Why does my business need a mobile app?

Why does my business need a mobile app?

It is expensive, it requires too much time to develop, my employees would not like to learn how to use it” – these arguments are pushing businesses off when they start thinking about mobile apps. In fact, Snappii has a counter-evidence to each of these points.

  1. It is expensive. Mobile app development can be expensive if you hire a mobile app developer. The developer takes much time to prepare a spec, discuss and understand all the requirements, you will need to wait for several months to get a working prototype. That’s why it is expensive.

Snappii is a mobile app development platform, which differs from custom app development in a way that all the apps are built on our platform that already has the majority of requested features coded. It means that you can get a working prototype in a day or two.

  1. It requires too much time to develop. Indeed, when a mobile app developer writes the code, it is done from scratch and takes much time. The development can take from 6 months.

Snappii already has all the code built into its platform. Our professional team of app builders use the Snappii platform to drag and drop elements to it. The creation of a mobile app literally takes just a few days.

  1. My employees would not like to learn how to use it. We understand that it may be difficult for the people to switch from common routine to new modern mobile technologies.

We suggest that you make a transition period for your people. For example, allow them to complete inspection reports on both paper and mobile app. Soon they will see for themselves the amount of time wasted with pen and paper. Secondly, we suggest setting up a meeting with your people to explain to them the benefits they will get from using a mobile app. Once they try, they will get used to it and love it.

Now that you understand all these arguments are easily beaten by Snappii, think about the real benefits your business will gain with the use of mobile apps. From industry to industry, these benefits vary, but the core benefits are:

  • save time and money on data collection, processing and storage
  • improve collaboration between the field and the office
  • speed up decision making
  • boost your business productivity
  • look more professional to your clients

These and many other benefits can be gained with a mobile app for your business. Snappii has 200+ ready-made apps that can be tailored to your needs. Check them out here.

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