5 Ways to Improve Your Jobsite Operations

5 Ways to Improve Your Jobsite Operations

Any jobsite has to be a safe and comfortable place to work at. Communication between the employees, the head office, and the clients is the key to successful project completion. How can one gain a flawless jobsite operations process? There are five ways that can help you improve yours.

  1. Digitize your reports.

The most important point to optimize the jobsite progress tracking is to turn to mobile apps and forms. Checklists, daily reports, inspections – all these can be converted to mobile forms that are easy to carry with you, fill out and share.

  1. Simplify the data collection process.

No matter what information has to be collected, it has to be easy to collect it at the jobsite. For example, a speech to text feature that is available in mobile forms, allows your staff to easily and quickly explain the jobsite progress. The ability to add photos, videos, and record audio messages give more information about the status of tasks. Even without the Internet connection, your team can fill out the reports, save necessary details and share them with the head office once the Internet connection is established.

  1. Save time on jobsite rides 

Digital daily reports, checklists, and inspections can be easily shared via Email or cloud drives with the head office, which eliminates the need to drive back and forth to check out the jobsite progress. Get updates from your team in the field without the necessity to visit the site.

  1. Make your office a control center 

With the mobile forms and apps the entire working process can be managed. Collect digital signatures, approve change requests and review the status of the tasks using a mobile app.

  1. Get paid faster

The last but not least point sums up the above points leading us to an integral part of every job: payment. Using mobile apps and forms, it is easy to track billable hours and speed up payments to your staff. Accurate information helps the head office receive the payments from the client faster. Tracking the jobsite progress with mobile apps and forms helps generate invoices and speeds up payments.

At Snappii we pride ourselves on having one of the best products in the market. Our mobile forms and apps library is rich enough to satisfy the needs of most businesses. If you have your own forms that you’d like to convert to digital forms, you can use our powerful Mobile Forms Creator here. As always, we are happy to help you go mobile. Contact us with any questions you may have or send us your forms you’d like to convert here.

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