Mobile Marketing Techniques for Restaurants

Mobile Marketing Techniques for Restaurants

for blogA valuable service we want to provide to all of our Snappii users is not just our Snappii Platform, but to be keen students of specific features that are particularly valuable in any given industry. As we learn more able these valuable features, we add them to our Rich Library of Industry Specific Templates. This helps ensure your enterprise mobile app meets or exceeds any other a customer might find in your industry.

I recently read an article on About dot come by Priya Viswanathan on Mobile Marketing Strategies for Restaurant Businesses. Ms. Viswanathan focused on six specific techniques and I”d like to share them with you.

  • Keep in Touch with Your Mobile Customer

Make sure that you are always keeping in touch with your mobile customers. Keep sending them SMS reminders about your restaurant, discounts, deals, special menus and so on.

  • Use Sponsored Bulk SMS Services

There are several free bulk SMS services available to mobile marketers today, which you can use to your advantage to reach the maximum number of customers. Such providers function on the financial backing offered by their sponsors and hence, their SMS’ would include ads from the sponsors.The only disadvantage of using free, sponsored, SMS services is that it may make your company appear slightly downmarket in the eyes of the user.

  • Engage Your Mobile Customer

Engage your customers with surveys, polls, quizzes and so on. This gives them the impression of being an active part of your business, thus adding the personal touch. Offer poll participants and winners coupons, deals or discounts – this will help retain your present customers, while also attracting new ones to your business.

  • Offer Location-Based Deals

Many food chains keep up a constant offer of discounts, deals and coupons on an everyday basis. This helps pull in a lot more deal hunters. Following this strategy to attract mobile customers yields much better results, as the mobile user is always online. It would get even better if you can use location-based mobile business apps to supply relevant info and offer irresistible deals to your customer, when he or she is in your area of operation.

  • Create a Mobile Website

Creating a mobile Website is vital for the success of your business. Make sure it is easy for the mobile user to navigate your Website on his or her smartphone. You should also think of making the Website compatible for different mobile devices, so that you are able to reach a wider range of mobile users. Test your Website thoroughly before release and make sure that it is constantly updated.

  • Create Mobile Apps

Mobile app branding will prove to be very helpful for further enhancing your restaurant business. Create entertaining mobile mobile business apps, with your restaurant name appearing prominently on it. Target the younger generation, as they are the ones who most use such mobile business apps and often get the final decision on where the family and/or group will eat. Link your mobile app to your Facebook or Twitter account, so that mobile users are always updated on your most recent activities.

Contact Snappii to learn more about how your Restaurant can create its own Mobile App to not only retain your current customers, but also expand your clientele among both youth and visitors to your area.

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