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4 Tips to Keep Heavy Equipment Running

4 Tips to Keep Heavy Equipment RunningHeavy equipment is a real backbone of such industries as construction, mining, agriculture and more. Such machines, intended for hard work in the field, are susceptible to wear and tear, breakdowns, and various damages. Due to the size and complexity of heavy equipment, repairing even minor damage can be extremely costly. Maintenance and regular inspection of heavy equipment fleet is essential in preventing problems and financial losses. The following tips can be very useful for ensuring long and efficient life of heavy equipment.

Cleaning routine

One of the simplest solutions to keep heavy equipment in a good working is its regular cleaning. Dirt and dust can speed up processes like rusting, clog filters and vents, as well as damage any leading components. Heavy equipment fleet needs a schedule of cleaning, pressure washing and some additional cleaning procedures like cleaning the engine.

Stick to equipment’s limits

Operators work with machines regularly and they are the front line of identifying any problems. Not only should they know how to operate a particular type of heavy equipment, but also know how to do it safely, without risks and exceeding restrictions, established loads and norms. It should be a part of operators’ training. Pushing machinery beyond its limits shortens its life, as well as increases the chances of accidents.

Storage issue

For a long service life heavy equipment needs special space for storage outside working hours. Adverse weather conditions could damage it, as well as leaving heavy equipment outside is unreliable. Also it is important to take care of correct movement of heavy equipment to the storage place.

Involvement of modern technologies

Integration of modern mobile technology into heavy equipment maintenance process can provide a lot of advantages. Special mobile apps can remove the problems posed by traditional paper checklists and provide more accuracy, speed and agility in conducting heavy equipment inspections. Such mobile solutions require some investment, but it will pay off in increased productivity and uptime of all heavy equipment.

Snappii’s mobile solutions for heavy equipment maintenance

Companies of various industries trust Snappii to get a high quality, beneficial and convenient mobile solution to keep their business running. For about 10 years we primarily specialize on 2 directions: ready-made business apps and custom business app development. Saying about the field of heavy equipment management and maintenance, Snappii offers the ready-made Heavy Equipment Inspection app, which allows users to conduct detailed inspections covering each major system and component of heavy equipment. This inspection app is able to replace paper-based forms and paperwork, and provide an ability to collect, process and share all necessary information with just a mobile device. The app provides both mechanical and visual checkpoints. Indicate problems, disrepairs, malfunctions in the equipment performance, and notify mechanics about maintenance issues or repair services required. You can find more information about this app here. Heavy Equipment Inspection app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

The second direction of Snappii’s activity offers an opportunity of creation a personal mobile app for heavy equipment maintenance and inspection in accordance with specific requirements. Our team will meet all your needs and create an app from scratch. Contact us here to discuss this.

4 Benefits of Using Mobile Apps for Workplace Inspection

4 Benefits of Using Mobile Apps for Workplace InspectionRegular inspections of workplace are essential. It influences safe and efficient work process. Inspections are traditionally performed with paper forms and checklists. However nowadays businesses realize the inconvenience and unreliability of paper and prefer digital analogue, such as inspection apps and mobile forms. Recent study showed that companies are increasing efficiency by about 50% after going digital. Here are the major benefits they will get from mobile apps for workplace inspection.

Accurate and timely data

Inspection apps allow specialists to collect more thorough and reliable data. No need to spend time on poor-performing manual writing, which contributes to mistakes and inaccuracies. Inspection apps provide timely and reliable information to ensure safe and proper workplace easily and quickly.

Increased speed of inspections

Mobile inspection apps allow specialists to perform better workplace inspections in less time. Instead of filling out forms manually, printing them, transferring them to the central office, etc., any worker can fill in pre-made mobile forms in a few clicks, share them with the team and have instant access to all completed forms from any location.

Compliance with all regulations

Workplace safety is extremely important and highly regulated task. Mobile inspection apps ensure compliance with internal policies and procedures or external regulatory standards. The apps make that part easy with preconfigured mobile forms and specific features.

