Got forms? Turn them into Mobile Apps

Got forms? Turn them into Mobile Apps


I used to work at a law-firm where paper was king. I was a copy room “technician”, a fresh out of high-school grunt hired to make copies for entitled lawyers. Every Wednesday, I would have to haul 110 boxes of paper (each containing 5,000 sheets each) up to the 60th floor of a building in the dead center of humid Downtown Miami. It wasn’t the best job. I did, however, gain a newfound respect for businesses that operate with paper, sometimes having to make copies of binders that were literally thousands of pages long. At one point, I had grown calluses on the tip of my fingers where I was likely to get a paper cut from having sliced myself one too many times.

What does that have to do with turning forms into mobile apps? The truth is, most of the documents that I was making copies of day-in and day-out were just that – forms. Pieces of paper intended to retain information just long enough to be viewed by the person that needed to see it, then it was filed away in an endless library somewhere between the 58th and 59th floor.

The good news is that those pieces of paper can easily be converted into a mobile form. Mobile forms can be accessed from any smart device too, so if the user is more comfortable viewing their information on a tablet, it’s a seemless transition. Mobile forms make all the difference when it comes to efficiency, and with Snappii’s online app builder, you can recreate any paper form into a mobile app. As of two days ago, you can even upload a PDF and edit it right on our industry-leading Form Editor. Try out Snappii’s app building platform today and see how easy it is to transform paper into digital.

Why am I so crazy about paper? There’s a lot of reasons.

Saving Paper

Mobile forms save paper by cutting the need to write things down. Say you work construction, for example, and you’re doing an inspection on the scaffolding that is going to be used for a project. Carrying around a clipboard to check off your work can be bulky. A smartphone would not only give you a cleaner interface, but it can be maneuvered with one hand. Mobile forms also give you the flexibility to use the phones features. Like putting a “capture photo” field, which inputs a picture to your mobile form.

Even in the office, mobile forms can help alleviate some headaches. If you’re constantly looking around to piles of paper littering your workspace, there’s more than likely a way to consolidate that information into a mobile form. Don’t just keep buying filing cabinets that are going to hold documents for ages before they’re actually useful. Replace the mess with a smart device – any tablet or phone will do – and free up some space in your head.

Another reason to cut out the paper may be so obvious you never thought of it. Paper is perishable. If your work is contingent on receiving papers at the end of the day in one piece, a mobile form can literally save your job. Think of it as eliminating the barriers of communication between you and your employees. They fill out the form on their own smart device, and it gets sent right to your email as soon as they have an internet connection. It works the same way if your employees need to communicate with each other with regards to a job.


Have Everything In Your Smart Device

Field workers tend to have their hands in many baskets. If you inspect one thing, there’s a good chance that you inspect other things as well. What if you could have all of your inspection forms in your pocket, without ever having to worry if you had the right one? Digitizing your forms, which can take as little as a few minutes, can help improve efficiency tenfold. At the same time, everything gets archived so that if the inspector ever has to look up a past inspection, or send a copy to their boss, it’s as easy as typing in the title and date on their smart device.

I say smart device for a reason. With Snappii, at least, the platform is not limited to one or the other market. We’ve constructed it in such a way that if the form is made on the mobile app editor, it will be available on both Android and Apple without any extra steps. This goes for both tablets and smartphones. All you need is some sort of internet connection and your login information.


With Snappii’s online editor, we put you in charge. Recreating your forms into a mobile form has never been easier with our industry leading form-editor. As of two days ago, you can now instantly convert your PDF’s into a mobile app as well. We enable you to design and deploy your mobile app with absolutely no coding knowledge, and at a fraction of the cost it would take if you bought a mobile app outright. Try Snappii’s free trial today.

If building a mobile form seems like it would be difficult, we can also make you a custom app with our platform for a lot less than you think. Click here to find out more.

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