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The Solution from Snappii that Works in Getting Rid of Paper Clutter

The Solution from Snappii that Works in Getting Rid of Paper ClutterStop drowning in paper

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in business paper-based documentation? Paper clutter is one of the most common challenges which leads to errors in operations and a decrease in the efficiency level. It accumulates quickly and can become overwhelming if you don’t deal with it daily. If you don’t know where to even start to get rid of this paper, Snappii has a solution for you.

Turn your paper to the digital format in a snap

We at Snappii understand that paper is undoubtedly outdated and pulls businesses down. Now you can easily turn to a paperless workflow. You shouldn’t refuse your usually used forms and reports as well as buy and install complicated and expensive software. Snappii offers a smart and powerful Form Converter. Anyone can convert the existing forms and reports to their mobile analog and instantly use them on a mobile device. Thanks to the Optical Field Recognition system, Artificial Intelligence will do all the main work itself and instantly builds a digital version.

“Today we welcome all users to try our brand new Optical Field Recognition, – Alex Bakman, Snappii CEO says. “A process that used to take 2 to 3 hours to do manually, now with optical field recognition can be done in seconds. This means that any company using forms and creating PDF reports can now go digital instantly without a huge investment of time and money! This is the key point that differentiates Snappii from its competition.”

Some more options

Moreover, a user can start creating a mobile form from scratch or use one of our ready-made templates and edit it. The process is really simple. Watch this video and learn more about it.

Also, Snappii can do all the work for you. Our team will get your requirements and provide a ready-made product to instantly start using it. Contact us here to get started.

How to Implement Mobile Solutions into the Well-established and Familiar Way of Field Inspections

How to Implement Mobile Solutions into the Well-established and Familiar Way of Field InspectionsWhy innovations can be a headache

The field inspection industry has been rather hesitant in embracing mobile technology and did not have the opportunity to reveal its full potential. The main reasons were the difficulties with transition to a new method of work, the compelled rejection of the usual inspection forms, and poor compliance with the specific needs of a company. Keeping in mind these points, Snappii has created a solution to provide companies dealing with field inspections the opportunity to keep the familiar and time-tested basics of their work and add great advantages of modern mobile solutions.

No more stress and consent for less

Today thanks to Snappii’s powerful and smart Form Converter, anyone can convert the existing PDF forms to their mobile analog – mobile forms to fill in on a mobile device. You no longer need to give up the familiar and useful forms that you have been using for a long time and that suit your work. You just improve them and make them more convenient to use in the field. Mobile inspection forms allow users to collect various data faster, instantly process it, and share it with anyone. It contributes to a more efficient and optimized inspection process. Also, you can generate professional reports based on completed mobile inspection forms. Elimination of paperwork accelerates inspections and increases productivity.

Recently developed Optical Field Recognition system has made Snappii’s Form Converter even more powerful and convenient. Users simply upload a photo of the form or a PDF file or scan it. Artificial Intelligence will do almost all the work for them. Learn the process in more detail here.

If you don’t have extra time and you just want to get a finished product, Snappii’s team will convert any forms for you. Just send us your forms and requirements here.

How to Get a Powerful Custom Business App without a Huge Investment of Time and Money

How to Get a Powerful Custom Business App without a Huge Investment of Time and MoneyMobile business apps are useful tools to organize and manage a business, increase income, and help customers. The demand for technological solutions’ development and the corresponding offers go hand in hand. However, it is quite a difficult task to find a team of decent developers that can come up with innovative, high quality, fast, affordable, and custom solutions that will really work for a specific business.

A stumbling block for businesses

There is usually a dilemma: to give preference to easy-to-implement and affordable ready-made mobile apps that could be too generalized and don’t completely meet your needs or order a custom business app development that is quite a long and expensive process. This often becomes a stumbling block for various businesses.