Instant reporting

Inspection apps offer not just data collection opportunity but also the way to process and analyze any data. Moreover, there is an opportunity to generate professional reports on the base of the completed mobile forms right on the mobile devices. Instant reporting contributes to better and faster decision making process. This way, the process of maintenance and inspection of workplace rises to the next level.

Mobile inspection apps from Snappii

Snappii is the leading provider of powerful apps for various inspections. We have a gallery of ready-made apps to inspect workplaces, equipment, safety measures, workflow, product quality and more. All Snappii’s inspection apps are empowered with a set of useful features and professional pre-made mobile forms. Most of apps are customizable and can be modified to meet any specific needs. Find ready-made inspection apps here and contact us if you need any customization. Snappii team is able to create any inspection app from scratch in accordance with the requirements of your business. Contact us here to learn more about custom app development and to discuss your needs.

How to Reduce Paper Consumption in Business

How to Reduce Paper Consumption in BusinessPaper is our life

Paper has many different uses in our daily routines. From tissues and books to package products. The world produces 300 million tons of paper every year. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, printing and writing papers typically found in a school or office environment comprise the largest category of paper product consumption and landfill waste.

It’s time to reduce paper consumption

Paper production requires a lot of natural resources. This is not only wood, but also water, for example. The U.S. uses approximately 68 million trees each year to produce paper and paper products. Besides the impact that paper has on the environment, it also has a significant impact on companies’ financial part. The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. 45% of paper printed in offices ends up trashed by the end of the day. The costs also include printing, copying, archiving, storage, etc.  Also all of these are time-consuming.

Digital solution

Modern mobile solutions empower companies to reduce their paper consumption. First of all, using digital forms and mobile apps is a huge plus for the environment. Also when your office goes paperless you don’t have to worry about losing documents. Digital documentation makes it easy to access your documents from anywhere. It allows you to work remotely. Let’s not forget about the financial benefits of using mobile forms and mobile apps. You are able to reduce costs of document printing, copying, storage and more.

Paperless future with Snappii

Snappii is your reliable assistant on the way to reduction of paper consumption. We will convert all your documentation to mobile solutions. Save environment, time and money with powerful mobile apps and smart mobile forms. We provide convenient and easy form conversion for Do-It-Yourself users. Snappii’s Optical Field Recognition system will automatically convert your existing forms to mobile apps in seconds. Try it here. Also our professional team can do it for you. Send us your forms and requirements here.

Power Line Inspections with Drones and Mobile Inspection Apps

Power Line Inspections with Drones and Mobile Inspection AppsThere are more than 3.5 million miles of power lines in the USA. They require regular inspection, which is a time-consuming and manual job. In addition there are unforeseen inspections, for example after storms. Nowadays power grid companies try to implement new technologies to optimize their job.

Drones are here to help

The consequences of hurricane Irma in Florida and Harvey in Texas have encouraged the aviation authorities (FAA – Federal Aviation Authority) allow the use of drones to assess and inspect damages. This contributed to faster restoring of power lines, and ensured workforce safety in dangerous areas.

Effective, convenient and safe

When it comes to occupational safety, the drones are unbeatable. Power lines are mostly inspected by observation from the ground using binoculars or by climbing. Also there are inspections by helicopter, however it is a complicated and expensive process. This way, work of industrial climbers is the most popular method. It always involves significant risks for life and health. Drones provide a clear advantage here. Climbing is no longer necessary for pure inspections.

The benefits of mobile inspection apps

In addition to development and implementation of drone technology, mobile software for work with received inspection data is also developing and spreading. Thanks to mobile inspection apps, specialists can easily collect any data, process and analyze it, manage the inspections and maintenance works, predict potential problems to prevent them and make better decisions, manage and store all necessary documentation and more.

