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How Mobile Solutions Ensure Proper Documentation and Safe Construction Jobsite

How Mobile Solutions Ensure Proper Documentation and Safe Construction JobsiteThere are a plenty of dangers and risks on any construction project. One of the main tasks of contractor is to keep everyone safe while they are on-site. Proper and accurate documentation takes part in creating a safe workflow. To achieve this, contractors complete daily construction safety checklists and generate construction safety reports. This way, contractors can make sure their sites are safe, any dangers and incidents are identified and reported so they can continue to improve workflow.

The importance of proper reporting for OSHA

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a Federal safety watchdog. All significant incidents should be reported to it. OSHA uses this information to help companies eliminate unsafe work practices. Also accessible, accurate and timely records help avoid litigations.

Advantages of mobile solutions

Today construction businesses improve construction operations through technological advances. Construction documentation also gets huge benefits from modern mobile technology, and influences on safe workflow. Mobile forms and apps allow users to fill in pre-made forms in a few clicks, generate complete, professional reports right on a smartphone, conveniently store data, share it and more. These contribute to optimized and efficient work with safety documentation. And in turn, general safety at the jobsites rises to the next level.

What Snappii can offer for construction documentation

Snappii helps construction companies create safe and efficient jobsites. We provide mobile solutions for this field that are easy to use, as well as multifunctional and smart. Among the powerful ready-made construction apps are Construction Daily Log app, Construction Manager app, Timesheet Manager app, Construction Estimator app, Construction Plans app, Workplace Safety Inspection app and more. All apps allow users to easily and quickly work with data in the field and add them to pre-made forms. Moreover, Snappii construction apps provide the opportunity to generate professional reports as PDF and Excel files.

Snappii offers Mobile Forms Converter. Thanks to it, anyone can convert existing forms to their mobile analogue. Also our team can do it for you. You just need provide your forms and requirements. Moreover, Snappii has Snappii Mobile Forms app with a set of pre-made forms which are able to be used. Download the app and choose the forms you need.

Elevator Maintenance and Inspection Practices to Make the Process More Optimized

Elevator Maintenance and Inspection Practices to Make the Process More OptimizedVertical transportation is becoming increasingly important as urbanization expands. Today elevators are often taken for granted, but they need regular maintenance and inspections in order to operate properly. There are several practices to help technicians ensure elevator maintenance and safety.

– Learn about the equipment history to understand the lifecycle, important details and the risk for potential issues. Having this knowledge will help you hold the equipment provider accountable if necessary.

– It is always better to be proactive than to be reactive and only respond to problems. Elevators should be inspected regularly regardless of any breakings.

– Rules and regulations are continually evolving to improve elevator maintenance practices. It is important to adhering to not only current protocol of maintenance, but also new and developing standards and always be aware of their appearance and changes.

– Keep detailed and regular records and ensure that the data you have about your equipment is accurate and complete. This will help you make the most effective decisions. Also it is a way to always have all documentation, which can be required by higher organizations. The advancements in technology have made work with data much easier. Data recording and processing can be automated. Special elevator inspection apps allow users to add necessary information to pre-made mobile forms in a few clicks. The completed forms can be conveniently and safely stored right on the mobile device and they are always available anywhere.

The best app for fast and efficient elevator inspection

Snappii offers Inspect & Maintain Elevators app from Snappii. This elevator inspection app is designed to ensure organized inspection of all units and generate a professional report. It covers each major system and component of elevators. App users are able to quickly fill in pre-made forms, add photos and signatures. Also there is an opportunity to generate a PDF report and send it. Snappii elevator inspection app is customizable to any specific needs. Learn more about Inspect & Maintain Elevators app in a short video. Download the app in Apple App Store and Google Play. Contact Snappii with any specific requirements and ideas for app customization.

