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Perform Year-End Warehouse Inventory with Warehouse Inventory & Shipment App

Perform Year-End Warehouse Inventory with Warehouse Inventory & Shipment AppWhy is it the time to perform warehouse inventory?

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time for companies with warehouses to perform general inventory. It is essential for preparing a valid profit and loss statement for the year. Also, stockrooms and warehouses can get messy at the end of the year. This way now is the best time to get rid of unnecessary stuff and prepare a warehouse for an efficient and productive start to the new year. You can’t do without an assistant in this matter. Snappii offers a useful pocket tool that will help perform a fast and optimized inventory.

The benefits of the Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app

The Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app from Snappii is the best solution to automate warehouse inventory and perform it in minutes right on a mobile device. Being equipped with a bar code scanner and photo capturing users can instantly collect required details and add them to the pre-made mobile form. Also, they are able to make quick pick lists as well as sync data across multiple devices. The Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app allows users to generate custom looking PDF and Excel reports, share them via email, and upload them to cloud drives. Watch this short demo to learn more about the app and see it in action. The Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Get even more

If you are not fully satisfied with the pre-made forms of the app, the Snappii team is ready to customize the Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app and add your own forms. We will easily convert them to their mobile analog. Please note that it’s absolutely affordable for companies of all sizes. Just send us your forms and requirements.

Turn to a paperless inventory with the Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app is the best way to end the year and get your warehouse ready for next year. Get more benefits for your business and raise it to the next level with other Snappii’s ready-made apps. Find and try them here. Most of them are also customizable.

Disinfection as a Means of Keeping Workplace Safe and Healthy

Disinfection as a Means of Keeping Workplace Safe and HealthyThe basis of a safe and healthy workplace

Unfortunately, contrary to expectation, the COVID-19 infection is not declining. To keep staff and customers comfortable and safe, businesses have to follow special guidance included information on sanitizing and disinfecting the workplace.

The virus can persist on hard surfaces from minutes to hours, increasing the opportunity for it to transfer. This way, the issue of disinfection and its inspection must be approached especially carefully. Cleaning teams should perform large-scale cleaning procedures at least once per shift and disinfect high contact areas as often as possible.

Disinfection Checklist app

To make the disinfection process more efficient and organized, Snappii offers the Disinfection Checklist app. The app is based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Prevention guidelines and helps individuals and businesses perform 38 checks to ensure proper disinfection. It also contains a list of products that have been pre-approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use against emerging enveloped viral pathogens and can be used during the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The pre-made inspection form can be supplemented with photos, signatures, and dates. Moreover, the completed inspection form can be generated into the PDF report. The app users are able to instantly share the report via email or other means. Here is a short video to show how the app works.

Download the Disinfection Checklist app in Apple App Store or Google Play and instantly use it for your daily activity to keep a safe and healthy work environment. If you already have inspection forms and want to continue using them, the Snappii team can customize the Disinfection Checklist app for you and add your existing forms. Send the forms and requirements here to discuss.

Stay safe and remember that simple measures can help protect you, your closers, and everyone else’s. Please don’t ignore these measures.

Stop a Struggle with Paper and Turn to Mobile Inspection Forms

Stop a Struggle with Paper and Turn to Mobile Inspection FormsThe time to stop a futile struggle

Filling in paper-based inspection forms in the field is a struggle. Inspectors have to carry around a pile of paper, a camera, or even a laptop. On top of that, they have to process and send the papers back to the office for further analysis. This way, proper, timely inspections with accurate information and completely filled in forms and reports are a real headache for those who use paper-based solution. More and more different companies are abandoning this futile struggle in favor of digital solutions.

Why mobile inspection forms

With Snappii, a digital solution for the inspection process is not something inspectors should specifically master and implement. It is an opportunity to convert already existing, familiar paper forms, and checklists to their digital analog to instantly use on a mobile device. Mobile inspection forms contain all necessary fields and can be filled in in a few clicks. So, all paper documentation is completely replaced by a mobile inspection app on any smartphone or tablet. Moreover, inspection apps allow users to instantly capture and add photos right to the form. Filled in inspection forms can be generated to professional reports in a PDF format. The reports are able to be saved, stored, and shared via email, texting, etc.

Even more advantageous solutions

The new format of different inspections in the field is right here. Download Snappii Mobile Forms app with pre-made mobile forms for various fields of activity and inspection is among them. Try ready-made inspection apps for different industries with a lot of useful features. Convert your existing forms to their mobile analog with a smart Snappii Form Converter with Optical Field Recognition system, or create any mobile inspection form from scratch. Contact us to convert or create a form for you by our team of professionals. Also, most of Snappii’s ready-made apps can be modified to meet some specific needs. All you need is to send your requirements and get a quote.

