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Essential Assistants for Safe Business Events

Essential Assistants for Safe Business EventsCOVID-19 precautions come first

We hope that with the advent of the new year, the situation with COVID-19 will improve. However, we shouldn’t forget about precautions both in everyday life and in business. Business meetings and events are resumed but with special rules and restrictions. For example, regular cleaning and disinfection of facilities, social distancing arrangements, wearing hygienic masks, visitors’ health screening, etc. Also, it is important to track visitors, let them check in safely without face-to-face contact, and have an opportunity to quickly contact them. Snappii offers the apps to become an essential assistant for these tasks.

Safe and fast sign in with Sign In Guest Book app

The Sign In Guest Book app is designed to quickly and easily sign in, sign out later, keep track of visitors, and work with this kind of data. The visitors can sign in themselves in a few clicks on any mobile device or the admin can do this. The app helps capture such information as name, photo, company, contact info, notes, etc. After signing in the visitors can print badges via a wireless printer. To sign out, users just need to search the name and date in the database. The admins can get a history of visitors for any time range. Also, the Sign In Guest Book app saves visitor logs so next time of visit he/she can pick themselves from the list and pre-fill the form. It reduces the time of registration. Moreover, the app users can create events, add information, upload attendees, and track who has attended and who’s not. They also can create consolidated reports. The Snappii team created a short video demo of the app to let anyone see it in action. The Sign In Guest Book app is available in Apple App Store as well as Google Play.

Lead generation without face-to-face contacts

One more useful app from Snappii is the Trade Show Lead Collection app. Utilizing the app business people can easily collect email addresses, phone numbers, locations, and other information necessary to generate leads and develop marketing strategies. Capture leads on the spot easily and quickly without filling in unreliable paper forms. Create events or trade shows and add participants to them. Follow up with the leads after the event: send emails and make calls. The Trade Show Lead Collection app helps avoid crowds and face-to-face contacts. Download and try it in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Both apps can be customized. The Snappii team is ready to consider your specific requirements. Send them here and let’s discuss it.

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