Visual app creation as the fastest and the easiest way of getting fully functional mobile apps

Visual app creation as the fastest and the easiest way of getting fully functional mobile apps

for blogHaving a mobile app for your business today is essential.  Websites are no longer enough. Mobile devices are more popular now than PCs, and are more frequently used. People simply spend most of their time using smartphones and tablet rather than sitting at their laptops and computers. That is why a mobile application can make a big difference to your business and having it is important. Mobile mobile business apps can increase customer engagement, help to promote specific products and services, provide better customer service and more. But how can a business app be created quickly and affordably for businesses of any size?

Most people today think they need to hire mobile app developers which is usually quite expensive and takes at least a few months to create even a simple app.

Most people today are missing the fact that there are lots of opportunities in the market today which allow to create a mobile mobile business apps avoiding the need to code and developer’s involvement.

Snappii announces a revolutionary new alternative for businesses to get the custom mobile business apps they need at a fraction of what it costs to hire developers and the app gets built in just a few days to a few weeks max!

The secret sauce is the ultrafast Snappii Visual app development platform.  Using Snappii mobile mobile business apps are built visually with a drag, drop and configure method.

Using visual drag, drop and configure method is absolutely the fastest and the easiest way of getting fully functional mobile applications. The advantages it has cannot be denied.

  1. First of all, there is total control over the user interface. The app creator can add buttons, images, text, and lay out all of the screen elements in a way that makes sense for users.
  2. It gives great opportunities for the app design.  The app creator can try different ideas, check how they look in the app on device and choose the best one. Visual images allow to come up with the best design options for your mobile app.
  3. It enables the possibility to create different layout for different device screens. The Snappii platform supports equally well both tablets and smartphones. So app creators are like artists here – they are able to select a canvas of any size and “paint their masterpiece” on it.
  4. The other important advantage is the speed of the development. Apps are built 30X faster than writing code and hiring an app developer, which usually takes months of continuous work to create a mobile app. Making mobile business apps with Snappii takes a few days, and in the case of a complex app, only a few weeks.
  5. And finally, there is no code to write at all. The platform automatically generates native iOS code in Objective-C and native Android code in Java.  Therefore the mobile mobile business apps made with Snappii look exactly like the ones made by a Mobile Developer.

Begin your app development visually today. Drag and Drop and build any app you want to mobilize your business. You can also have our professional team to create the app for you according to your requirements. Let us make an app for you! Please, submit your requirements here.

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