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4 Steps to Keep Safe Welding Environment

4 Steps to Keep Safe Welding EnvironmentSafety is always a top priority

Welding operations present hazards for welders and others in the vicinity whether it is a large manufacturing company or a small independent fabrication. Safety always should be a top priority in this field of activity. The right precautions and safety policy can limit risks for workers as well as the negative effects on production. The following steps can help achieve a well-organized, safe, and comfortable welding environment.

4 steps to follow at any enterprise with welding works

Ensuring the proper personal protective equipment. It is a strict rule. A safe-dressed welder can protect himself from all the potentially harmful effects of welding. Such equipment always includes:

– welding apparel and gloves,

– welding helmet,

– welding respirators,

– welding glasses,

– high-top shoes.

Learn more about eye safety equipment for welding here.

Regular safety training. Also, all workers should be timely notified about any changes in safety policy. The topics covering in the training include:

– hazard assessment and action items,

– the OSHA regulations regarding the hazard found and solutions that address it,

– rules for the use of protective and fire-fighting equipment,

– proper maintenance of safety equipment,

– first aid.

Constant communication and control. Regular safety discussions encourage employee involvement in maintaining a safe environment and make it possible to monitor and instantly react to any safety issues as well as evaluate safety initiatives.

Regular inspection of welding environment. Timely, accurate data of all aspects is one of the keys to a safe and efficient workflow. Today any inspections of the welding environment can be performed in minutes right in the field. Special mobile apps allow users to instantly collect, process, and share any data.

Welding Environment Inspection app

Snappii offers a powerful ready-made Welding Environment Inspection app. Thanks to this app, you will always have a welding safety inspection form and the previously completed inspections right at your fingertips. Make sure that all workers adhere to safety guidelines, and keep the workflow safe with the convenience of your mobile device. The Welding Environment Inspection app includes:

– separate personal protective equipment checklists for up to 12 welders as well as helpers,

– checklists on WHMIS, standards, oxy/fuel systems, electrical and abrasive equipment, hand tools, and some other guidelines,

– the ability to generate safety inspection reports in PDF format,

– the ability to sign, save, retrieve, edit, and email reports.

The Welding Environment Inspection app is available in both Apple App Store and Google Play.

How to Maintain Vehicles in Proper Condition between the Official Inspections

How to Maintain Vehicles in Proper Condition between the Official InspectionsWhy regular vehicle inspections are essential

One of the core processes of anyone who owns vehicles is their regular inspection and maintenance. For the company fleet, it is an even more mandatory and rigorous task. The condition of vehicles influences the safety of drivers. Also keeping the proper condition of vehicles helps avoid breakdowns and costly repairs and thus saves the company’s budget.

You don’t have to be a mechanic, or an inspector to perform a basic vehicle inspection. And although this process cannot replace the mandatory vehicle safety inspection and emissions inspection governed by the state, it offers increased protection for both driver and vehicle in between these official inspections and better preparation for them.

The time of mobile vehicle inspection apps

To maintain the regularity and accuracy of vehicle inspections people need a system. The paper-based way is outdated due to its inconvenience, unreliability, and time-consuming. Today the place of paper inspection forms is taken by mobile apps. Vehicle inspection apps provide pre-made mobile inspection forms that can be filled out in a few minutes right on a mobile device and instantly submitted. Moreover, such data is conveniently and safely stored in one place and it is always at hand. A smartphone or mobile tablet with a vehicle inspection app can replace a bunch of paper folders.

Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app: a pocket tool for fast and efficient inspections

Snappii offers a ready-made Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app which takes its rightful place among modern vehicle inspection apps. The app allows users to instantly collect necessary data and fill out the pre-made mobile form. There are also the following functions:

– the opportunity to perform pre and post trips inspections,

– mileage covered calculation,

– speech-to-text function,

– photo evidence,

– the opportunity to generate and share PDF and Excel reports.

