Why You should Replace Paper forms with Mobile forms

Why You should Replace Paper forms with Mobile forms

3 devices with a shadeToday more and more companies step away from paper work preferring to store data on clouds and servers. Mobile forms have a wide range of advantages your company would surely benefit from.

Eliminate errors

For the most part, paper forms are filled out by hand, increasing the likelihood of human error. Moreover, as paper forms then require transcribing, the possibility of information being misread or illegible also exists.

Save time and Money

Collecting, sending and cloud service-storage of data gives companies a great opportunity to gain valuable time. Moreover, these processes can be done without any auxiliary resources as transcribing or scanning paper from data onto a computer. It helps to avoid the excess administrative work.

Native features

The data on the paper always has some certain pattern. But we can`t say so about mobile forms, which have several options on one workflow. Photo, signature or bar code can be inserted into a mobile form without any difficulties. Also geo and time stamps on mobile devices provide a good opportunity to track the delivery.

Data Safety

Safety takes a separate place while working with data. There are paper forms which are not so reliable as mobile. Paper can be spoiled, sent to a wrong address or even lost, while mobile forms are always surely protected.

Easy access

Mobile forms can be integrated with other enterprise systems. You can store them as a PDF or Excel document in Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, MS One Drive or simply email as PDF and Excel document. Save the forms in a cloud database for access and reporting.


As you see the benefits are huge. Besides saving a lot of time, everyone can eliminate paper usage and submit all the info by filling out electronic forms.

Mobile forms not only enable customers to submit data to you 24×7 in the format you determine, but also collect, store and send information from employees. Any business data – documents, photos, GPS locations, digital signatures, etc. can be turned into a form for capture.

Snappii mobile forms are also completely customizable – you are not restricted by any templates. Your users can immediately begin collecting data on their Tablets and Smartphones. What you do with the data is up to you.

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