Customization as a favorable compromise

Snappii offers a great way to have a custom business app without a huge investment of time and money thanks to using its existing solutions as a base and customizing them to any specific needs. App customization is more affordable and faster than creating an app from scratch. Moreover, already proven solutions are of better quality and more advantageous. Here is what Snappii’s customers say about their collaboration:

“Snappii has moved mountains to bring my vision to reality. I have never heard from the Snappii team that “we can’t do that”. The most important factor for my team when choosing a business partner is that no matter how complicated the request, Snappii has always presented a work-around and a solution.”

Robert Gulino, Modern Niagara Toronto Inc.

“Snappii built the app with our requirements needed to reduce the handling of paper invoices and BOL for our customers. This is a wonderful app and a real time saver. Our company has gone from many paper items to ZERO paper needed for our purpose. We love it!”

Edwin Smutt, Elevation Transport

“Our whole experience of Snappii has been a pleasure, didn`t think it is possible to create such a professional app so quickly and easily!”

Colin Stokes, Adiuvo

“Snappii has been a game-changer for our home care agency. We honestly could not run our business at this time without our Snappii App!”

John Bennett, Sunny Days In-Home Care

Now is the best time to get a powerful custom business app. We will make it based on our ready-made mobile apps, functionality, and the existing PDF forms and reports using by our customer. We are ready to discuss all requirements and provide a quote.

The Effects of Poor Communication in Construction Projects and How to Improve It

The Effects of Poor Communication in Construction Projects and How to Improve ItA serious issue to consider

Poor communication in a construction project is one of the prime reasons why projects incur damage and fail. Here are several ways poor communication can impact a project.

– Lack of communication and poor communication can create confusion for the entire project team. This leads to mistakes and slows down the project.

– Poor flow of information and unclear and untimely communication can lead to skipping steps of the construction project, untimely orders, failed assignments, and more. And all of these result in delays on the project.

– Also, poor ineffective communication often contributes to project budget risk and results in increased costs. Budget overruns can jeopardize the entire project.

– The construction industry is a high-risk environment. Poor communication often comes to injuries and untimely help. It is also a ground for lawsuits.

The best solution

Mobile solutions are the best way to establish and improve communication in a construction project. However, just calls and messages per mobile phone are not enough. The entire flow of data in a construction project should be documented. Workers deal with various forms and reports and communicate through them. Construction apps are able to digitize any data and make the work with it fast, simple, convenient, and agile.

Snappii offers powerful construction apps with pre-made mobile forms to fill in in a snap, generate complete reports, share and store them. Make quick estimates, provide invoices, assign tasks, notify about any changes, track work progress, create and collect reports, make various inspections, create timesheets, track work hours, and more. Elimination of paper forms and transfer to mobile solutions streamline communication and help keep everything under control. Try the following ready-made construction apps.

Construction Daily Log app

Construction Estimator app

Punch In/Out Timesheet app

Construction Manager app

Construction Change Order app

Construction Photos app

Most of these apps can be modified to meet 100% of your needs. Send us your requirements and we will be back with a quote.

Automation, Agility and Other Advantages of Field Service Mobile Apps

Automation, Agility and Other Advantages of Field Service Mobile AppsThe enabler of modern field service sector

In the field services sector, automation and agility are key. It contributes to minimizing customer downtime, optimization of management, regular interactions between the entire team, streamlining of reacting and performing day-to-day operations, and more. Field service mobile apps are the best tool for instant automation of various operations with field data as well as for fast, high quality, and agile workflow. Snappii knows a lot about feature-rich field service mobile apps and offers some ready-made ones in its app gallery.

Ready-made field service apps you should try

Estimates, inspections, inventories, work order assigning, and other operations can be made by several clicks on a mobile device. The field technicians can get rid of time-consuming paperwork and managers are able to keep all processes under control and get timely reports without huge efforts. The field service mobile apps from Snappii cover plenty of fields of activity. Try the following ready-made apps for field service:

Job Estimator app

Work Order Assigner app

Inspect Anything app

Daily Log Reporting app

Inventory Anything app

App customization without huge efforts and costs

We understand that you will not be able to enjoy all the benefits of automation and field service mobile apps if they do not fully meet your needs. That’s why Snappii offers customization of most of its ready-made apps. We will modify the app per your specific requirements. App customization is faster and more affordable than creating an app from scratch. Send us your requirements and we will be back to you with a quote.

