Mobile apps Ensure Oil and Gas Field Safety

Mobile apps Ensure Oil and Gas Field Safety

Every day the oil and gas industry has to deal with a great number of health, safety and environmental concerns throughout its wide range of activities and operations. To improve overall safety performance and implement effective safety management systems, companies need to increase regulatory oversights, monitor working processes, carry out field audits and inspections.

This is where mobile mobile business apps can become a significant component of the company’s overall Safety Program aimed at providing safe work conditions, protecting the safety of employees, general public and the environment.

The Snappii Corporation has created a mobile app intended to assist Operators, Contractors, and Subcontractors in the implementation of safety programs and improve the overall safety performance.

The Oil and Gas Safety Management App is designed to provide a clear and consistent inspection approach for inspecting all safety aspects. The overall goal of the app is to assure that all employees working at oil and gas sites are provided with a safe and healthy work environment in this extremely dangerous industry.

The Oil & Gas Safety Management App consists of several forms and checklists that help inspectors to easily collect key inspection data. Each form is optimized for mobile use and is easy to fill out. Forms can be submitted via email as PDF and Excel reports.

The app covers the following safety aspects:

  • HSE Management: Essential Safety Resources
  • Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Emergency Preparedness & Planning
  • Incident/Illness Recordation
  • Transportation
  • Communications
  • Environmental

Utilizing the Oil & Gas Safety Management App you will:

  • Improve safety overall performance
  • Speed up inspections and audits
  • Drastically improve productivity and accuracy
  • Reduce service costs
  • Eliminate paper forms and replace them with mobile forms and more

The app is 100% customizable. You can use a powerful and feature-rich WYSIWYG cloud-based editor to add other features to the app, integrate app with your back-end systems, brand the app for your business, add/change/expand/delete data forms,  add users etc. You can learn more about it here.

You can download the Oil & Gas Safety Management App for iOS device here and for Android device here.

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