The Snappii team has created a short video demo to show how the Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app works. Also, you can find more detailed information about the app’s features here.

The Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app is available in both Apple App Store and Google Play. The Snappii team is ready to discuss app customization. We can add your own form right to this app or create a new one app based on any existing form. Contact us with your requirements and get a free quote.

Estimation Techniques and Updated Job Estimator App for Fast Estimations in the Field

One of the most important parts of the project

Estimation is an extremely important part of dealing with any project. Poor estimation can blow a project budget and extend timelines, frustrating clients and the team. Therefore, due attention should be paid to this process.

There are the following estimation techniques:

– Top-Down Estimation. Businesses usually use this technique early in a project. The essence of top-down estimation is in determining the project budget first and then dividing it up between different stages or tasks. This is a quite suitable estimation technique for small projects that allows project managers to let a client know whether their budget will work for the project and specific tasks. However, it is not accurate and it is mostly based on the assumption. The top-down estimation technique also doesn’t account for possible changes in the project and the budget.

– Bottom-Up Estimation. In the bottom-up estimation technique, each part is estimated individually and then summed up to determine the total cost of the project. It is the most accurate estimation due to a lot more information about the project on hand and a full understanding of the requirements. This technique is suitable when the scope and components of a project are clear. Among its disadvantages are the time-consuming and requirement of a quite huge effort and resources to get such amount of information.

– Analogous Estimation. With this technique, the budget of the new project is based on the previous one. However, it works if the previous and new projects are similar. It is a great approach when all the manager need is a rough number. Analogous estimation is fast and doesn’t require a ton of information. However, it is worth remembering about the risks and a large share of inaccuracy.

– Three Point Estimation. This technique involves taking an average of three scenarios of estimation: best case, worst case, and most likely. Managers can adjust a special formula for such an estimation process. This technique takes more time and some specific knowledge but delivers a more accurate estimate.

A solution to optimize estimations in the field

Snappii understands that accurate estimations set the stage for a thriving business. Therefore, we have created the Job Estimator app to generate professional estimates in minutes without paperwork. The app provides the pre-made mobile estimation form, automatically makes all calculations, allows users to generate and send reports, and more. You can find more detailed information about the Job Estimator app here. Moreover, there is a short video demonstrating how it works. Recently we have updated the app with some new features.

1. All the jobs, tasks, items, and equipment are now automatically saved from all the forms for future usage

2. Users can choose between hourly rate and sq ft rate

3. The time spent and items costs on a project are summed up when generating an invoice

4. Increased number of lines for the equipment table

5. Currency selection

Hurry up to download the Job Estimator app in App Store or Google Play and try these updates. Also, feel free to send us your feedback.

4 Common Mistakes of Construction Project Estimation and How to Improve This Process

4 Common Mistakes of Construction Project Estimation and How to Improve This ProcessConstruction is a tricky and multitask business. It is significantly important to manage all the processes wisely not to miss a single moment and ensure a smooth workflow. Talking about the initial stages of the project lifecycle, it is worth noting such a task as an estimation. Most contractors make common mistakes with the estimation process that lead to cost overruns and delayed project deliveries. Let’s consider them in more detail.


Stress and haste are common in projects with deadlines. However, neglecting the research part of estimation and jumping to rapid conclusions could lead to drastic complications at the later stages. Contractors should be more responsible in this task and spare no time to estimate carefully.

Relying on previous projects

What has worked for past successful projects may not always be the best solution in the future. Contractors should understand that one strategy could not be used for another project and they shouldn’t base their estimates on how it was for the previous ones. Also, they shouldn’t base on how the competitors do this. First of all, estimation should reckon with unique challenges and opportunities associated with the particular project.

Failing to assess risks

Every construction project comes with risks. A risk assessment should be the part of estimating process. It may make sense to refuse the project initially if it is too risky. Failing to assess risks and build in contingencies can be detrimental.

