A new web Service called SNAPPII reduces iPhone app creation time to MINUTES and cost to ZERO

A new web Service called SNAPPII reduces iPhone app creation time to MINUTES and cost to ZERO

Anybody can create a custom branded app at www.snappii.com for FREE and without Programming


April 20, 2011. DurhaM, NH. Today Store2Phone Corporation announced that it has started offering a new and disruptive web service called Snappii to general public for use and beta testing. It enables anybody to create custom branded iPhone mobile business apps in a matter of minutes at its FREE.

Why EVERY Business needs an app?

Businesses need a way to find new customers and deepen relationships with existing customers. While websites are great at sharing information with customers, websites are not as effective as mobile business apps at:

– Knowing customer locations

– Engaging customers to take immediate action

– Enabling customers to communicate with your business from anywhere and at any time


Smart phone has become the #1 screen that people pay attention to.


One out of 2 people in USA and Western Europe will have a smart phone by the end of 2011. There are 16.5 million iPhone users across the USA, and growing dramatically. 25% of US adults are “active app users” and rising. App users are younger, more educated, and more affluent than other cell phone users. When a business has a custom branded iPhone app, it can


– achieve high conversion on special offers and discounts to customers

– drive customers to nearest locations

– draw customers into discussions

– service customer needs more effectively

– leverage the community to grow the brand though social networks

– build customer database



Until now when a business wanted to create a custom branded iPhone app, it would have to hire app developers, wait about 4 to 6 months and cost many thousands of dollars.

SNAPPII is a disruptive technology that allows anyone to create an iPhone app using one of the existing templates that can be easily modified and adjusted to your own custom branded business app. The process takes a couple of minutes and it’s free.


Go to www.snappii.com and

1.Enter a keyword or keyword phrase that describes your business and Snappii will find a template that best matches your needs

  1. Make changes using QuickModify to customize the template to create a totally custom branded app.
  2. Submit the App to Apple.


Snappii has a special feature called Dashboard. It helps you track your app’s usage, and also interact with its users.

You can use the Dashboard to:

– See how many mobile business apps have been downloaded

– What features users find interesting

– How often they use your app

– Which customers are the most engaged

– Communicate your news and special offers to customers

All are welcome to try Snappii at its website www.Snappii.com

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