Manage your Billable Hours with a Simple must-have Mobile app

Manage your Billable Hours with a Simple must-have Mobile app

iconHave you ever felt like you don’t have a good handle on time — when you have to be tracking employee working hours or your own billable hours for clients? You can use your smartphone or tablet to access internet services dedicated to small-business time tracking and billing, such as eBillity or Yast.

But even if your company isn’t committed to an online time sheet or billing service, your mobile device can be a valuable aide for logging billable hours, employee hours, or client-related expenses. There is an app for that – iBillable Hours App for iOS and Android.

This App is specifically designed to tracking your billable hours, saving your timesheets and calculating payment for billable hours. You can create fast timesheets, save information on your device and send it on your email. Also you can create database of billable hours for all your employees.

This app is a must-have for everyone who values their time and money.

iBillable Hours app will allow you to:

– Easily and quickly calculate billable hours
– Instantly quote your customers
– Track all visits and save data on your device
– Generate custom Excel and PDF reports
– Have a database of all employees
– Accurately create and track timesheets
– Work in offline and online modes
– More

You will get the following benefits while using this app:

– Eliminate paper
– Save time and money
– Improve accuracy
– Store data on iOS and Android devices
– Easily share captured information  fixed

What’s even more important is that this app can be 100% customizable to meet your specific needs. You can have your own design, add your own forms and calculations, your logos, your style. Request a custom iBillable Hours app here now.

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