How to End up the Paperwork?

How to End up the Paperwork?

Every business has to deal with paper documents. Medical institutions deal with patient cards and recipes, restaurants deal with bills and menu, lawyers deal with legal documentation, schools deal with paper tests, homework and curriculum, even construction business deals with paperwork: change orders, job estimates, equipment inspections and more are done on paper. With the expansion of the digital age, writing and printing papers are slowly declining, however, many companies still operate many processes on paper.

What are the disadvantages of paper documentation flow?

Paper is a very fragile instrument to deal with. In fact, it can get lost or be damaged easily, it takes time to sort and store, and even more time to find the particular piece of document you need right now. Nevertheless, companies keep wasting time, effort and money on paper workflow. Why is that happening? Many people are used to working the old-fashioned way and don’t want to change anything. Others think that transitioning from paper-based processes to digital processes is time-consuming. Once they sit and put down all the disadvantages of paper, they start thinking towards mobile forms and apps that do the same only are safer, faster and are more reliable than paper.

Mobile forms VS. paper forms

One of the best benefits of paper forms is that they are always available to you 24/7. They can be accessed on a mobile device that is an indispensable part of any human being these days. Really, a person who remembers to have left a mobile phone, returns almost immediately. Would you remember you forgot one piece of paper from the bulk of papers you have grabbed with you? We do not think so.

Secondly, mobile forms can be filled out anywhere and instantly passed to your client for review and signature. With paper forms, you will never get that speed. It takes time to drive the paper form to the office to sign and then drive it back and keep for your records.

Another benefit is that mobile forms are stored in the cloud forever and can never be lost. Secure your forms with pass-codes and rest assured no one will ever get to them without your permission. Can you gain that with paper forms? Anyone can sneak to the office and view the paper documents, steal them or throw them away.

Now, to the office management. Stacks of paper require proper filing and storage. One person spends several hours per day organizing paper documents. This has to stay in the past.

The solution

Modern mobile technologies allow us to scan any paper, sign and edit it, share instantly and store in the cloud forever. Then quickly find when needed. Snappii has created a mobile app called DocuMate Scanner app – it is a life-saver for every business that deals with paper documents. The app allows its users to scan, upload or take a picture of a document, sign it, share, store and find using just a few letters. No more office trips, no more clipboards, no more wasted time and paper expenses. One tiny app is a great pocket tool for office management activities. The app is available for free download from the Apple App Store.

Other than that, Snappii helps businesses switch from paper forms to mobile forms fast and affordable. Learn more here.

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