The Most Important Points to Know about Home Inspections

Why home inspections are essential

Proper and regular home inspections can help make the most of your property. Home inspection is essential in gathering all the valuable information for right maintenance and life extension of the facility. Also it is the way to know whether the house is safe or not and the opportunity to avoid unexpected and expensive surprises. Here is what any homeowner should know about home inspections.

Home inspection covers the following areas:

– house structure and framing,

– roof,

– electrical,

– plumbing,


– exterior and interior.

Professional home inspection before selling or buying a house will naturally require a specialist services. While the expert is doing the inspection on your property, you should be involved in the process.

What about the time

The time of home inspection may differ from one property to another. Basically it depends on a property size. In case you use the services of a specialist, the time to prepare a report will be required. However, the reports are useful even if you conduct inspections yourself. An average inspection takes around 3 to 4 hours. Special inspection apps can significantly accelerate this process, as well as simplify and optimize it.

The best inspection apps for improvement and optimization

Snappii offers 2 apps which will be quite helpful for inspection of property and facilities. Building Inspection app is ideal pocket tool to perform house inspections. It covers fire prevention, building maintenance, storage, occupancy, heating and electrical systems, housekeeping, exterior, etc. Thanks to this inspection app, anyone can easily and quickly capture all necessary data and put it in pre-made mobile forms. Moreover, users are able to visualize building inspections on a map. Completed inspection forms can be instantly accessed, edited, stored and emailed. Another smart mobile tool is Building Maintenance app. This app is a perfect assistant in organization of maintenance inspection. Building Maintenance app allows users to add multiple details to the database, including personal information, timestamp, geo location, pictures and more. The data can be synced across multiple devices. Also app users are able to generate PDF and Excel reports on the base of completed inspection forms.

Both apps eliminate paperwork and make inspections faster and more organized. Snappii can create your own custom inspection app or use your existing inspection forms and convert them to their mobile analogue. Contact us to learn more about our solutions.

The Top Tips for Home Care Agencies to Improve Management of Field Employees

The Top Tips for Home Care Agencies to Improve Management of Field Employees

Employees of home care agencies spend most, if not all, of their time working in the field. This way, homecare managers face a unique challenge to manage employees and operations which are rarely in their sight. These simple tips can help home care agencies build a solid infrastructure for managing their employees, and take the agency to the next level.

A culture of transparency and interaction

Encourage a culture of transparency and honesty. Keep employees up to date with all the important points of the agency’s operation. Make sure everyone understands and accepts the work policy, instantly notify employees about any changes. Clarity in the workplace helps keep interactions with employees. Create a reliable and confidential channel for employees to approach their managers with concerns. Approachable and encouraging managers contribute to more pleased and efficient field team.

Meeting and career advancement opportunities

While homecare employees conduct most of their work outside of managers’ physical view, it’s important to hold regular meetings. They are an opportunity to discuss any issues and offers, as well as show an interest in developing and work improving. Also, home care agencies that offer their employees career advancement educational and other opportunities have a much greater chance of more productive team.

Mobile technologies

Modern mobile technologies can help organize a workflow of home care agencies. Special mobile apps are a great solution for managers to constantly keep in touch with field employees. Also they provide a lot of advantages for caregivers and make their work faster, more convenient and efficient. Utilizing mobile apps for home care, managers are able to optimize the work with documentation. Paperwork is time consuming and tedious. Thank to mobile apps, managers get a constant flow of timely and accurate data and can easily and quickly process it right on their mobile devices.

In Home Care Providers app

Snappii offers In Home Care Providers app to optimize work of any home care agency. It is the best way to manage all usual documentation and save time, effort and money. In Home Care Providers app provides 30+ ready-made mobile forms for caregivers and clients, which allows slashing the documentation time in half. Focus on business growth instead of paperwork. This app allows managers to be ready for any audits and compliance. It is easy to train how to use the app.

