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SnAPPii Releases New Simple and Affordable Subscription-Based Pricing Plans for Mobile App Development

With the tremendous demand for both consumer and enterprise mobile applications, Snappii, an online mobile application platform for business, has just released their new subscription-based pricing plans to simplify the buying experience and offer their customers affordable pricing options to scale their mobility strategy.

Alex Bakman, Snappii’s CEO and founder says “Let’s face it. Mobile app development can be a real challenge. With multiple programming languages, application platforms, devices, as well as data sources, the complexities grow exponentially.    Those complexities equal time and money for businesses and developers.    We built the Snappii platform with one goal…to simplify and accelerate app development and open up the process to empower more developers.    Our new subscription-based pricing model now also reflects that same mission.”

While the goal of Snappii ‘s web-based platform is to make app development faster and easier, it’s features and capabilities are designed to support not only basic app requirements but also more complex development.     Snappii ‘s online visual development platform automates both back-end services as well as front-end services out of the box. Back-end services include data connections, web services integration, push notifications, and user analytics. Front end development services include a custom-design palette with features like custom list building, forms, calculations, social media integration, user management, GPS, and mobile commerce.

Automating the key back-end and front-end building blocks enables developers to focus on design customization rather than coding from scratch.    If there is a need for enhanced customization, Snappii will soon be releasing plugins to add your own code as well. Snappii is also a cross-development platform which means users only need to build native mobile business apps once and they can be deployed across iOS, Android, and HTML5 platforms.    

Likewise, Snappii also offers the ability to publish your app to its Live Build Preview App where you can publish and share your app instantly to multiple devices to test and prototype in real time. According to Bakman, “Given the iterative nature of app development, Snappii developers and consultants have experienced a significant improvement in productivity and efficiency with their ability to prototype, test and share mobile business apps in real time with their end users and clients.” All of this dramatically compresses the development cycle, improves time to market, and lowers costs.

“With our back-end to front-end services and cross platform capabilities, mobile app development can really be opened up to all programmers, not just those with Objective-C or Java skills. Mobility is the top initiative for CIOs right now and we are really just at its infancy. Businesses are on their heels trying to support the consumer and employee demand to mobilize business processes, but mobile programming skills in the market have not caught up. Snappii not only offers existing mobile developers a way to accelerate their development but also opens up the gates to all other programmers as well. Snappii gives those programmers an opportunity to start diving into app development and help their companies deliver on the demand.”

To simplify pricing and open up development to more users, Snappii is offering three annual subscription-based plans depending on the needs of its customers which include developers, consultants, enterprises, and SI’s. All plans are offered with either monthly or annual payment options.    Subscription plans provide a user with access to Snappii’s online platform including all back end and front end services, upgrades and new releases, as well as the ability to publish on all supported platforms (iOS, Android, HTML5). Pricing depends on the number of mobile business apps as well as the level of support.    In addition, Snappii also offers users the ability to publish FREE web (HTML5) mobile business apps.

Bakman says, “The response to our new pricing has been tremendous. We make it real simple for users to test drive our platform before buying. Come to the site, register, and start building mobile business apps for free. You can start prototyping immediately or publish an HTML5 for free. Most of our customers have started this way….by test building mobile business apps and then deciding to buy when they see the capabilities. Our enterprise and premium plans have been the most popular since they allow greater scalability. The premium plan which includes unlimited app development has seen a lot of traction with consultants and SIs who quickly see the value in delivering mobile business apps to their clients. From our start, opening up the platform to our user base has really been our greatest source of feedback and success in driving future development of our platform and our new pricing further extends our commitment to expanding app development to a wider audience.”

For more details on pricing please visit the Snappii website:

For more information about Snappii:

Phone: 603-651-0066


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