“Our whole experience of Snappii has been a pleasure, didn`t think it is possible to create such a professional app so quickly and easily!”

Colin Stokes, Adiuvo

“Snappii has been a game-changer for our home care agency. We honestly could not run our business at this time without our Snappii App!”

John Bennett, Sunny Days In-Home Care

“The whole Snappii Team, is top-notch, in customer service. It is something that many companies lack these days, so I appreciate the time you put in, to help us along.”

Jason Conn, ATCi

It is just a part of what customers are saying about Snappii. Don’t waste your time and money and start the new more successful stage of your business.

Reduce Risks of COVID-19 Infection by Eliminating Paperwork

Reduce Risks of COVID-19 Infection by Eliminating PaperworkHow paper-based documentation spread the infection

For over half a year we have to live and work in a pandemic of COVID-19. Many safeguards are already in place and continue to be implemented in workflows to keep the businesses open. The infection is primarily spread person to person by small droplets, or by contacting contaminated surfaces. Social distancing, personal hygiene, and personal protective equipment reduce the risk of transmitting the virus. Most businesses are forced to work with documents and this causes the risk in several directions at once. People constantly transfer paper files that may contain the virus as well as they have to visit offices and contact face to face. However, it can be easily avoided by switching to the digital format of documents.

The benefits of mobile forms

Snappii offers a breakthrough solution to convert already existing PDF forms and reports to their digital analog to use them on any mobile device. Optical Field Recognition system allows anyone to do this in a few minutes. It is a great way to go digital instantly without a huge investment of time and money. This is especially relevant in the current situation of the spread of COVID-19. Businesses can easily and quickly provide additional safety to their employees and get rid of face-to-face interaction as well as using and transferring of paper. The pre-made mobile forms can be filled in and generated to professional reports to submit anytime and anywhere. This is also a perfect opportunity to increase the accuracy and timeliness of data.

Some more things

There are 100+ ready-to-use mobile form templates already available in the Snappii Mobile Forms app. They cover plenty of industries and fields of activity. These mobile forms can be modified to meet any specific needs. Also, the Snappii team can convert and create forms for its users. All that is required is to send us the forms and requirements.

Ensure Better Safety at Construction Sites with Digital Forms and Apps

Ensure Better Safety at Construction Sites with Digital Forms and AppsWhy construction companies should abandon paper forms

The problems associated with using paper to manage safety at construction sites are well known but often continue to be ignored. A paper-based system of reporting, inspection and management is extremely unreliable. Workers can’t report the incident in time, quickly find the right safety confirmation form as well as fill in any inspection form or checklist. If a construction company still doesn’t use digital forms and construction apps to maintain construction sites’ safety, it may be missing a solution that would be simple and fast to implement.

A unique form conversion solution from Snappii

Snappii offers such a solution. Nowadays anyone can go digital instantly without a huge investment of time and money. Snappii has invented its first of a kind Optical Field Recognition to convert any existing paper forms to their digital analog. Thanks to this Artificial Intelligence system, it requires a few simple steps and no programming. Here are the blog posts explaining how to convert the forms on a PC and a mobile device. Besides using OFR, users can create a mobile form from scratch or use one of the ready-made templates Snappii offers. The process is really simple and based on adding the necessary fields. Snappii Mobile Forms app allows users to instantly use the created mobile forms. Watch this video to learn more about the process.

Digital forms contribute to more timely and accurate data to avoid and prevent any incidents. Moreover, it is a convenient and reliable way to store all safety data and documentation for legal defense and have constant access to it.

Snappii team understands how busy construction workers are and is ready to create any mobile form or app for them. We will meet any specific needs. Send us the forms and requirements and get a free quote to start.

