Tips on App Building Strategies

Tips on App Building Strategies


Before you begin development on your “big app” idea, it’s important to come up with a strategy on how you’re going to tackle it. A properly executed strategy will pay dividends in the long run by eliminating unnecessary errors and obvious visual problems before the app even gets out there. For enterprises that are going to be using the app as a tool, this is imperative. It is important to remember that the purpose of a mobile app in the first place is to make jobs easier. If the app is poorly executed because of lack of planning, then it’ll be more than a headache than a relief.

Opportunities to make apps are coming up more and more, which is why I feel like I need to talk about how to tackle the big project. We get a lot of users that understand the gist of what they expect the app to be, but they almost never have a way to flesh it out past the pencil and paper they drew the initial designs on. While making the app, it is inevitable that you’ll run into some challenges that you can’t simply muscle through. In these cases, the strategy you developed will be the crutch of the situation.

Snappii is a mobile app development company that has been making apps for years. We’ve learned how to get an idea to go from paper, to phone efficiently and without hold-ups, which is why we’re extending some tips on how to make your app idea come to live with absolutely zero coding or programming experience. All you need is a computer to get started. Check this link out for more info.

Office software integration

Before you even start thinking about the design and look of the app, you need to know what it is the app is doing. This may seem obvious, but we get a lot of users that approach us with a really neat looking app, but wouldn’t be able to tell you the first thing about how it functions. The funny part is that there’s a place you can go within your company that will give you the road map for your app.

Always check what the guys in the office are using to do their work, and be sure to ask them what would make the job easier. If your guys are tired of writing numbers down on a paper only to input it into a software on the computer later, then you know your app has to alleviate that problem – same goes for most other problems you’ll encounter while developing the app. Your employees will be your greatest resource for functionality. Remember, the mobile app is a tool to make their lives easier. Make sure that it behaves and responds like one.

Multiple layers of functionality

You want to make your app as easy as possible to use. There are going to be cases where you have multiple people using the same app, but person A does not need all the functionality that person B needs. This gives an opportunity for person A to go into the wrong part of the app, which is something you want to avoid at all costs. This is also totally fixable.

To do this, apps can have what’s known as roles. Roles will basically tell the app that person A is only allowed to see this set of features, while person B has these extra features and so on. Having control of what your users see when they make it inside the software can be beneficial, and save you a lot of headaches and silly questions in the future. Likewise, you want to have administrative control for your app, so letting yourself have the power to oversee anything is another way roles can help.

Offline performance

You can’t have your guys sacrificing their work time because the app is ‘syncing’ or just flat out doesn’t respond in offline areas. This is a problem I see with a lot of apps nowadays, even commercial ones that have huge corporations backing them – no internet, no app. And if you’re using this for your guys out on the field, then there’s a good chance they’ll run into this same dilemma.

But, there’s an easy way to fix it, especially using Snappii: make the app do the bulk of the work rather than sending it off to a server. Then, whenever the app is connected to the internet, it can send the queued list to wherever it needs to go automatically. Snappii has this functionality automatically built-in into all apps that we’ve made with our editor, so it’s a nice bonus to consider when you’re shopping around for app creators. You don’t want to leave your guys out in the dark, and with Snappii there won’t be any extra development to make sure that doesn’t happen.


After doing this for so long, you start to notice trends on what people want and what flat out doesn’t work. Over the years, Snappii has seen a lot of apps ideas come and go, some being great and others lacking greatly. The one thing that separates these apps is having a dedicated creator who is driven to see the app come into fruition. Even when the apps were less than extraordinary, the persistence and innovation of the creator can turn it around. Adding a strategy is the icing on the cake. And with the help of the Snappii team, there’s no way you won’t be able to eat it too. Check us out today!

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