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Snappii Preview App is now available to download from the Apple AppStore with the newly supported iOS 6 features.

Snappii, a fast growing start up that allows anyone to build mobile mobile business apps without programming, has just announced iOS 6 support for its native mobile business apps created with Snappii WYSIWYG editor.

iOS 6 was released at the same time as iPhone 5 which made developers all over the world scramble to support it. Snappii developers worked quickly to make the Snappii mobile mobile business apps development platform support the new Apple operating system and to take advantage of its new features. The Snappii Preview app which enables customers to see their app work on iPhone or iPad as its being built and tested is the first component to be released by Snappii.

The Snappii Preview App also takes advantage of some new iOS 6 features.

  • The built-in Maps app uses Apple’s new vector-based engine that eliminates the lag present while downloading bitmaps from Google’s servers, making for smoother zooming. New to Maps is turn-by-turn navigation spoken directions in certain countries, 3D views in some major cities and real-time traffic. Turn-by-turn navigation is only available for iPhone 4S or later and iPad 2 or later with cellular capability, while 3D views are only available for iPhone 4S or later, iPod touch 5th generation, and iPad 2 or later.
  • Facebook comes integrated through Apple’s native mobile business apps with iOS 6. Facebook features can be directly accessed from within native mobile business apps.

Snappii preview app is absolutely free to download and test mobile business apps created with Snappii. It also has demo mobile business apps that anyone can view to have a good understanding of functionality mobile business apps built with Snappii platform can offer. Snappii mobile mobile business apps development platform is very flexible, that’s why anyone can make mobile business apps on it without even having programming skills. Snappii is proud to have a high number of mobile business apps accepted by Apple and welcomes everyone to try to make an app on their own.

Separately, Snappii will release support for a larger screen iPhone5.

Snappii is a great opportunity for big enterprises to outsource app development. Below are only some of the reasons why it makes sense:

  • Mobile Apps are developed in “Days” not “Months”. 30 times faster than programming
  • No mobile development or programming skills are needed to develop mobile business apps. Utilize any existing staff
  • Free up skilled programmers to work on back-end systems.
  • No need to hire or outsource to expensive mobile mobile business apps development companies.
  • Saves hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Mobile Apps run across all major platforms. Native and HTML5 mobile business apps
  • Complete support complete mobile mobile business apps development lifecycle management. Test mobile business apps on smartphones and tablets right away. Update mobile business apps instantly on thousands of devices. Analyze app usage to improve business results.

Snappii offers 2 options: Do-It-Yourself and Full Service.

Do-It-Yourself customers can make mobile business apps themselves very quickly and at no cost. Then test them and submit to Apple app store and be sure that their mobile business apps are compatible with the new Apple iOS 6. Full Service customers can request an app by filling in the App development Request form available both on the website and in the Preview app with their requirements and Snappii professional services staff will build a prototype in 48 hours and release the app to the market place in a matter of days not months!

Joining Snappii Partnership program will provide app builder users with White Label and Dashboard solutions applied to all applications created under their accounts. White Labeling will remove all Snappii ads from mobile business apps and enable clients to upload their own splash screens.

Dashboard gives access to app usage statistics and allows sending Push Notifications to announce specials or something depending on the business a customer is into. Partner program perfectly fits those who are planning to sell mobile business apps to their clients!

In case anyone has questions on Snappii app making service, please contact support(at)snappii(dot)com to receive a professional assistance.

About Snappii:

Snappii was founded by Alex Bakman, a successful serial entrepreneur who has already grown many companies from zero to millions of dollars in sales. Snappii has publically launched its services in March of 2011. All are welcome to try Snappii at

For more information about Snappii:

Phone: 603-651-0066


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