No More Reasons to Avoid Daily Reporting on the Construction Site

No More Reasons to Avoid Daily Reporting on the Construction SiteThe reality for construction sites is the more steps workers need to take to document daily activities, the more likely they will make mistakes and inaccuracies and ultimately try to dodge this process. Most people don’t enjoy paperwork and this is not surprising. No field worker wants to spend time filling out paper forms and transferring them to the manager after a grueling workday at the construction site.

What Snappii can offer

Snappii has been supporting construction field workers for about 10 years. Keeping in mind the problem with paper-based daily reporting, Snappii has created outstanding solutions to solve this issue and make the life of field workers easier.

A ready-made Construction Daily Log app from Snappii allows users to create professional daily reports in minutes right on a mobile device. It is a smart and affordable way to eliminate paperwork. No more need to spend hours on this process and visit the office. The Construction Daily Log app includes a one-page collapsed form to collect all necessary details of the workday and the progress of the project. After filling out the form, it can be instantly generated into the PDF report. The report can be submitted to the manager in various ways and safely stored in the app, this way users can access all the reports anytime. Recently we have added one important feature to allow managers to track who has not turned their report in. Read more about it here.

If you are not ready to leave your existing forms and reports, Snappii can offer the following solution. We can easily convert your paper forms and reports to their digital analog to fill them out on any mobile device. It is affordable for anyone as well as simple and fast to implement. Send us your forms and requirements here.

Ensure the Highest Workplace Safety Level during the COVID-19 Pandemic with Mobile Inspection Forms

Ensure the Highest Workplace Safety Level during the COVID-19 Pandemic with Mobile Inspection FormsLean on inspections in ensuring safety

As we drive through the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, employee safety in the workplace is a top priority for all organizations. Many people still need to go to their workplace due to their specific work in strategic sectors or to support the economy in the country – and the highest workplace safety level must be ensured in this case. Inspection becomes the main word and action in this situation. Health screening inspections, workplace cleaning and disinfection inspections, antiviral protection inspections, regulations compliance inspections, and more. So as not to drown in paperwork and data, we recommend using mobile inspection forms and apps. They contribute not only to the acceleration and optimization of the process but also additional safety for inspectors.

Turn to mobile inspection forms

If you think that the process of moving to mobile inspection forms is too complicated, expensive, and long, then Snappii is in a hurry to refute this. Thanks to Snappii’s smart and powerful Form Converter with Optical Field Recognition, your already existing forms can be converted to their digital analog in minutes. Do it on your PC or right on your smartphone, using a Snappii Mobile Forms app. Also, anyone can create a mobile form from scratch to instantly use it on a mobile device. No special skills are required. But if you don’t want to delve into this process, then the Snappii team will do it for you. Just send us your requirements and existing forms if you have them.

Stay safe and keep the business open. Conduct fast inspections using pre-made mobile inspection forms and checklists on a smartphone or tablet. Here you can find some useful information about mobile devices’ hygiene and disinfection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customizable Roof Inspection App: No More Difficulties with Roof Inspections

Customizable Roof Inspection App: No More Difficulties with Roof InspectionsPrevention is better than a replacement and also less expensive. Performing regular roof inspections can lower the overall repair and replacement costs by 50% and significantly extend the roof life. So why so many people keep ignoring roof inspections?

Paperwork is a headache

Frequently, people are burdened not by the process of climbing on the roof and conducting an inspection, but by the work with inspection data. This data should be processed and organized and it is related to the paperwork. There is nothing more tiring for field technicians than working with papers.

Help is here

Fortunately, thanks to modern mobile technology, the inspection process is changing. Now, specialists can replace paper-based forms and time-consuming paperwork with mobile checklists and apps. What required several hours, now is a process of a few clicks on a smartphone or tablet.

Snappii understands well the needs of modern field technicians and didn’t miss an opportunity to facilitate and improve the roof inspection process. We offer a ready-made Roof Inspection app, designed for roofing industry professionals and any layman. The app allows users to collect all required details and instantly add them to the pre-made consolidated mobile form. Also, specialists can take and upload pictures, make notes and add a digital signature. All collected data and photos can be generated into the report, which is always at hand and can be shared.