Here is what John Bennett, Executive Director of Sunny Days In-Home Care company says: “The app saves time and money by giving our field staff the ability to submit documentation from anywhere in our territory. We continue to grow our territory size, and are able to run everything out of one office because we can submit documents instantaneously with our app. Also, the state is constantly changing policies and we can make quick adjustments to our documentation within the app so that our staff is immediately using documents that meet the requirements for compliance.”

Watch the video about In Home Care Providers app to learn how it works. Download and try the app. Need any customization? Let’s discuss your requirements. Send them here.

Reopening of Business is Happening. The Tips to Make It Successfully and Safely

Reopening of Business is Happening. The Tips to Make It Successfully and SafelyTime to move on

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt by every single person and business in the world. The pandemic has changed many aspects of our life. Everyone wants to believe that the worst is over. The governments around the world announce reopening plans for businesses. And the issue of reopening success confronts all companies. Here are some tips to help businesses reopen successfully and safely.

Once again about safety

It is obvious that safety of employees and customers has to come first. So, it is important to determine proper safety rules and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). This is our new reality for near future and possibly longer. Ensure strict enforcement of these safety measures.

Learn and try

Keep in mind that you will be stepping into a new world. It can require more efforts and learning of something new each day. For the most part, there is no guide on a successful strategy. Get ready to take different approaches, instantly analyze and implement them.

Constant communication

Now a constant communication and flow of timely data are extremely important to set up smooth workflow. This also contributes to fast and timely response and decision making.

Digitize everything

Many companies have moved to a course of digital. This became the best way to do some work remotely. Moreover digital solutions significantly simplified, accelerated and optimized some operations. Businesses should consider the future implementation of these solutions. It is a great opportunity to gain momentum.

Flex the shifts

The new shift patterns provide reduced contacts between workers. Organize start and finish times in this way, while still allowing the company to meet production volumes.

Snappii is there to help

Snappii can become your assistant in reopening process. Snappii apps are able to optimize, simplify and accelerate different operations. Also you can reduce face to face interaction and group meetings using business apps and mobile forms. Perform fast and accurate inspections of safety and compliance with new regulations. Mobile forms and special business apps allow users to instantly collect various data, process and share it, generate professional reports and store all necessary information. Find ready-made business apps here. Most of apps are customizable. Fill out mobile forms and create reports in a snap with Snappii Mobile Forms app. It offers 100 ready-to-use form templates for your business. Also you can use your own forms. We will convert them to mobile forms for you. Send us your forms and any requirements. Today the world is going through a tough situation. However, we believe that businesses could survive successfully against all odds.

Vehicle Inspection and the Best Way of Its Performance

Vehicle Inspection and the Best Way of Its PerformanceDrivers count on their vehicles to safely and reliably get them where they’re going. Based on this, they make regular inspections and use vehicle inspection reports to ensure a vehicle is in good working order and safe to take out on the road. Also there are legal obligations to ensure work vehicles are regularly inspected to confirm they are in sound operating condition.

Vehicle inspection as a part of daily routine

Every time we get into a vehicle, we automatically make quite a few checks. However, drivers and people involved in transportation on a professional basis should also make more specific and detailed regular inspections. There is a list of basic points, which must be checked every day. A more thorough inspection can be carried out at regular intervals, for example weekly or monthly. The checks could include:

– fluid levels,

– brakes,

– battery,

– lights, brake lights and indicators,

– tires

– and more.

The most efficient way of vehicle inspection

Federal law does not require drivers to use any specific form of inspection and reporting. Therefore modern drivers and other professionals prefer mobile inspection forms and apps, which are much more convenient, reliable and agile than paper forms. Today vehicle inspection apps are an essential tool. Read about their benefits and the reasons to use here.

