Snappii makes platform enhancements which enable ordinary business people to create virtually any app without coding

Snappii makes platform enhancements which enable ordinary business people to create virtually any app without coding

for blogSnappii, a platform for rapid mobile app development enables users to design, build, and deliver feature-rich business mobile business apps in days versus months. Using Snappii’s flexible WYSIWYG Visual Editor, users can build feature-rich enterprise mobile mobile business apps once and deploy across all major platforms including iOS, Android, and HTML5. In addition, since the platform does not require mobile coding skills, programmers and non-programmers can deliver mobile business apps quickly and easily, saving time and money. The platform also makes it easy to manage applications and make ongoing changes.

Today Snappii announced that it has added several major feature enhancements further differentiating its Mobility Platform from its competitors and providing its customers with expanded essential capabilities.

1. Closely control calculations enabling creation of any business calculation mobile business apps

Previously, the calculations were shown automatically on entering the values, now with the newly added Calculate button it is possible to choose how user wants to see the output information.

2. View and modify data without any restrictions

With the embedded forms functionality, it has now become possible for the Snappii Platform users to decide how they want the forms to be collected. The embedded forms enable app users to easily add and edit data without having to enter all the information that is displayed in the form. From now on platform users decide what information they would like their app users to edit and update. For example, previously app users had to scroll through the whole form to find the field they need to edit, now app creator can specify these fields.

3. Display, enter, update data on the same screen

With the embedded forms there’s no need to navigate away from the form, make the changes and go back to see them. This functionality is conveniently kept in one place.

4. Build map oriented mobile business apps with directions

The Get directions button has been added to allow app creator drag and drop it onto the Advanced Map, Gallery or List. This element will show the directions between user’s current location and the destination specified by app creator.

“Getting this big release done is a major accomplishment, – Alex Bakman, Snappii President and Owner says, – This is a big release with a lot of new functionality. The get directions feature enables Snappii users virtually create any map oriented app, our forms have been significantly improved, and formulas are awesome just to mention a few. We really picked up the pace of development. ”

Since 2010 Snappii has incorporated a huge amount of platform improvements and their number is constantly growing due to extensive development work and customer oriented approach. Enhancements2 release will no doubt be followed with other great features, allowing Snappii users to create really functional, powerful, custom looking, and professional mobile mobile business apps. Snappii mobile business apps run stable on all iOS and Android devices keeping up with the latest versions.

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