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SNAPPII Expands its Mobile Apps Platform to Offer Full Service App Development for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Snappii, a rapidly growing start up which offers a platform for fast mobile app development for Apple’s iPhone iPads and iPhone and Android devices. Mobile mobile business apps are developed in a few hours vs. the traditional approach which takes many months. Apps created with Snappii are easy and quick to change by non programmers vs the traditional app development which requires programmers to make all changes and results in higher cost and significantly more time.

Until now Snappii was a DIY platform (do-it-yourself) for non programmers who wanted to create mobile mobile business apps. Based on customer demand Snappii has expanded its service to include full service app development. Clients fill out an App Request Form and Snappii builds the app. Customers can also choose to have Snappii maintain the app for them.

“Based on customer demand we now offer full service app development using Snappii platform.” CEO Alex Bakman said. “We realize that many customers simply don’t have the time and would rather have us professionally design and build their mobile business apps. As customers learn more about their app requirements from their customers they want to continue to improve and evolve their mobile business apps. In fact our customers realize that mobile business apps are never “finished”. That’s why we now offer 3 app maintenance and ongoing development plans. Customers benefit not only from rapid app development but also from our ability to add new features and changes quickly.”

All app requests are reviewed in 24 hours. Clients will get a reply with an estimate time frame needed for their app development. App development starts at only from $299 depending on the app complexity. In addition to full app development Snappii now offers 3 app maintenance plans which enable customers to enjoy ongoing app development and improvement. The app maintenance plans cover ANY app changes that customers desire and enable customers’ mobile business apps to continue to evolve based on new requirements and new features in mobile technology:

The 3 app maintenance and ongoing development plans are:

A – Monthly Unlimited Changes – Changes can be submitted to Snappii once a month for the next 12 months. Customers can submit unlimited number of changes!

B – Quarterly Unlimited Changes – Changes can be submitted to Snappii once a quarter for 12 months. Customers can submit unlimited number of changes.

C – Anytime Unlimited Changes – Customers can submit unlimited number of changes any time.

Each plan includes:

  • App content and feature changes,
  • Release on all mobile platforms supported by Snappii,
  • Use of analytics dashboard and push notifications,
  • Hosting,
  • Rapid Change distribution

Snappii’s full service mobile app development is ideal for companies that are short on time and development resources and need to release mobile business apps to market quickly. Companies that are interested in making iPhone/iPad/Android mobile business apps on their own can still use Do-it-Yourself platform.

Snappii offers a great amount of Demo mobile business apps everyone can easily check out using Snappii Preview app even without a necessity to register into the app. Attached in PDF file there are only some of the covered industries available in Preview app.

With the help of these mobile mobile business apps users can easily find business locations, contact businesses via social channels/email/phone, make appointments, order meals and taxi, book rooms, interact with each other in Forum, be kept always updated with the latest news, take pictures and email them, create QR codes and QR code coupons, send Push notifications, watch videos, look through catalogues, add their own functionality using HTML controls and etc.

Snappii offers cost-effective and excellent service and will greatly suit those who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on app development. Anyone can start using Snappii web service functionality at only $39. Due to Snappii CMS updates are distributed immediately to all users’ devices. Snappii is constantly growing and adding new perfect features to its functionality with the help of which great up-to-date mobile business apps can be made without any difficulties.

About Snappii:

Snappii was founded by Alex Bakman, a successful serial entrepreneur who has already grown 3 companies from zero to millions of dollars in sales. Snappii has publically launched its services in March of 2011. All are welcome to check it out on Snappii website.

For more information about Snappii:

Phone: 603-651-0066


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