Poor awareness

Understanding the current market trends is critical for accurate construction estimates. It is crucial to be up-to-date with the cost of materials, current labor pool, new policies, and regulations, etc. Contractors should research and understand the present state of the market.

Why Construction Estimator app deserves the attention of modern contractors

Taking into account all of the above and avoiding these mistakes, contractors can achieve significant heights in construction project estimation. Also, they can improve and optimize this process with a special mobile app. Snappii offers the Construction Estimator app to quickly create on-site estimates for construction and repair projects. The app contains the pre-made mobile form that can be filled in in a snap. Moreover, users can add photos as well as identify GPS locations. The Construction Estimator app does all the calculations, so once all the data is entered in, the user will get the total estimated project cost. The completed estimate form can be previewed as a PDF as well as shared via email, network drives and more. The clients can be imported from the address book or Excel file.

Watch a short demo of how the Construction Estimator app works. Download the app in Apple App Store and Google Play.

How to Prepare for a Successful Trade Show

How to Prepare for a Successful Trade ShowThe tips to lead your business to success at any trade show

Preparing for a trade show can be very scary. However, there are some tips to help businesses achieve success in this task.

1. Awareness. The more you know about the trade show, the better. Feel free to contact the organizers of the event and get the necessary details on the type of prospective visitors, the layout of the area, the display equipment, etc.

2. Goals setting. One of the primary tasks before the trade show is to put in place some realistic goals for your business and work out a plan in this regard. Discuss this with the team to act together and more effectively.

3. Self-presentation and promotion. Be scrupulous when choosing and organizing self-presentation measures. Make a stand-alone presentation board and be sure your company name and logo are bright and conspicuous. Be creative. Create a video or slideshow presentation and use TV monitors to display it. It is a great opportunity to draw more attention. Trade show giveaways and gift certificates always work great. Pay special attention to it.

4. Lead interaction and generation. You need to focus on building a long-lasting relationship with potential leads and prevent them from quickly forgetting about you. Be ready to follow-up with them as soon as possible. You need a lead collection, interaction, and generation system to be organized in this task. Mobile apps are the best tool for it. They are agile and convenient. You can instantly capture lead data and contact them.

Why Trade Show Lead Collection app is essential?

Snappii is a leading provider of feature-rich business apps. We certainly could not ignore such business activity as trade shows. This way, the Snappii team has developed the powerful Trade Show Lead Collection app. Paper-based way of lead collection is time-consuming, inconvenient, and does not guarantee qualitative results. The Trade Show Lead Collection app is an efficient and smart lead capture app with many other useful features. This app allows users to easily collect email addresses, phone numbers, locations, and other information necessary to generate leads and develop marketing strategies. Users can create events or trade shows right in the app, add participants to them and instantly follow up with the leads after the event (send emails and make calls). Usually, dealing with attendees’ badges is associated with a bulky lead-tracking device as well as dealing with business cards requires future time-consuming processing. Thanks to the Trade Show Lead Collection app users can use QR code scanning of attendee’s badges and take pictures of their business cards and conveniently store this information on a smartphone or tablet.

The Trade Show Lead Collection app is free to be downloaded in Apple App Store and Google Play. One more unique and great feature of this app as well as many other Snappii’s apps is its customization. We can use your existing familiar form of lead collection and add it right to this app. Contact us to discuss app customization.

Why Daily Reporting Matters and How Daily Log Reporting App Can Help with It

Why Daily Reporting Matters and How Daily Log Reporting App Can Help with ItWhat exactly daily reporting provides

An efficient way to make employees more engaged with the company’s goals and increase their productivity is to implement a system of employees’ daily reporting. Such daily reports are documentation of a separate worker’s activities, accomplishments, and achievements in a given workday. They are usually standardized. Thanks to the information from daily reports, managers can have a better understanding of where their team members are, how to distribute workloads evenly and for better efficiency as well as to react immediately to any issues. In their turn, keeping a daily report, employees have a bigger picture of their progress, can plan their tasks more efficiently, and instantly notify managers about any important points.

