Easily Find Information in Pictures and Documents with the World’s First Instant Search Engine App

Easily Find Information in Pictures and Documents with the World’s First Instant Search Engine App

Snappii Finder appWhat a waste of time! Let’s change this!

Did you have such a situation when you need to quickly find information on a certain photo or screenshot of a specific ticket, booking, invoice, or receipt? As a rule, you have to scroll the gallery and the process is involuntarily delayed. Just imagine how much more convenient and faster it would be to be able to instantly search by a couple of keywords or a location or a specific date. And this opportunity already exists!

“When people search on Google they get instant results, why can’t they get instant results when they search for their own information?” – Alex Bakman, Snappii Founder and Owner wondered. Based on this, Snappii has developed the World’s First Instant Search Engine App to find information in pictures, documents, notes, email attachments, screenshots, and more – the Snappii Finder app.

You can add your pictures and files to the Snappii Finder app through the following ways:

– upload images from device gallery,

– take photos with camera and scan documents,

– add files from cloud drives,

– work with any other app to add text.

Add optional hashtags to instantly find necessary information.

Simplicity, instantaneousness and even more

When you need to find something, just type the keywords, place, or date to the search bar. A search for your information has never been so easy, fast, and convenient. However, these are not all the features of the Snappii Finder app.

The Snappii Finder app allows its users to:

– annotate and share images and files,

– crop images and files,

– copy and paste any text from the web or notes or any other app to the Snappii Finder app,

– search the web right from the app,

– instantly call or message phone numbers on images and files,

– and more.

“We all know how people are tired of scrolling their image gallery forever to find a particular photo shot or a scanned document”,  – Alex Bakman is saying, – “with the Snappii Finder app, people will finally instantly retrieve the information they are looking for and share it with anyone.” Simplify your life and spend time with benefits.

The Snappii Finder app is available for free download from the Apple Store. Don’t forget to watch the videos with use cases of the app.

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