The #1 Productivity Tool on the Market

The #1 Productivity Tool on the Market

Apps are the most powerful tool you could provide your workers with.

They can’t take down buildings nor hoist a piece of metal fifty feet into the air, nor can they bend steel, but apps provide a world of functionality that would not be available any other way.

Take into the account the amount of times it takes to properly inspect the scaffolding of a project. The inspector will have to come in on a daily basis to make sure that all pieces are in accordance – after a few weeks that adds up to quite a bit of times spent and a lot of money spent on paper. The person inspecting constantly has to look down to their clipboard, find their pen behind their ears – and it all only lengthens the project further.

Or perhaps your the type of firm that enters data all day from these inspections. The inspector then has to take the form back to the office, without damaging them, and the office then has to file these forms into their own cabinets. Before long, the entire office is filled with these cabinets lining the walls, and finding something in them would be like finding hay in a haystack. The whole process takes up space, time, effort and most importantly money.

Snappii aims to reduces this clutter by enabling businesses to change their workflow to collaborate with a mobile app. Apps can help to alleviate the burden of paper and improve the communication throughout the company exponentially. With access to features like push notifications, chat, automatically filled daily logs and more, Snappii is looking to redefine the industry with it’s average turn-around time for making a complete app being around a single week.

Here are some other way’s Snappii can help your business:

Automatically Save Your Paper Reports

One of the biggest issues I have with paper is that looking for an old report is a flat-out waste. You spend hours looking through filing cabinets, not really sure if you’re in the right place. The cabinets themselves take up a massive amount of space, and they weigh a ton. This only causes headaches, especially when your company is moving to a new building.

Mobile apps cure the paper disease by archiving everything you do in the app to a seperate database. Even if you don’t back up your own forms created through the app, the Snappii website will store them to your account so that you can access them at a later date. The website automatically uses filters on these reports as well, which means it’s easy to look up certain elements related to a project like date or client.

Works on All Platforms

With all the different operating systems floating around nowadays, it can be difficult to make sure everyone’s on the same page. We have Apple offering an operating system on both phones and desktops, and now even Windows is trying to join the forray with their proprietary devices and app store.

Because all of Snappii’s apps are generated right on their platform, it’s easy to push the apps as either Android, Apple or even HTML5 formats. And because it works on every system, you can make sure that every employee is looking at the same exact piece of software. This can help in a multitude of ways, including actually teaching your employees to use the software – a learning hurdle that every company has to go through when adopting these apps.

Mobile Forms in an Instant

Forms are the backbones of a lot of businesses. The ability to take information and move it into a digital landscape has become important to firms over the years, and the traditional way of recording, and then later adding it to the database, is not the most efficient way to do it anymore.

Using Snappii’s rapid development platform, there are two ways to make forms. The easier way is to load a PDF that you already use into the editor, and place fields accordingly. Once the fields are in place, you can use the form on your phone and print from it just as if it was a normal computer.

The other way, which still allows you to print, is to make the form from scratch using the form editor. This will allow some extra functionality, including the ability to track where the form was being recorded. This feature will allow you to keep your eyes on your employees at all times, right from your phone.


There’s many ways Snappii can help out your business with a mobile app. Even if you’re looking to use it more for marketing rather than actual functionality for your business, having a form can increase your productivity tenfold. To order a custom form through Snappii, click here. If you would like to enter the Snappii lab and try to make a form yourself, click here.

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