Snappii is a leading provider of business mobile solutions. We helped thousands of companies take their business to the next level. We are able to create a custom business app from scratch in accordance with your specific needs. Snappii is proud to offer the solution of highest quality and greatest speed. Send us your requirements to discuss them and get started. Inspection apps are one of our major directions of work. We can use your existing usual inspection forms and checklists and convert them to the digital format. Avoid paperwork and spend time more profitably. Send us your forms and get a free quote to start.

What is CGMP and the Best Way for Warehouses to Follow It

What is CGMP and the Best Way for Warehouses to Follow ItCGMP standards and regulations are an essential point to understand and implement for sellers of food, cosmetics, drugs or medical products. It is especially important if they use outsourced warehousing solution for their products. First of all let’s find out what CGMP is.

What is CGMP?

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) – are the practices required in order to conform to the guidelines, which provide minimum requirements that a manufacturer must meet to assure that their products are consistently high in quality in order to deliver products safely to consumers. These guidelines are recommended by agencies that control the authorization and licensing of the manufacture and sale of food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements, and medical devices. The regulations include manufacturing, processing, packaging and holding products. The rules that govern each industry may differ significantly. In the US, CGMP is controlled by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

CGMP regulations for warehouses

CGMP regulations include the “holding” of products, as we mentioned above. This way, warehouses for these relevant products must meet CGMP standards. The regulations cover all areas of warehousing: warehouse design and configuration, fire safety, pest control, competence and training of the warehouse team, forklift quality and more. Warehouses should have a documented and strictly enforced set of procedures to comply with all regulations. The best way to ensure a warehouse comply with CGMP regulations is to conduct regular inspections with special mobile apps.

Mobile inspection solutions

Inspection apps provide digitized checklists and inspection forms right on mobile devices. All necessary data can be instantly added and processed. Pre-made mobile forms help avoid mistakes, omissions and inaccuracy. Inspection apps is the best way to save time and increase efficiency of operations.

Snappii provides mobile inspection solutions for a plenty of industries. Among the useful features of Snappii’s inspection apps is an opportunity to generate professional reports on a base of completed forms. The reports are available in PDF and Excel formats and can be shared with anyone. Also these data can be safely stored and accessed when necessary.

Snappii team is able to convert any existing form or report to mobile app. Fast, easy and affordable. Anyone can continue to use established and familiar forms on mobile devices. Send us your forms and get a free quote to start.

3 Tips to Motivate the Employees to Fill in and Submit Timesheets

3 Tips to Motivate the Employees to Fill in and Submit TimesheetsFilling out timesheets is a major challenge among employees, especially working in the field. However, whatever the reason of this process, whether it’s to be specific rules compliant or to better understand the efficiency of workflow, the end result is the same – all employees should get on board, track their time and deal with timesheets. Sometimes a team may need a kick of motivation to inspire them to submit their timesheets in a proper way and on time. Here are some tips that could come in handy.

Explain the purpose and benefits

One of the main steps towards motivating the employees is explaining them why it’s important. Make a focus on the benefits it brings to them personally. For example, clear time tracking methods contribute to more efficient work, increased productivity and profit. Whatever the reasons and benefits, communicate them to your team and implicate employees in achieving better results.

Keep it short and simple

When an employee uses 30 minutes or more to complete a timesheet, he or she gets frustrated and the company loses time that would be better spent on more useful activities. Keeping the process short and simple will be doing the employees a favor as well as the entire business. Avoid too fine granularity and keep it to the bare essentials.

Automate the process

Automation makes various processes easier and more optimized. Automation of work with timesheets will streamline the process, save time for your staff and will ultimately make the business more efficient. Nowadays more and more companies implement mobile timesheets and special apps. They allow employees to complete and submit timesheets in a snap, anytime and anywhere. This accurate and timely data lead to improvement of the entire workflow.

Snappii is the best assistant in automation of various processes. We are able to convert any existing paper form or report to mobile app. Get started with your timesheets or any other forms. Send them to us here and get a free quote.