Snappii is a long-standing and strong player in the business app market. We cover a plenty of industries and fields of activity. Vehicle inspection is one of the areas we focus on. Snappii offers Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app to perform detailed inspections of various types of vehicles, including heavy and not heavy ones. With this vehicle inspection app, drivers can be sure in the vehicles and their safety before taking to the road. Moreover, Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app allows users to instantly generate PDF and Excel reports and email them. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. Snappii team can customize it to meet any specific needs. Contact us here if you need any modification of this vehicle inspection app.

Never overlook the importance of vehicle inspection as it could save your life and the lives of others. And Snappii will always assist you with it.

Daily Reporting During COVID-19: Increased Importance and the Way to Optimize

Daily Reporting During COVID-19: Increased Importance and the Way to OptimizeIt’s hard to foresee the extent of the COVID-19 crisis and its influence on business. However, we can say with confidence that the business landscape should adapt to the current situation in order to survive.

Welcome to the new reality

Countries and cities begin to recover from the COVID-19 shutdown. All businesses have been forced to change the way in which they operate to ensure safety and compliance with new realities. Safety is, and always will be, a top priority in construction industry. Construction staff always operates in conditions of increased responsibility. However, now more than ever, documentation and reporting are critical for safe and efficient workflow.

The importance of daily reporting

Daily reports are the most powerful tool for showing how new requirements are met and their impact on the workflow. They prevent failures and delays, and help keep increased safety at the jobsites.

New safety protocols are added for construction jobsites. They may include taking people’s temperatures before every shift, social distancing, supplying personal protective equipment, etc. All of them should be documented and reported in time.

The best time for mobile solutions

Mobile solutions help create more efficient, accurate and safe reporting process. Mobile apps minimize physical contact and keep everyone safe and able to work. Workers are able to regular submit forms and daily reports remotely right with their mobile devices. Also this provides optimization and efficiency, which are so necessary now. Constant flow of timely data and its synchronization contribute to smooth workflow.

Snappii converts paper based processes to their mobile analogue. We use your existing forms and make your usual business process more agile, optimized and convenient. And this innovation may remain and benefit even beyond COVID-19. Stay in the loop even from a distance with smart mobile forms and apps. Let’s transform your daily reporting process to the digital format. Send us your forms and requirements. Get an advanced product for regular and accurate reporting. Keep on going forward!

How to Improve Quality Control Process with Mobile Solutions

How to Improve Quality Control Process with Mobile SolutionsWhy quality control is important

Catching and identifying critical defects before production can help avoid rework. Certainly, prevention of product defects requires expenses, but the cost of addressing defects later in production is almost always much greater. Moreover it takes time and delays shipments. Incoming quality control is the process used to validate the quality of materials and parts and to determine their compliance for production. This process can take different forms depending on a product type and quality standards.

The advantage of mobile quality inspection forms

Modern mobile solutions can significantly assist in quality inspections. Mobile quality inspection forms provide agility and optimize the process. Inspectors can collect all necessary data right in the field and quickly fill in pre-made forms right on their smartphones or tablets. The completed mobile quality inspection forms can be instantly shared via email or other way. This contributes to better and timely decision making. Speed and attention are key components of incoming quality control, and mobile quality inspection forms are the best tool to achieve them.

The best provider of mobile forms

Snappii provides professional mobile forms for a plenty of industries. Snappii Mobile Forms app contains about 100+ ready-to-use form templates, including various inspection forms. The app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play. Replacing of paper-based process allows workers to accelerate business and save money. Snappii team is able to convert any existing form to its mobile analogue. For example, we can easily do it with any quality inspection form. Hundreds of companies have already moved to mobile forms. You just send us your forms and get a ready solution in days. Fast and affordable. Let us help you optimize your usual operations and get more profit. Contact us with any questions and ideas.

The Importance of Troubleshooting Process and the Way to Improve It

The Importance of Troubleshooting Process and the Way to Improve ItWhat is troubleshooting?

