10 Reasons Why Coding iPhone and iPad Apps in Objective-C is a Really Bad Idea

10 Reasons Why Coding iPhone and iPad Apps in Objective-C is a Really Bad Idea

google-now-for-iphone-ipadWelcome to May 2014. It is time that mobile mobile business apps should be developed online, quickly, visually by business people. Development of mobile mobile business apps should not be done with low level, primitive languages like Objective–C. Why not you say? This is Apple’s language of choice you say!

Let me Give you 10 reasons why not

1. Objective- C needs to be downloaded, installed on your Mac and configured. Only programmers can do that.

2. Objective-C is a dinosaur language invented in early 1980’s long before iPhones and iPads were even contemplated. Yet Apple repurposed the language for app development. Learning this language is not for a casual computer user. Pointers, garbage collection, memory allocations is not the stuff most people want to learn.

3. People want and need a GAZZILOIN of industry specific mobile business apps. Only business people know what the mobile business apps should do, but business people can’t use Objective-C.

4. There is a severe shortage of Objective-C programmers. Tried to hire one lately? forget it. The cost is out of this world!

5. Offshoring your app development to objective-C programmer is a real bad idea.

6. Waiting for objective-C developer to code your app will take at least 3 months even for a simple app. That’s just too long. A quarter of a year wait!

7. Your app needs to be coded separately for iPad or iPhone. So add more wait time if you want your app to work equally well on both.

8. It is expensive to code in Objective-C. People want mobile business apps to be quick and affordable like websites. That’s not going to happen with objective-C as it is low level programming language. It takes a lot of time to code even for an experienced programmer.

9. Your app won’t run on any Android device. There are more Android smartphones and tablets than Apple devices

10. How about app changes? You know that even before the app is released you will want to change it already. As you learn more of your users’ needs more changes will follow quickly. Do you want to wait for Objective-C programmers to make them? No. You want to make changes immediately yourself

This is why app development should be done online, in the cloud, and visually by “drawing” you mobile business apps not coding them. Drag and drop and be done. Anybody who can drag and drop inside a browser should be able to make mobile business apps. This is 2014 folks. We have computers with plenty of memory and fast CPUs. Cryptic programming languages like Objective-C from 30 years ago have no place in app development today!

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