Home Assessments in the Home Care Service: How to Improve this Process

Home Assessments in the Home Care Service: How to Improve this ProcessThe main thing all families with elderly members worry about

Most of elderly family members value their independence and the ability to live in their homes as long as possible. However there is a plenty of risks when they are living alone in their homes, and this worries all other family members and loved ones. Some of the major risks for the elderly people may include falls, poor nutrition, and poor cognitive function. This way, people frequently hire home care agencies to ensure peace of mind for everyone and make a senior’s home as safe as possible.

What is home assessment

Home assessments are an important component of home care service. It helps determine the degree of safety and comfort of seniors in their homes, and also the need for assistive equipment and tools. To conduct proper home assessment and ensure patients’ safety, home care specialists use special forms and checklists. They can contain the following fields:

– availability of clear paths free of obstructions for safe moving,

– availability of notes and labels with emergency numbers by large print,

– frequently used items are easily accessible,

– availability of grab bars in the shower and beside the toilet,

– all rooms are brightly lit,


The benefits of mobile apps for convenient and efficient home assessments

Today the most convenient, fast and efficient way of home assessments is using special mobile apps. They allow specialists to avoid lugging around a plenty of paper forms. All necessary forms and checklists are right in their mobile devices. Specialists can quickly fill them out in a few clicks. It is the way to get accurate and timely data and have constant access to it.

Keeping in mind the problem of tedious and inconvenient paperwork, Snappii has created In Home Care Providers app with 30+ ready-made forms. This smart app allows its users to fill out mobile forms on any mobile device and share them as PDF files with anybody via email, cloud, WhatsApp, etc. In Home Care Providers app helps never lose documentation and always be ready for any State or federal inspection or compliance audit. Here is a short video about the app.

Moreover, Snappii is ready to transform any existing form to its digital analogue. For example, we can convert your home assessment forms and checklists to the app. We will meet your specific needs in the shortest possible time. Send your forms and requirements here. Learn how Snappii helped Sunny Days Home Care Agency scale the business at a rapid rate and get into the Inc. 5000 list.

5 Steps of Fire Extinguisher Inspection

5 Steps of Fire Extinguisher InspectionA properly working extinguisher could save many lives. To ensure that fire extinguishers are in good working condition, their inspection should be conducted monthly. Businesses can bring external professionals or train their own employees as part of an overall fire safety strategy. It is critical that employees know about the most common issues, identifying during an inspection, and knows how to respond accordingly. Here are 5 mandatory steps of proper fire extinguisher inspection.

1. Visibility and accessibility

Ensure a fire extinguisher is present in the area, and it is easily visible. It should be easily accessed during an emergency. Also, prevent the extinguisher from being moved and damaged.

2. Physical state

Closely check overall condition, labeling and physical defects of the extinguisher. Metal parts should be free of any signs of damage, as well as serial number and other notes should be readable. Check a secure connection of all extinguisher’s parts. Ensure a proper condition of hose without any cracks. The pin locks prevents accidental discharge of the extinguisher. It also should be checked.

3. Pressure gauge

Check the gauge to ensure the needle points to the green area. This means that the extinguisher is fully charged and ready for use. The needle in the left red zone means that the extinguisher is undercharged, and the right red zone signals a danger of being overcharged.

4. Maintenance or inspection tag

Ensure the extinguisher has a maintenance or inspection tag with regular marks.

5. Inspection report

Besides the mark on the inspection tag, the general inspection report should be created. It usually contains summarize observations, any comments, name/signature and date.

Mobile solutions for fast and efficient fire extinguisher inspections

Snappii is able to provide a solution to significantly simplify and optimize extinguisher inspection. The ready-made Fire Inspection app is the best tool to ensure that the premises has all fire safety and fire suppression equipment in place and in good working order. The app users can carry out monthly fire extinguisher inspections and collect all necessary data with their mobile devices. Also they can take and attach photos related to the inspection. The completed inspection forms are able to be generated to the report in the PDF format. The report can be signed and shared with anyone, as well as safely stored right in the app. Fire Inspection app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Moreover, Snappii can use your already existing inspection forms and checklists and convert them to the app. Thanks to powerful Snappii Form Converter, it is a fast and affordable process. You can send us your forms and requirements here. Form conversion is available as a DIY option. Anyone can try it yourself. No special skills required.


