How Fire Inspectors eliminate paperwork during their inspections

How Fire Inspectors eliminate paperwork during their inspections

Fire Inspectors, like any other inspectors, have to be carrying loads of paper forms with them. Fill out inspections, sign them, and drag anywhere they are going. Is it possible to keep all the forms in one place, have easy access to them without carrying piles of forms? Yes, there is! Today the only thing that people are always taking with them is a mobile device. Why not place all the forms in there?

Thanks to Snappii online visual drag and drop platform, it has now become possible to use fully functional mobile app for Fire Inspectors that contains lots of forms that are easy to fill out, store on a mobile device, send via email as a PDF, and more.

The Fire Inspection App includes mobile forms and features that help inspectors to easily collect key inspection data to ensure fire safety.

Each form is optimized for mobile use and is easy to fill out. Forms can be submitted via email, and/or saved and stored right on your device.

The Fire Inspection App enables inspectors to replace clipboards, paper forms, cameras and laptops with mobile tools that:

  • Collect safety data including emergency lights, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and more to ensure fire safety
  • Ensure fire extinguisher is working properly
  • Check Fire Hydrants conditions
  • Access potential fire hazards right on your Smartphone or Tablet
  • Fill out apartment checklist for fire inspection survey
  • Report locations with Map or GPS features
  • Take and save photos related to the inspection
  • Capture handwritten signatures with a mobile device
  • Document date and time of inspections
  • Store all reports locally on a device, share stored reports via email
  • Use Smartphones or tablets to quickly collect inspection data, validate fields and send the completed forms to a corporate data repository
  • Save time, eliminate duplicate entry, and improve accuracy

You can download the Fire Inspection app for iOS device here and for Android device here.

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