Why paper-based reporting system is a bad choice

A paper-based system of daily reporting is not a good idea, especially in the current era of a variety of technology solutions. Paper-based reports require much time and effort to be created, submitted, and maintained. Moreover, this is far from the most reliable way. Paper is prone to damage and a large number of errors due to the human factor as it requires writing manually. Nowadays more and more companies of various industries and spheres of activity switch to technology method of daily reporting for the above and many other reasons.

The benefits of reporting apps

One of these technology solutions which is by far the most popular these days is mobile reporting apps. Such apps allow employees to create complete professional daily reports right on mobile devices and instantly submit them remotely. Besides the obvious advantages of convenience and speed, reporting apps can safely store all the reports and all specialists can always have them at hand. It is a real godsend from the legal aspect.

Why Daily Log Reporting app

Snappii is a provider of the best reporting apps. We try to find out and implement the most demanded requests of field workers. The Daily Log Reporting app is a pocket tool that will be useful for any worker. This app allows users to create daily reports in minutes. Fill in the pre-made mobile form and calculate the total hours. To work even faster managers/supervisors can create a database of employees and works to immediately select them from the list and pre-fill the report form. The Daily Log Reporting app is really easy to use and allows collecting information without Internet access. The completed form can be easily generated into the PDF report and submitted. Sync completed reports across multiple devices.

What’s new

We do not stop there and continue to improve the Daily Log Reporting app for you. Among the new features are:

– improved report layout;

– the ability to create a consolidated report;

– the ability to add workers right from your address book;

– the ability to search saved reports using a convenient date range option.

Hurry up to try all the features of the Daily Log Reporting app and improve your reporting process. The app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play. Contact the Snappii support team to discuss any app customization.

Mobile Inspection Apps: Why It Is the Best Way to Perform Vehicle Inspections

Mobile Inspection Apps: Why It Is the Best Way to Perform Vehicle InspectionsVehicle inspection – a pledge of compliance and safety

Vehicle inspections are a close look at some of a vehicle’s components to determine if they are functioning at proper levels. Some States mandate regular vehicle inspections to ensure that established standards are being met. The opportunity for drivers and other professionals working with fleets to perform instant vehicle inspections helps minimize the chance of vehicle-related violations, accidents, and expensive repairs.

The transition to mobile inspection apps

As vehicle inspection is primarily a capturing and recording of data, workers need tools for working with this kind of data. The use of paper forms and pens is already outdated. It’s is time-consuming and absolutely inconvenient and inefficient in inspections in the field. In addition, such data is unreliable and requires maintenance efforts. That’s why special mobile inspection apps are so popular these days. Users spend twice less time filling out forms and reports. And it’s not even worth talking about the colossal handiness of such inspection apps. All data is safely stored in a mobile device and always at hand.

Why Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app?

Snappii offers a great smart vehicle inspection app. The Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app allows users to instantly collect necessary data and fill in the pre-made mobile form. Users can even speak their answers without typing, thanks to the speech-to-text function. Also, they can document any damages with photo evidence. The Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app is the most convenient pocket tool for pre-trip and post-trip inspections. Users just tap a button to mark the condition of each part. Vehicle inspections have never been easier. Moreover, after filling out the form, it can be instantly converted to a PDF as well as an Excel report and shared. Find some more information about the Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app here and also watch a short demo video. The app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

If you are not sure that the app meets all your needs, let’s discuss its customization. Send us your requirements here.

The Time to Opt for Billable Hours Tracker App

The Time to Opt for Billable Hours Tracker AppIn many companies, employees receive payment proportionate to the units of time they work. Managers track the billable hours of employees’ work to derive a payroll. Typically, data is recorded in a tabular format. Depending on the company’s preferences, it may be noted the duration of time worked or mentioned the specific times at which an employee began and stopped working, also more details about the specifics of the tasks completed may be added.

