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SnAPPii Announces Major Enhancements in Functionality in Support of building Complex Enterprise Mobile Apps

Snappii is proud to announce that now it offers Enterprise companies, as well as individuals who make mobile business apps, a new way to organize data inside their mobile mobile business apps. In addition to offering both local data storage on mobile devices and cloud-based database services for mobile mobile business apps, now Snappii has added the ability to create multilevel related lists. In a complex enterprise big data environment this capability enables app developers to unite data from web services, local databases and enterprise database management systems into a unified data structure in one spp. Apps can now contain lists of data which can in turn contain lists of data and so on. The data lists can come from any data source: local mobile device storage, enterprise database or web series utilizing RESTful APIs. The data can be organized by one-to-many, one-to-one and many-to-many relationships.

As before such complex data driven enterprise mobile business apps can be created without writing any code thus enabling developers and non-developers alike to create native, high performance mobile business apps. Apps are built by visual drag, drop and configure technology. This means that enterprises can utilize any programming staff with any ability and skill level to build complex, high performance native mobile enterprise mobile business apps. No mobile training in Objective-C or Java is necessary. Even non technical employees in HR, marketing and line of business have created their own mobile business apps without waiting for IT. This a major empowerment to the lines of business.

Additionally multilevel lists make mobile business apps layout clearer and easier to navigate, increase performance and simplify mobile app layout and navigation.

“Marrying multilevel lists to mobile business apps enables our customers to create all kinds of mobile mobile business apps that work with dynamic enterprise data sources. This further distinguishes Snappii as a platform for creating enterprise grade mobile mobile business apps, but still not requiring any mobile programming skills,” said Alex Bakman company founder and CEO. “Now managers can utilize any available resources to help reduce the mobile application backlog for our customers.”

In addition to new data organization layout Snappii makes it easy to:

  • sort any data inside the mobile business apps
    -combine data inside one app coming from local storage, enterprise databases and web services

  • search for any data inside the mobile business apps
  • control the appearance of any information organized in list view
  • control the appearance of any detailed screen
  • control group access to various levels of functionality
  • ability to extract data as PDF reports and email it
  • and much more

Using multilevel lists customers have the:

  • ability to create databases by uploading related spreadsheets. Snappii customers can customize the List view and the data they collect from their app users.
  • ability to upload data from own spreadsheet format. Snappii customers can insert the fields they want into the spreadsheet and get the data from app users.
  • supported column datatypes: text, numeric, datetime, date, time, gps location, image, address. Snappii customers can add these types of data to the new spreadsheet format.
  • ability to customize cell and detail view
  • control who can add, edit and delete items in a list
  • specify groups of users who can add items, who can edit or delete any item (moderators or admins), and if users can edit or delete items they added
  • ability to add email button and allow app users to select items in a list and email a PDF report of those items
  • allow app users to sort the list by various fields in the local database. This option gives app users the ability to do a search on specific values in the list.

Use case: A Publishing house wants to list the publishers, authors and books with descriptions. Earlier, Snappii user had to create custom buttons and populate it with texts and images. Today it is easy to create the 3 spreadsheets with the information on publisher, authors and their books, and bind these spreadsheets inside Snappii Editor. App user will see the list of publishers, click on one, see the list of authors, click on any author and see the books that can be purchased with PayPal.

Multilevel lists inside mobile mobile business apps make it easy to organize data and show it to the end user very clearly and intuitively. No need to be a developer or have any programming knowledge makes Snappii one of the most popular mobile app creation platform today.

Snappii MEAP offers flexible app development and testing prior to app submission. It allows to evaluate the product quality before it becomes public. Snappii has affordable pricing models that can fit any budget. For more details on pricing please visit the Snappii website:

For more information about Snappii:

Phone: 603-651-0066


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