Skilled Labor Made Easy with an App

Skilled Labor Made Easy with an App


Skilled labor is a sector of the industry that is often overlooked, and it’s beginning to show. What used to be a booming vocation is now facing it’s first lost in job growth since 2007. The demand for skilled labor workers has never been higher, yet schools aren’t necessarily filled with students ready to learn the intricacies of plumbing, for whatever reason. Back in the 70’s, the ages with the most earned wages in these vocations were 20 to 35 year-olds, and yet schools are facing a higher dropout rate from these ages than ever.

Its clear that the industry is struggling for growth in sheer numbers, but there are still ways to make your business more efficient without the need for extra people. While not applicable to every problem, mobile business apps can go a long way in making a job go from requiring 3 people, to 1. There may not be an easy answer to motivate the youth to take jobs in these vocations, but there are ways to make work flow more smoothly in general. However, I don’t wan to discredit skilled labor – the app will make things easier, but it won’t make the job “easy”.

At Snappii, we have quite a few different solutions when it comes to skilled labor jobs. Having worked with nearly every sector of every industry, we’ve had run-ins with skilled laborer’s many times. Using the Snappii Labs editor, we took the information that we gathered from their requirements, and made our own apps. These apps can be found on both the Android and iOS markets right now – just type “Snappii” into the search bar, or click here. If you want to check out the Snappii Labs editor that we used to make those apps, click here.

If you’ve been to our homepage, you’ve probably seen the near-endless amount of app templates we have available. If you’re a skill laborer that’s looking for an app to lighten the load of some of the processes of your business, check out the Job Estimate Repair Order app. Here’s some of it’s features:

Accurate estimates
The Job Estimate Repair Order app comes installed with certain calculators to make the job easier. Need to know how much paint a room needs, or how much lumber you’ll need for a square space? The app comes pre-loaded with many of these calculators, and uploading it into the editor to change which of these calculators show is extremely easy. Line it up so that they match the ones your specific business needs, and you’ll have an easy way to print accurate invoices before your truck even leaves the clients house.

Invoices right away
Did I mention invoices right away? Fix yourself up with a battery-powered printer like this one and you’ll be able to wirelessly print from the app directly to your printer. If you really want to wow your clients, combine this technology with a tablet, and watch their eyes light up when you show them that they can sign the signature pad with their finger on a brand new iPad. Presentation is important, and this gives you the added bonus of having invoices at a moments notice. You can even send it to their email for back ups.

Also, it’s digital, not paper
Email backups means that the files will be available on the computer. You can access the Snappii website to see these files, or email them to a Dropbox to keep them backed up for your personal records. No more endless paperwork or massive filing cabinets taking up your home office. You can have your entire archive in the palm of your hands in seconds, complete with filters for certain dates, clients and even addresses.

Snappii also gives you the ability to completely customize the apps, allowing you to change certain things to fit your business’s workflow. It may sound complicated, but the Snappii Labs editor is purely visual, ensuring that you can draw your app instead of coding it. It takes advantage of the computers landscape, allowing you to drag-and-drop most features. Our developers can also link the app to specific back-end systems to your app, even proprietary ones. Businesses that have software that was specifically created for a purpose will be able to connect to apps on their mobile devices seamlessly. If you don’t believe it’s that easy, give it a go! Click here to enter the Snappii Lab.

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