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SnAPPii Announces that Over 20 Thousand Apps Have Been Built with Its Mobile Enterprise App Development Platform for the Past 2 Years

Snappii, a platform for rapid mobile app development enables users to design, build, and deliver feature-rich business mobile business apps in days versus months. Using Snappii’s flexible WYSIWYG Visual Editor, users can build feature-rich
enterprise mobile mobile business apps
once and deploy across all the major platforms including iOS, Android, and HTML5. In addition, since the platform does not require mobile coding skills, programmers and non-programmers can deliver mobile business apps quickly and easily, saving time and money. The platform also makes it easy to manage applications and make ongoing changes.

Today, Snappii has announced that over 20 thousand mobile business apps were built by non-programmers and are widely used all over the world with its unique and outstanding WYSIWYG editor. These mobile business apps run on over 2,5 million devices and continue to grow.


Given the backlog of mobile app projects and shortage of mobile developers with Java and Objective-C skills, Snappii offers a web-based platform to help solve that problem and deliver high-quality, enterprise mobile applications in less time and on budget. With Snappii, users can build native mobile business apps once and deploy across iOS, Android, and HTML5 platforms. Snappii offers affordable user-based pricing plans that scale as businesses expand mobility.

Snappii users include non-coders as well as seasoned developers who want a platform for building, testing, publishing, and managing applications. Customers include small businesses and large enterprises who want to deliver feature-rich business applications for their customers and employees as well as consultants and agencies that want to deliver high quality enterprise mobile business apps for their clients.


App development requires that developers learn many new programming languages and tools. Objective C, for example, is only used on iOS devices and was not popular until Apple mobile devices became popular, so few programmers know the language. This is the same with Java for Android, even though it is a little more popular, most programmers are not Java programmers. Therefore, the big issue is that 97% of developers in enterprise-size businesses do not yet have mobile programming skills, which is a key reason why app requests are being addressed so slowly.

Snappii MEAP is a real alternative for hiring expensive developers that are hard to find, or outsourcing mobile app development to unknown and unreliable companies.

Snappii offers totally free app development and testing prior to app submission. It allows to evaluate the product quality before it becomes public. Snappii has affordable pricing models that can fit any budget. For more details on pricing please visit the Snappii website:

About Snappii:

Snappii was founded by Alex Bakman, a successful serial entrepreneur who has already grown many companies from zero to millions of dollars in sales. Snappii has publically launched its services in March of 2011.

For more information about Snappii:

Phone: 603-651-0066


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