A paper-based format is a thing of the past

In some companies, this process still retains a paper base. Such a paper-based system has many limitations and cons. First of all, it’s time-consuming. It slows down the entire team and distracts people from their primary job. Manual data can always contain errors and blots. Even small errors can have large repercussions. Also, paper-based documents are unreliable and inconvenient to store and submit. All these complications can cause real problems and proceedings.

The good news is that there are now modern mobile solutions such as the Billable Hours Tracker app from Snappii that can completely transform the billable hours tracking experience for different companies. The app allows users to:

– create invoices filling out the pre-made form of billable hours,

– add signatures,

– automatically calculate earnings,

– create an employee database,

– save invoices as PDF files,

– store and share saved invoices,

– review the revenue stats.

The Billable Hours Tracker app is a helpful tool for any professional working in the field. It enables users to avoid inefficient paperwork. The Billable Hours Tracker app is available in both Apple App Store and Google Play. Here is a short video about the app. The Snappii team is ready to customize this app to meet some specific requirements. Send them to us and get a free quote to start.

Perform Year-End Warehouse Inventory with Warehouse Inventory & Shipment App

Perform Year-End Warehouse Inventory with Warehouse Inventory & Shipment AppWhy is it the time to perform warehouse inventory?

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time for companies with warehouses to perform general inventory. It is essential for preparing a valid profit and loss statement for the year. Also, stockrooms and warehouses can get messy at the end of the year. This way now is the best time to get rid of unnecessary stuff and prepare a warehouse for an efficient and productive start to the new year. You can’t do without an assistant in this matter. Snappii offers a useful pocket tool that will help perform a fast and optimized inventory.

The benefits of the Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app

The Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app from Snappii is the best solution to automate warehouse inventory and perform it in minutes right on a mobile device. Being equipped with a bar code scanner and photo capturing users can instantly collect required details and add them to the pre-made mobile form. Also, they are able to make quick pick lists as well as sync data across multiple devices. The Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app allows users to generate custom looking PDF and Excel reports, share them via email, and upload them to cloud drives. Watch this short demo to learn more about the app and see it in action. The Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Get even more

If you are not fully satisfied with the pre-made forms of the app, the Snappii team is ready to customize the Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app and add your own forms. We will easily convert them to their mobile analog. Please note that it’s absolutely affordable for companies of all sizes. Just send us your forms and requirements.

Turn to a paperless inventory with the Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app is the best way to end the year and get your warehouse ready for next year. Get more benefits for your business and raise it to the next level with other Snappii’s ready-made apps. Find and try them here. Most of them are also customizable.

Disinfection as a Means of Keeping Workplace Safe and Healthy

Disinfection as a Means of Keeping Workplace Safe and HealthyThe basis of a safe and healthy workplace

Unfortunately, contrary to expectation, the COVID-19 infection is not declining. To keep staff and customers comfortable and safe, businesses have to follow special guidance included information on sanitizing and disinfecting the workplace.

The virus can persist on hard surfaces from minutes to hours, increasing the opportunity for it to transfer. This way, the issue of disinfection and its inspection must be approached especially carefully. Cleaning teams should perform large-scale cleaning procedures at least once per shift and disinfect high contact areas as often as possible.

Disinfection Checklist app

To make the disinfection process more efficient and organized, Snappii offers the Disinfection Checklist app. The app is based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Prevention guidelines and helps individuals and businesses perform 38 checks to ensure proper disinfection. It also contains a list of products that have been pre-approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use against emerging enveloped viral pathogens and can be used during the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The pre-made inspection form can be supplemented with photos, signatures, and dates. Moreover, the completed inspection form can be generated into the PDF report. The app users are able to instantly share the report via email or other means. Here is a short video to show how the app works.