Troubleshooting in maintenance and various services is a process of identifying what is wrong with the faulty systems, which helps overcome backlog, lost production, and compliance issues. There is a systematic approach with some steps including the identifying of the problem, planning the resolution, its testing, and resolving the problem. Analysis and experience gained should also be considered. Moreover troubleshooting is inextricably linked to inspection process, and sometimes they come together.

The role of data

Troubleshooting process is based on collecting as much information as possible from as many sources as possible to identify the most likely cause of the breakdown and avoid it in the future. The information should be highly accessible and timely. This will elevate the troubleshooting abilities and get the workflow back faster when unplanned downtime occurs. Also a special attention should be paid to the constant and clear flow of data between different departments and specialists.

The time to refer to maintenance apps

To collect, organize, analyze and circulate all the information needed to be successful at troubleshooting means a lot of work to gather. Without the proper tools, this process can be a real obstacle for maintenance and repair teams. Special maintenance apps can be the best solution. They take care of fast and easy collecting and organizing data and making it available wherever and whenever, so specialists can focus on instant using that information to make great decisions and troubleshoot more effectively. Moreover, maintenance apps can become a filing cabinet and contribute to effective organization and accessibility of the workflow.

Why Snappii

Snappii is a leading mobile solution provider, which is able to meet any business requirement. We take into account all important points of effective troubleshooting in maintenance and strive to assist you in this process.

Today we offer some powerful solutions to operate with various data in any conditions and streamline the whole workflow. Snappii Form Converter can transform any paper forms into mobile analogue. Now all processes with data are simple and convenient actions right on your smartphone. Fill in pre-made forms, process them, generate the reports and send them to anyone.

If you need a more complex solution, Snappii offers custom app development. We offer a set of unique useful features, and our team is ready to discuss your requirements. Snappii provides finished products in weeks and stays in touch with you throughout the whole development process. Learn some case studies from our successful customers. Contact us with any questions.

The Right Priorities and Focus While Looking for the Field Mobile Solutions

The Right Priorities and Focus While Looking for the Field Mobile SolutionsJobsites are the places, where a project’s most important data is generated and the main activity takes place. The field provides the most critical assets a company can have. For a long time there was a gap in the flow of communication between the field and the office due to the office-focused technology solutions. Fortunately, nowadays field-oriented mobile apps actively appear. However, it is extremely important to choose the right mobile solution for the field workflow. Here are some tips for it.

Simple and to the point

The traditional paperwork has long been proven to be inefficient in the field, but mobile apps can waste just as much time if they are not built in a proper way and with the end user in mind. If the app is not intuitive for the field, or overloaded, no one out there on the jobsite will have any opportunity or interest in using it, so the investment will turn out to be a waste. It is quite important to find the balance between the power and simplicity of the app. The functionality should be developed due to the actual requirements of the field specialists and clear to use. Clear and helpful app is a right way to a rise of productivity.

Keeping all parts of the workflow on the “same page”

Synchronization is critical to choose a field solution. The app should tie together data from all field professionals of all jobsites. When every worker uses a different system for work with data and reporting, it is difficult for managers to keep track of data and the whole workflow. The best field apps offer a synced system, so that all information is submitted in one place, and data is accessible at any time.

Specific features

Mobile apps for a field workflow should contain specific features. For example, frequently, field workers don’t have opportunity to type. This way, voice-to-text feature becomes an inalienable component of the field app. Find more other required features for field work here.

Snappii puts needs of field workers at the first place and offers the intuitive, easy-to-use field operation apps. We try to focus on the needs of the end users and provide exactly what they need for efficient and smooth work. You can find and try Snappii’s ready-made apps here. Also we are able to create a custom app in accordance with your specific needs. Just send us your requirements. Don’t settle for less and increase your efficiency, as well as the efficiency of your business.

4 Features to Optimize Field Operations

4 Features to Optimize Field OperationsIf you want to achieve great customer experience, successful business development and high revenue, you need a field workforce that can quickly respond, and operate smoothly and without delay. Outdated or static tools and solutions lead to time wasting, high expenses and untimely operations. Modern mobile technology offers a functionality specifically to improve field productivity and meet all modern requirements. Special field service apps empower field workers to complete work efficiently and in time.

