is a phone.

Here are some of the best business phablets of 2015.

LG G Flex 2 [New & Notable]

LG took last year’s uniquely curved phablet and made it more practical.

iPhone 6 Plus

Compared to previous phones from Apple, the iPhone 6 Plus gives you much more room to work on.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The screen of the tablet isn’t just big – it’s also one of the sharpest screens you’ll find on any mobile device.

Google Nexus 6

If you want a smartphone with top-tier hardware and the latest software, Nexus 6 is a good solution.

By 2019, there will be 1.5 billion phablets shipped around the world, according to the research firm BI Intelligence. And enterprise mobility experts say as much as 40% of their companies’ supported devices will be phone tablet hybrids by the end of next year. It is obvious that phablets are a great business solution for the future.

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