Why You Should Hurry Up to Adopt Warehouse Management Apps

Why You Should Hurry Up to Adopt Warehouse Management AppsThe key benefits of warehouse management apps

The traditional way of managing warehouse inventory is outdated. Today, it is all about mobile solutions in the working environment using an automated system for tracking and managing the goods. Warehouse management apps allow employees who are on the field to be “on the same page” and operate with real-time data. Warehouses that are slow to adopt modern mobile solutions, relying on outdated processes, lose competitive advantages as well as revenue. Here are the key points of the positive impact of warehouse management apps.

– Warehouse management apps reduce most of the mundane processes as well as make inventory management workflows simpler and faster. This way, employees can work more efficiently.

– Warehouse management apps can eliminate most paperwork. Using a mobile app, employees can perform any inventory interactions and document them in the digital format. Any data can be instantly accessed anytime and anywhere right on a mobile device.

– Due to the acceleration and optimization of the operations, warehouse management apps significantly cut costs. Accurate and timely data and activities help avoid delays, inaccuracies, errors, over hours, etc.

– Warehouses must strictly follow some standards and regulations. Warehouse management apps help ensure consistent compliance and keep this point under control.

Why Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app from Snappii

Snappii offers to automate warehouse inventories and optimize work with various warehouse data using a ready-made Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app. Make warehouse inventories in minutes by filling in a pre-made mobile form. Also, make quick pick lists and supply records. Track goods that are shipped in and shipped out by scanning bar codes. The Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app allows users to generate custom looking PDF and Excel reports, share them via email, and upload to cloud drives. Watch this short demo to learn how the app works. Download and try the Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app in Apple App Store and Google Play.

If you are not satisfied with our pre-built form of the app, we can add your own one and customize the Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app to meet your specific business needs. Contact us here to discuss it.

Increase the Level of Fire Safety Control with Fire Inspection App

Increase the Level of Fire Safety Control with Fire Inspection AppThe top task for any business

Fire safety should always be the main concern, no matter what type and size of business you run. It is an extensive and extremely demanding task that requires keeping a lot of aspects under control, so you cannot do without help tools.

To minimize the impact and probability of fires, it is critical to be prepared. You can ensure this by some measures. One of them is regular inspection of fire-fighting equipment and compliance with fire safety policy. This task requires a regular collection of data, documenting and timely reporting for instant necessary actions. It is extremely difficult if you use paper.

The paperless solution for better fire safety control

Snappii offers a paperless fire safety inspection and maintenance process. It contributes to faster, more efficient, organized and convenient work with data. Special fire safety apps allow users to keep all details under control and at hand. It also provides legal protection for businesses.

A ready-made Fire Inspection app from Snappii is an excellent tool to perform inspections and capture required data easily and quickly using a mobile device. The app allows users to ensure that the premises have all fire safety and fire suppression equipment in place and good working order. Pre-made mobile forms make workers free from time-consuming and inconvenient paperwork. For example, the Fire Inspection app helps perform monthly fire extinguishers and fire hydrants inspections. Users can quickly scan the bar code to get all details about a fire extinguisher – serial number, age, location, etc. It is an opportunity to take and attach photos. Also, users can capture handwritten signatures. The completed inspection form can be generated to the PDF or Excel report, shared and stored on the device. This video can provide more information about the Fire Inspection app and show how it works. Download the app to try it right now. It is available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Do not give up on specific requirements

The distinctive feature of Snappii is an opportunity to customize most of its ready-made apps. Our team can modify the Fire Inspection app to meet your specific needs. Send them to us to discuss and get a free quote. Get a product to help you increase the level of fire safety control. It is easier and more affordable than you think.

How Sign In Guest Book App Can Help Track Visitors and Mitigate Coronavirus Risk

How Sign In Guest Book App Can Help Track Visitors and Mitigate Coronavirus RiskSafety is a priority

The spread of Сoronavirus has escalated concerns when it comes to tracking and managing of offices’ and organizations’ visitors. The virus has made it crucial to limit face-to-face contacts and regulate the presence of a certain number of people in one premise. Today businesses are in dire need of a visitor registration solution as well as a way of their tracking and gathering information.

