How Mobile Forms can save a life

How Mobile Forms can save a life



Keeping a safe work environment can save a life.

The U.S department of labor began OSHA, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, in 1971. In terms of workplace safety, this was a big deal. Accurate numbers were not kept at the time, but there were around 14,000 deaths every year in workplace situation. Since OSHA’s inception, workplace fatalities have dropped a staggering 62 percent, while occupational illness and injury has declined around 40 percent. Not bad considering OSHA was one of the first of its kind!

Mobile forms can help with efficiency when it comes to safety.  Because OSHA spreads itself across so many different industries, Snappii was able to utilize their standard practices to create the templates you can find in our editor. Inspecting heavy equipment, scaffolding, chemical hazards, and even lockout/tagout procedures can all become more efficient with the use of mobile forms. Mobile forms also provide supervisors the opportunity to keep track of diligent workers, and identify ones that aren’t.

No clearance until you finish Lockout/Tagout Procedures

If you have to service or perform maintenance on a piece of equipment that could potentially be dangerous, the machine has to be isolated and made inoperative. Most companies use a lockout procedure to ensure employees don’t skip this step. A tag, or lock, is fixed to the device to show that it should not be started again until the tag is removed.

Where do mobile forms come in? Mobile forms force workers to remove the tag from the machine before the work order can be accessed by prohibiting the worker from continuing until the required fields are recorded. Because you can check where the form is coming from, mobile forms also ensure that a specific employee serviced a specific machine. Managers will be happy to hear that mobile forms will get submitted right to their inbox – no need to clutter your desk with paper.

Safety against falling

Geronimo no-mo. OSHA’s reports state that injury and fatality by falling is the leading injury amongst construction workers. To avoid this, scaffolding, ladders, stairways – basically anything that gets you off the ground – is subject to rigorous inspection before use. Scaffolding, for example, has to be verified to support not only its own weight, but 4 times its maximum load.

Mobile forms can facilitate this process by making the inspection a breeze. The worker checking the scaffolding can fill out all necessary fields’ right in their smartphone. Want more details? It’s easy to add video and picture as a requirement to your mobile forms, ensuring that the best practices are being used to secure your employees while they work.

Training whenever necessary

Employee training is a surefire way to help your workers stay clear of workplace hazards. Another huge perk to having mobile forms is the ability to place videos and photos that can be used as tutorials. For example, if a new employee is doing the inspection for the first time and they cannot find a specific piece, they can use their mobile form to teach themselves. This makes training a new employee for safety inspections a breeze.

You can also use this same technology to teach your employees about new tools of the trade. Convert your mobile form to a mobile app with Snappii and you can add catalogs of videos available to your employees. They can see which employee is working where, what equipment is being used, the weather – any information can be made accessible.


A life is invaluable. Workplace safety incidents are on the decline, and utilizing the modern technology of mobile apps can make that number go down even further, and with less time spent actually doing inspections, than ever before. At Snappii, we want to enable every business to take advantage of mobile forms, which is why we offer a 14-day trial when you sign-up.

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