Download the Disinfection Checklist app in Apple App Store or Google Play and instantly use it for your daily activity to keep a safe and healthy work environment. If you already have inspection forms and want to continue using them, the Snappii team can customize the Disinfection Checklist app for you and add your existing forms. Send the forms and requirements here to discuss.

Stay safe and remember that simple measures can help protect you, your closers, and everyone else’s. Please don’t ignore these measures.

Stop a Struggle with Paper and Turn to Mobile Inspection Forms

Stop a Struggle with Paper and Turn to Mobile Inspection FormsThe time to stop a futile struggle

Filling in paper-based inspection forms in the field is a struggle. Inspectors have to carry around a pile of paper, a camera, or even a laptop. On top of that, they have to process and send the papers back to the office for further analysis. This way, proper, timely inspections with accurate information and completely filled in forms and reports are a real headache for those who use paper-based solution. More and more different companies are abandoning this futile struggle in favor of digital solutions.

Why mobile inspection forms

With Snappii, a digital solution for the inspection process is not something inspectors should specifically master and implement. It is an opportunity to convert already existing, familiar paper forms, and checklists to their digital analog to instantly use on a mobile device. Mobile inspection forms contain all necessary fields and can be filled in in a few clicks. So, all paper documentation is completely replaced by a mobile inspection app on any smartphone or tablet. Moreover, inspection apps allow users to instantly capture and add photos right to the form. Filled in inspection forms can be generated to professional reports in a PDF format. The reports are able to be saved, stored, and shared via email, texting, etc.

Even more advantageous solutions

The new format of different inspections in the field is right here. Download Snappii Mobile Forms app with pre-made mobile forms for various fields of activity and inspection is among them. Try ready-made inspection apps for different industries with a lot of useful features. Convert your existing forms to their mobile analog with a smart Snappii Form Converter with Optical Field Recognition system, or create any mobile inspection form from scratch. Contact us to convert or create a form for you by our team of professionals. Also, most of Snappii’s ready-made apps can be modified to meet some specific needs. All you need is to send your requirements and get a quote.

Why You Should Hurry Up to Adopt Warehouse Management Apps

Why You Should Hurry Up to Adopt Warehouse Management AppsThe key benefits of warehouse management apps

The traditional way of managing warehouse inventory is outdated. Today, it is all about mobile solutions in the working environment using an automated system for tracking and managing the goods. Warehouse management apps allow employees who are on the field to be “on the same page” and operate with real-time data. Warehouses that are slow to adopt modern mobile solutions, relying on outdated processes, lose competitive advantages as well as revenue. Here are the key points of the positive impact of warehouse management apps.

– Warehouse management apps reduce most of the mundane processes as well as make inventory management workflows simpler and faster. This way, employees can work more efficiently.

– Warehouse management apps can eliminate most paperwork. Using a mobile app, employees can perform any inventory interactions and document them in the digital format. Any data can be instantly accessed anytime and anywhere right on a mobile device.

– Due to the acceleration and optimization of the operations, warehouse management apps significantly cut costs. Accurate and timely data and activities help avoid delays, inaccuracies, errors, over hours, etc.

– Warehouses must strictly follow some standards and regulations. Warehouse management apps help ensure consistent compliance and keep this point under control.

Why Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app from Snappii

Snappii offers to automate warehouse inventories and optimize work with various warehouse data using a ready-made Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app. Make warehouse inventories in minutes by filling in a pre-made mobile form. Also, make quick pick lists and supply records. Track goods that are shipped in and shipped out by scanning bar codes. The Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app allows users to generate custom looking PDF and Excel reports, share them via email, and upload to cloud drives. Watch this short demo to learn how the app works. Download and try the Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app in Apple App Store and Google Play.

If you are not satisfied with our pre-built form of the app, we can add your own one and customize the Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app to meet your specific business needs. Contact us here to discuss it.

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