Track visitors and manage visits in a snap

The best tool to track visitors is mobile apps. It is a paperless solution that is always at hand to capture any details and generate necessary documentation. Snappii has such an app. Sign In Guest Book app is designed to keep track of visitors at reception and not only this. Manual filling out of tons of paper forms is not required. All necessary information and important details can be instantly added to a smart mobile form. The visitors can sign themselves and get a printed badge. The app saves and stores all visitors’ logs and allows them to sign out later by searching their names and date in the database. The admin panel of the Sign In Guest Book app allows users to:

– sign in/out visitors,

– get a history of visitors for any time range,

– upload Excel files with employees/companies to visit or manually add them via a form,

– sync information across multiple devices,

– create events, add information and upload attendees,

– track who has attended and who’s not,

– create consolidated reports,

– slice and dice the captured information,

– contact visitors via email or call them.

Let Sign In Guest Book app help you be more responsible

Keep all visits under control in this complicated period with the smart and multifunctional Sign In Guest Book app. Learn how the app works from this short video. Download and try it on iOS and Android devices. Also, read this information from the CDC about how to create a safe and healthy workplace for workers and clients.

Construction Change Orders and the Easiest Way of Their Generation

Construction Change Orders and the Easiest Way of Their GenerationChange orders are an essential tool for contractors and subcontractors. They should clearly define the scope of work and generate detailed contracts with explicit pricing to protect themselves and their business. And if there are any changes to the original project, they need to be not just discussed and agreed verbally, but also documented.

What is a change order?

This way, a change order is a document used to record changes and amendment to the original construction contract. Change orders contain the records of additional services being provided, along with costing for those services. Change orders allow contractors to ensure that both parties are treated fairly. Sometimes, the original construction contract may spell out the specific change order form a contractor should use. Otherwise, if there is not a specific form in the contract, they can generally use any form.

How to make change order process easier and more efficient

Generating change orders is paperwork, and requires data collection, processing and calculations. This activity at the jobsite is a real headache. This way, contractors have to go to the office to complete all documents. However, nowadays there is a solution to add efficiency, speed and agility to the change order process.

Snappii offers ready-made Construction Change Order app to create quick construction change order requests and provide them to selected supervisors for reviews. The app allows users to avoid time consuming paperwork, as well as significantly simplify and accelerate the process. A worker can organize change orders by projects and fill in all necessary details, including information about labor, equipment, parts, construction sites, date and timestamp, as well as upload PDF documents and take pictures. Due to the in-built calculator it is simple to estimate total hours and costs needed to complete a particular project. Moreover, the app users are able to make a list of supervisors, assign orders to them, track supervisor’s feedback and proposed changes in case of rejections. Any order will be securely stored on the mobile device. Construction Change Order app contributes to more accurate and timely data. Change orders can be made right in the field and without visits to office and face to face interactions.

Construction Change Order app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play. Get a visual idea of Construction Change Order app from this video. Contact Snappii for any additional information. We can customize this app to meet any specific needs. Send us your requirements to get a free quote.

4 Tips to Keep the Business Afloat During the COVID-19 Pandemic

4 Tips to Keep the Business Afloat During the COVID-19 PandemicThe COVID-19 crisis has forced most businesses to reach a new critical phase. Certainly, the main aim is the containing and mitigating the disease itself, but the economic impacts are also significant. Many companies already react to the rapidly unfolding events and try to adapt to them. Here are some tips for keeping the practice in business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clear plan and rapid decision-making

It is imperative to establish a clear plan of actions, chain of command and rapid response in the current unstable and dynamic environment. Constant evaluation of the situation and assigning a response team or a person to navigate in arising issues faster and more efficiently, and giving them enough leeway to make rapid tactical decisions are a must to consider. Timely and accurate data and decision making will help avoid delays, errors and extra work.

Safety precautions and health maintenance

All managers primarily are concerned about employees’ health and workplace safety. Now this issue is most acute and significantly affects the entire workflow and the business. If possible, transfer employees to remote work. (Read the post with essential tips for remote work). As the COVID-19 crisis evolves, many special practices and protocols of the virus prevention and workplace safety appear. Use them for stable and safe operations. Pay particular attention to verifying compliance with these measures and the reporting.

Financial contingency plan

Revise the financial plan. Consider delaying some payments, temporary suspension of bonuses or other encouraging payments. Consult with creditors and monitor any special solutions of financial support and economic relief packages for businesses and workers affected by the outbreak. For example, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has begun to administer the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)-COVID-19 related assistance program. Also such organization as the United Way has created COVID-19 relief fund which may provide additional funding.

Digital tools’ support

Digital tools such as mobile apps can support a lot of operations and sync the whole team outside the confines of a physical office. Task assigning, management and tracking; generation of work orders, estimates and invoices; data collection, processing, analyzing and reporting; etc. Business apps can help continue some projects, work with various types of data, and also keep the team up to date.

