Snappii :: Get Rid Of The Painful Part About A Field Service Manager

Get Rid Of The Painful Part About A Field Service Manager

Get Rid Of The Painful Part About A Field Service Manager

Every job has its more difficult parts. Usually tedious tasks that have to do with paperwork, or driving from place to place to hand-off documents, have their way of absorbing a huge part of your day and sidelining any potential efficiency you could create. In a sense, the ability to communicate things quickly, and correctly, is valuable enough to be its own industry.

Even with the technology we have now, everything isn’t automatic. At one point or another, we have to document our work. To do this, many companies resort to forms to capture data that will later be uploaded in the main-office to the backend systems. Paper forms are notorious for their susceptibility. Not only can paper be damaged and lost, but the person actually recording the information has to be methodical. However, things like blank fields, unreadable reports due to handwriting, incorrect calculations and more could make re-entering the data difficult.

Many people may know about mobile forms, but when it comes to creating them there’s an air of fear. There’s a misconception that converting all of the forms your company uses will take a lot of time and effort to maintain.

With Snappii, it’s the opposite. Snappii’s form editor is a robust, powerful platform that allows you to create mobile forms with no coding experience at all. The system works by snapping together the fields that make up your form in an easy-to-understand list. You can customize headings, placeholders and titles – the idea is to make your mobile form exactly resemble your paper form. Try it out today!

Send Data Effortlessly

Transferring documents from point A to point B can be expensive, especially when you start calculating gas and wear + tear on the vehicle. Mobile forms eliminate the need for spending hours driving from place to place because of cloud storage.

By digitizing the form, the field workers can send their finished reports to the headquarters immediately. There’s no need to retype information gathered on the form, or put the paper in a filing cabinet where it’s going to take up space. The finished form gets send through your back-end system, with the information available for viewing right at your fingertips.

Low Cost of Maintenance

The biggest problem with having a mobile form for your business is the cost associated with creating, and later maintaining, such a sophisticated piece of software. In the past, these tools were reserved solely for the big companies who had access to teams of software engineers. More recently, the market has seen “app-shops” that will build a custom mobile form for you. This process, however, usually takes months, and can easily rack up a dent in the company’s savings. More often than not, when using that many resources for a mobile form, it’s difficult to see a desirable ROI.

Snappii puts the power in the user’s hands by enabling them to create their own mobile form using their powerful, zero-coding platform. The long task of putting together a mobile form can be reduced to minutes, and the cost brought down to a fraction of the original price. As a user, you also have access to our app templates, which are pre-made apps that you can customize to fit your needs. Or you can start it from scratch! Try it out today RISK FREE.

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