Field service apps as an essential pocket assistant

Constant communication, instant estimates, convenient data collection and processing, regular reporting and more. All these features make field service apps an essential tool for any field technician. Fortunately, mobile business app industry develops rapidly and can please us with new solutions quite often. Let’s consider some of them in this post.

Digital signature

If your company is dealing with various documents on a daily basis, digital signatures are a must-have. Thanks to digital signatures, documents can get signed off almost instantly, from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. The major benefits of this feature are the ability to make the workflow more optimized and secure. The use of digital signatures will also help to cut down expenses due to the reduction of paper and elimination of trips. Some modern field service apps offer the feature of digital signature, and this has a great response among the users.

Voice-to-text feature

With modern field service apps any technician can experience the benefits of cutting back on typing. Voice-to-text feature boosts the speed of text adding by nearly 4 times. Moreover, field workers are able to record any information with greater accuracy. No need to worry about typing mistakes and corrections. Voice-to-text feature is essential for operations with high risk and increased attention, as well as for the areas with special uniform. Special field service apps with such feature can be used by roofing specialists, various inspectors, construction staff, plumbers and more.

Automatic calculations

Some field service apps allow users to make automatic calculations. Thanks to this feature, field workers can be calm about the accuracy of various data and estimates. It is several times more convenient and agile than using a separate calculator. The feature of automatic calculations can be customized for specific operation.

PDF reports

One of the great benefits of field service apps is the ability to submit digital reports. Many companies have already enjoyed the pros of this opportunity. Read more about the benefits of reporting through mobile apps here. However, there is a more unique feature, which is able to provide even more advantages to modern businesses. Snappii offers a feature to generate the completed mobile forms into the PDF format report. This is the more professional-looking and convenient reporting process. Thanks to powerful Snappii Form Converter, our team can convert your existing forms to their mobile analogue and create a pre-made report template, which will meet the requirements of your company. All you need is just fill in the forms and click the button to generate the report. It will be generated instantly in the PDF file, which is looking exactly you need. The PDF files are easier to print and safer to store. This Snappii’s feature can raise your company to the next level and help win more business. Contact us to learn more and discuss this.

Green Construction: How to Implement the Project in Conjunction with Environmental Protection

Green Construction: How to Implement the Project in Conjunction with Environmental ProtectionThe new trend in construction industry

The new ways of going green in construction pop up and earn special popularity nowadays. From various eco-friendly materials and renewable energy, to paperless jobsite management. Adopting such eco and green construction practices can lead not just to helping the planet – it is also the way to save money and win more business.

Actually, construction tools and equipment are also experiencing a green technology transformation to lower a carbon footprint. For example, the new machines with less emissions. The entire specialty fields are adopting the new methods with less negative impact to the environment.

Another great way to stay green and efficient, at the same time – is to go paperless. Paperwork at the end of the day can be a huge hassle, especially at the construction jobsite. By switching over to the paperless solutions, you will save trees as well as optimize and accelerate usual operations.

An important tool in green construction

Going green may be easier with special mobile software. Snappii offers Green Building Construction app for making quick inspection of construction or buildings. The app takes account of simple techniques and materials, which can be applied to site planning to reduce the environmental impact and development costs. Fill out pre-made mobile form and ensure that all requirements have been met. The completed form can be sent via email to anyone. Green Building Construction app is available for iOS devices as well as for Android devices. This video can give you more information about this app and help visualize it.

Improve the long term health of building, its occupants and the whole region. Snappii team can customize Green Building Construction app to meet your specific needs. For example, we can convert your own usual forms and add them to this app. Just contact us with your requirements.

By choosing green construction with a help of special apps, you improve your business and help the earth. So, make the right choice.

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