Business apps for continuous and efficient operations

Snappii is the leading provider of multifunctional business apps for such industries as construction, warehousing, field service, transportation and more. Thanks to Snappii apps specialists can fill in pre-made mobile forms with various data, generate and submit reports, communicate, track operations, etc. Empower your workers with a small, smart tool to avoid face to face interactions and group meetings. Snappii team is able to create your own app according to specific needs. For example, we can easily convert your existing forms to the app.

When the urgent part of the crisis has been navigated, companies should consider what they’ve changed and learned. Mobile business apps can continue to provide tangible benefits. This way, now is the best time to move to mobile business solutions. And Snappii is the best assistant in this field. Contact us with any questions.

The Main Challengers to Get the Most from Mobile Forms

For a long time paperwork was a mandatory component of the workflow, regardless of the industry. More specifically, every industry uses paper forms to drive its processes, such as inspection, estimation, reporting and more. Gradually, companies and organizations came to the conclusion, that paperwork is inefficient, it takes a lot of time and money and decreases the productivity. About 17% of printed pages is lost each year. Filling out paper forms requires extra time, and sometimes even a special employee. Such data is inaccurate and the way of its collection is insecure. Also, we can talk endlessly about the inconvenience and unreliability of paper storage. Keeping in mind all these cons of paperwork, many industries make a shift to a digitally focused solution – mobile forms. Here are 2 main challengers to get the most from mobile forms.

The new way to carry out any construction project

Construction industry is an active user of technology. Let’s find out what benefits mobile forms provide to this huge industry. Mobile technology came to the construction with the promise to improve jobsite efficiency and bridge the gap between the jobsite and the office. And nowadays, thanks to mobile solutions, construction professionals have a such long-awaited mobility. Special construction apps allow specialists to make a plenty of operations right on their smartphones anywhere and at any time, quickly and easily. For example: project management, various inspections, estimations, invoicing, reporting, tracking of workforce, materials and work progress and more. All that used to require long paperwork, now can be done in a few clicks at any mobile device. Pre-made construction mobile forms can be instantly filled out, processed and sent. It saves a lot of time and money, contributes more efficient workflow and project completion on time and budget.

Instant acceleration and optimization of transportation and shipping

Transportation and shipping is another industry, which get tremendous advantages of mobile forms and apps. Transportation companies have vehicles and fleets, which need to be managed, inspected, controlled and maintained. Mobile forms allow specialists of this field to be proactive, avoid delays and incidents, and streamline different operations. Mobile apps for transportation and shipping can significantly reduce costs. No need to buy special software, hire specialists for it and adjust the workflow. Anyone can use various mobile forms right on their smartphones.

Implement mobile forms to your business in a few minutes

Snappii, a business app development company, helps companies of different industries for about 9 years. Modern demand on mobile solutions can’t be overlooked, and recently we have released a unique Form Converter to let anyone create mobile forms themselves without special skills and efforts. Any specialist can use existing PDF form or report and convert it to its digital version. Snappii Forms app allows instant utilization of this form on a smartphone. For more convenience, we provide a huge collection of pre-made form templates, which are ready to use.

Construction and transportation are one of the main directions for us and you can find such ready-made forms as:

– work order form,

– construction estimate form,

– roof inspection form,

– daily log form,

– bill of lading form,

– vehicle inspection form,

– driver’s daily log form,

– etc.

Try Snappii Form Converter right now or send us your form and we will help you convert your first form free.

Raise your Field Productivity in a Few Clicks

You have spent much time gathering the data at the jobsite but now you need to process and report this data by the end of your workday. It seems to end up with another overtime for you. As a result, both your working and personal life suffer and your efficiency falls. This is a typical situation for many employees, especially for different inspectors, who deal with data and its collection in the field. Below we offer you a way to avoid this, make your work in time and keep your efficiency at the highest level.

Your organization probably uses paper-based forms to collect the data. Each day you fill in a whole bunch of forms and drive them to the office. Thanks to modern mobile solutions, you can eliminate paper-based forms and avoid physically delivering them to the office, which will save you several hours at least.

Meet the new format of your documentation

Mobile forms and mobile form apps allow users to capture the information and fill in multiple forms right at their smartphones or tablets anywhere. Moreover, you can add pictures, locations, audio and even video files. Your forms will never be messed up and lost and you will have constant access to them anywhere and anytime. Special mobile form apps give a great opportunity to process collected data and create instant reports. Filled in mobile forms are generated into PDFs and can be sent via email or other way.

