How to create a mobile form for free

How to create a mobile form for free

Mobile forms are hot these days. Every business wants them for a bunch of obvious benefits. Mobile forms are always at hand on your mobile device, you don’t need to drive to your client to get a signature, you can quickly send this form to a co-worker to speed up decision making, there are no storage costs associated with paper forms, you don’t have to retype the information from the paper form into a computer, etc. Who wouldn’t want to speed up data collection and processing and save time and money? More and more business owners of different size realize it.

Now that we are clear on the benefits, the next question comes into place.

What is the cost and timeframe to convert your paper-based business process into mobile?

You may think that it costs a lot to convert your paper forms to their mobile analog. You will be surprised to discover that there is an app that can do it for you at no cost. Snappii Mobile Forms app. This app contains ready-made templates that can be used to fit the needs of your specific business. Just choose the template you like best and use it! If you prefer to add your own form, no problem. This is easy to do. You can load your existing PDF or start a form from scratch.

How does it work?

  1. Take a picture of your form or load a file (PDF, Doc, Excel, jpg, png.)
  2. The Form Converter automatically finds fields in your form and builds an easy-to-edit mobile-friendly form
  3. If some fields were missed, you can easily add fields.
  4. If you have added new fields, place them on the PDF: long tap a field to drag it to the desired position on the PDF
  5. Save and start using a mobile-friendly form.

When you fill out the fields, the app will insert your answers into the PDF.

  1. Email or share your filled-out PDF report with others.

As you can see, anyone can convert their paper forms into mobile apps relatively fast. There are no special skills required. Try it yourself!

Download the Snappii Mobile Forms app on your iOS and Android devices and use it at no cost.

If you feel you need some help, the Snappii Team is always here to go through the process of form conversion with you. Just contact us with your questions. Don’t have the time to try it? Send us your forms here.

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