Ensure Safe Workplace and Healthy Employees during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ensure Safe Workplace and Healthy Employees during the COVID-19 PandemicBack to the workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the biggest challenges that society and business have faced for the last few years. We want to believe that the worst is over and the world is recovering. Now governments, employers and workers are responsible in reinforcing the progress made in stemming infection rates by ensuring a safe return to work. This requires compliance with safety measures, cooperation and coordinated action.

First of all, knowledge and awareness are key. Employees must be well informed about how the virus spreads, the symptoms of infection and how to minimize the risks. Here are some useful sources:

Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19,

COVID-19: guidance for the workplace,

COVID-19: Back to the workplace – Adapting workplaces and protecting workers,

A safe and healthy return to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mobile checklists to monitor employee health

One of actions businesses should do to protect the employees is daily health monitoring. This process can be simplified and optimized with a use of mobile checklists. Using just a mobile device, the employer or manager can easily collect all data about the health of the employees. Mobile checklists provide fields to mark temperature and symptoms, add photos and signatures. All data is safely stored and always available.

Convert your own forms

Snappii is able to convert any existing form or checklist to its mobile analogue. Moreover, our unique Form Converter provides the opportunity of form conversion and creation of any mobile form by yourself. It doesn’t require any tech skills and great efforts. Users can download Snappii Mobile Forms app and start using the created mobile form. One more great solution is the ability to generate professional PDF reports on the base of completed forms.

Daily employee health screening logs, visitor screening forms, Coronavirus employee waiver and more. Keep the business open and the employees safe. Contact Snappii support team with any questions.

How Mobile Solutions Ensure Proper Documentation and a Safer Construction Jobsite

How Mobile Solutions Ensure Proper Documentation and Safe Construction JobsiteThere are a plenty of dangers and risks on any construction project. One of the main tasks of contractor is to keep everyone safe while they are on-site. Proper and accurate documentation takes part in creating a safe workflow. To achieve this, contractors complete daily construction safety checklists and generate construction safety reports. This way, contractors can make sure their sites are safe, any dangers and incidents are identified and reported so they can continue to improve workflow.

The importance of proper reporting for OSHA

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a Federal safety watchdog. All significant incidents should be reported to it. OSHA uses this information to help companies eliminate unsafe work practices. Also accessible, accurate and timely records help avoid litigations.

Advantages of mobile solutions

Today construction businesses improve construction operations through technological advances. Construction documentation also gets huge benefits from modern mobile technology, and influences on safe workflow. Mobile forms and apps allow users to fill in pre-made forms in a few clicks, generate complete, professional reports right on a smartphone, conveniently store data, share it and more. These contribute to optimized and efficient work with safety documentation. And in turn, general safety at the jobsites rises to the next level.

What Snappii can offer for construction documentation

Snappii helps construction companies create safe and efficient jobsites. We provide mobile solutions for this field that are easy to use, as well as multifunctional and smart. Among the powerful ready-made construction apps are Construction Daily Log app, Construction Manager app, Timesheet Manager app, Construction Estimator app, Construction Plans app, Workplace Safety Inspection app and more. All apps allow users to easily and quickly work with data in the field and add them to pre-made forms. Moreover, Snappii construction apps provide the opportunity to generate professional reports as PDF and Excel files.

Snappii offers Mobile Forms Converter. Thanks to it, anyone can convert existing forms to their mobile analogue. Also our team can do it for you. You just need provide your forms and requirements. Moreover, Snappii has Snappii Mobile Forms app with a set of pre-made forms which are able to be used. Download the app and choose the forms you need.

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