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Reduce Risks of COVID-19 Infection by Eliminating Paperwork

Reduce Risks of COVID-19 Infection by Eliminating PaperworkHow paper-based documentation spread the infection

For over half a year we have to live and work in a pandemic of COVID-19. Many safeguards are already in place and continue to be implemented in workflows to keep the businesses open. The infection is primarily spread person to person by small droplets, or by contacting contaminated surfaces. Social distancing, personal hygiene, and personal protective equipment reduce the risk of transmitting the virus. Most businesses are forced to work with documents and this causes the risk in several directions at once. People constantly transfer paper files that may contain the virus as well as they have to visit offices and contact face to face. However, it can be easily avoided by switching to the digital format of documents.

The benefits of mobile forms

Snappii offers a breakthrough solution to convert already existing PDF forms and reports to their digital analog to use them on any mobile device. Optical Field Recognition system allows anyone to do this in a few minutes. It is a great way to go digital instantly without a huge investment of time and money. This is especially relevant in the current situation of the spread of COVID-19. Businesses can easily and quickly provide additional safety to their employees and get rid of face-to-face interaction as well as using and transferring of paper. The pre-made mobile forms can be filled in and generated to professional reports to submit anytime and anywhere. This is also a perfect opportunity to increase the accuracy and timeliness of data.

Some more things

There are 100+ ready-to-use mobile form templates already available in the Snappii Mobile Forms app. They cover plenty of industries and fields of activity. These mobile forms can be modified to meet any specific needs. Also, the Snappii team can convert and create forms for its users. All that is required is to send us the forms and requirements.

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