Snappii has been specializing at mobile forms and mobile form apps for several years and offers powerful and unique mobile forms solutions to the companies of different size and type. Among our clients are huge construction corporations and mid-size private businesses. We continue to improve our Mobile Form Editor and provide the products of a highest quality. Here are the solutions Snappii can offer today.

Mobile form app in a few clicks

Snappii offers a visual, ultra-fast and no-code Form Editor. Any user can generate a mobile form, adding necessary fields. Drag-and-drop principle makes the editor available for anyone, even without any technical skills. There are ready-made templates of our most popular apps to make the creation process extremely easy and quick. Snappii Form Editor solution has tooltips to help along. If all else fails, Snappii support is just a click away.

One of the unique solutions of the editor is a conversion of existing PDF forms into mobile form apps. By simply loading existing PDF forms into the Snappii Form Editor, PDF files become powerful mobile forms which can be extended into the form app. Snappii provides a free trial for its users and a detailed user manual helping to create mobile apps.

Snappii’s revolutionary solution removes all the barriers for organizations to replace paper forms with mobile form apps. Try Snappii Form Editor yourself or let us do it for you. You can send your requirements and attach files.

Say good-bye to lost paperwork, or inaccurate data. Snappii mobile form apps will help you not just replace paperwork but improve your efficiency, mobilize business and take it to the next level.

Apps Will Make Your Job Easier

Construction workers have, for a long time, been deemed high-risk workers due to the conditions of the environment that they spend the majority of their time in. With the average construction worker working around 9-hours a day, mental impairment from focusing on the job for so long has become a sort of unspoken norm within the industry. Muscular/skeletal dis-trophy is also prevalent among construction workers, as a Harvard study stated over 50% of construction workers will experience crippling back-pain at some point throughout their career. Suicide rates among construction workers are also extremely high, which could also play into the mental distress that these workers have to endure on a daily basis.

But what does this have to do with apps? While apps will not save a construction worker from back-pain, it may ease the mental burden of having to do reports at the end of the day. These reports could take up to a few hours depending on the work that was completed. And let’s face it, after a long day of lifting, carrying, walking, and fearing for your life, being able to do the final part of your job in a couple of minutes could do wonders on one’s mental health.

Snappii is to the app world what construction is to the architecture world. We are a company specifically devoted to bringing to life the apps that have been tucked away in your head for years. By utilizing an app for the job, one can eliminate a lot of the leg-work that takes place at the end of the day with regards to filling out forms and logs about the days work. There are a few ways that Snappii aims to do this, and none of them require more than a few minutes of your time. When you’re nearing the end of your work day, a few minutes can feel like a lifetime, and we understand that.

So how can Snappii help?

No more paper!

Paper has been a thorn in the construction industries side for years. While effective and portable, it’s also fragile and easy to lose. In a world with dirt flying around in every which way, and power tools cranking their motors literally all day, paper is just susceptible to too many of the climates harsh circumstances.

Apps can be downloaded on the device that most of your employees already own and use on the daily – their phones. Utilizing the technology of mobile apps, a worker can pull their phone out and press a few buttons to get into their forms. Once they’ve made it to the form, there’s a few options that the admin can chose for the workers to complete the form.

The most popular one is voice notes. Voice notes allow the user to simply dictate rather than having to type in all the information for the report. Naturally, the forms are digital, so these voice notes will get emailed as an attachment to the receiver. This alone can take hours out of your log-time at the end of the day, and coupled with other shortcuts like radio buttons and drop-down menu’s, the possibilities are endless.

Have your forms anytime, anywhere

Digital means portable. Instead of having to carry around a portfolio of different forms that you may or may not use, your smartphone can carry all of them at once. If you ever need to add more templates, it’s as easy as going on to the website and creating a new form, then adding it to your account. If that doesn’t sound like something that would be easy, you can always call our team to create the necessary form for you for much less than you think it would cost.

On top of that, if you ever lose a form in transit or if the phone goes through a unfix-able accident (knock of wood), you can always access the forms you’ve already submitted via the website by clicking into “My Account”.  The forms can also be filtered and organized based on date, name, or whatever other parameter needed. This makes it almost impossible to lose a form after it’s been submitted, and makes it a lot easier to find than searching through dozens of filing cabinets.

Snappii’s here to help, and we’ve been helping companies big and small for years. We know the type of reliability it takes to work in this industry, and we’re committed to meeting you there everyday.

Take that last hour of the day to meditate rather than stressing about getting your paperwork done. You’re mind will thank you for it later.

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