Now, the roof inspection process is extremely simple, fast and convenient to conduct for anyone. There is no need to carry paper and pen, no need to take notes and fill in paper forms. Learn how the Roof Inspection app works from this video.

An advanced opportunity you shouldn’t miss

Do you still have doubts about whether this app is suitable specifically for your job? And that’s ok. All businesses and specialists have their own requirements. Snappii is ready to meet these requirements and customize the Roof Inspection app for you. We will add the necessary forms or change the existing ones. Just send us your needs and let’s discuss them. We have already helped many companies and provided them with unique custom solutions for more efficient work.

Inspect & Maintain Vehicles App: Fast Inspections for DOT Compliance

Inspect & Maintain Vehicles App: Fast Inspections for DOT ComplianceFrom time to time commercial vehicles are put through a DOT inspection to make sure they are complying with all of the rules. These inspections are carried out by a state police officer or a DOT inspector. However, drivers must be aware of these inspections, be prepared for them and carry out their own ones.

A snag and consequences

DOT mandates a program of pre- and post-trip inspections. When an issue is discovered, a vehicle inspection form should be submitted stating the nature of the problem. Also, it requires a form after repairs, confirming that the issue has been corrected. This can be a tedious and time-consuming process, and as a result, contribute to ignoring, violations and heavy fines.

Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app – the solution that was so necessary

Keeping in mind all the difficulties of completing the vehicle inspection forms, Snappii has created an Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app. This app allows users to perform detailed inspections of various types of vehicles including heavy and not heavy ones right on a mobile device. It is possible to easily identify any issues and breakings, report them to mechanics and ask for a quick repair. Pre-made mobile pre- and post-trip inspection forms help avoid tedious and unreliable paperwork. Moreover, the Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app enables drivers and other professionals to keep all data at the fingertips and provide it, if necessary.

Have any specific needs? Lean on Snappii

We understand that any business is unique and have its own requirements. You can appreciate the benefits of the Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app but still refuse to use it due to its generalized format. Therefore, Snappii offers a great opportunity to customize the app. We will meet your specific needs and make the necessary changes. App customization is more affordable than the creation of an app from scratch. Many businesses have already appreciated this solution. Don’t waste your time and don’t settle for less! Contact Snappii to discuss app customization right now.

Make Your Cleaning Inspections Paperless and Agile and Increase the Quality of Cleaning Service

In general, running any business requires a lot of time and effort but when it comes to cleaning service companies, they can present an entire host of their own unique challenges. Cleaning inspection is one of them. It is an indicator of the quality of service and is therefore extremely important. Clear and timely data can gain insights on where the business is excelling and where it needs to improve.

Why cleaning inspections are a headache for some cleaning service companies

While the importance of cleaning inspection is undeniable, some businesses ignore it because of the difficulties caused by the paper-based type of this process. Filling out paper forms is time-consuming, inconvenient and risk inaccurate data. However, we have entered a new digital era and there is an opportunity to implement its benefits in the cleaning inspections. We are talking about mobile apps and mobile forms.

How mobile apps and forms make things much easier

With mobile apps, specialists can easily collect necessary data and fill in pre-made mobile forms. They can be shared with anyone and stored for instant access. Such a form of inspection data collection is more agile, accurate, reliable and efficient. It is also a great opportunity to maintain the regularity of inspections.

Cleaning Inspection app as a real godsend

Snappii offers its ready-made Cleaning Inspection Checklist app, which will take care of the accuracy and efficiency of your cleaning inspections. You will not worry about tedious and time-consuming paperwork, lost forms, untimely data and, as a result, poor service. Fill in pre-made mobile forms in a snap, generate and submit the reports and store all data at the fingertips.

Don’t settle for less and contact Snappii

With Snappii, you shouldn’t settle for less ever! If the Cleaning Inspection Checklist app doesn’t completely meet all your requirements, we are ready to customize it specifically to your needs. You don’t need huge investments for this solution. It is affordable for any business. Send us your requirements to discuss them and generate a free quote for you.

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