Snappii Introduces: Inspect, Assess Ships & Vessels Mobile app

Snappii Introduces: Inspect, Assess Ships & Vessels Mobile app

ves iconShips and Vessels Inspectors have to deal with lots of paperwork every day. It is not safe to store important data on a paper as it can cause data damage, loss, customer disappointment and more.

Snappii introduces Inspect, Assess Ships & Vessels app that offers Inspectors to perform inspections more professionally, quickly and easily. The apps will keep Inspectors equipped with the latest tool that will help improve inspection process. With a mobile app Inspectors can forget about loads of paper they had to deal with, improve accuracy and eliminate paperwork.
Inspect, Assess Ships & Vessels mobile app is designed to ensure safety of people and vessels in the marine industry. It allows authorized inspectors and a crew to perform detailed vessel inspections of various types with their smartphones or tablets. Vessel inspections can be conducted on a regular basis to meet strict standards of safety laid out By SOLAS and IMO.

The mobile app will allow inspectors to:

• Conduct detailed inspections covering each major system and component of vessels
• Check all components and assemblies
• Inspect decks, holds, cranes, gears etc.
• Create a database of crew
• Indicate problems, disrepairs, malfunctions in the vessel equipment
• Collect necessary data on major vessel systems and notify mechanics about maintenance issues or repair services required
• Retrieve PDF forms of the conducted inspections and share them via email, network drives and other sharing options available on device
• Store and sync data across multiple devices
• Work in online/offline mode
• Send push notifications with relevant alerts
• Discuss any issues and exchange ideas on different topics

By utilizing the Inspect, Assess Ships & Vessels inspectors will have the following benefits:
4• Performing inspections on the spot
• Ensure safety of crew and vessel
• Keep equipment in a good working order
• Meet high standards of safety and get a certification
• Improve data accuracy
• Increase efficiency
• Optimize the workflows
• Save time and reduce costs
• Eliminate paperwork and go green

The app is available for download on iOS here and Android here.

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