Snappii Offers Mobile Taxi Apps

Snappii Offers Mobile Taxi Apps

for blogAs mobile technology is now becoming an integral part of modern business, it is also penetrating into the taxi-sphere. Mobile taxi applications offered by licensed taxi drivers are now starting to compete with such ride sharing services as Uber, Lift, and Sidecar. There are several varieties of taxi apps: some can be used by cab drivers and passengers, while others – like Snappii‘s, are separate apps for drivers, dispatchers, and clients.

Snappii, an ultra-fast codeless mobile app development platform, offers Taxi Cab App for Drivers. This app provides taxi owners with an excellent opportunity to attract more clients, increase income, and improve customer service. It takes seconds for drivers to register, add their taxi cab information, and instantly show up on a map. Your clients will be able to easily find your cab drivers on a map and contact them by phone or via email. Moreover, they can provide customers with detailed descriptions of their taxi and update their live status for clients’ convenience.

taxi app for drivers

Snappii also offers a Taxi Cab App for Dispatchers, which simplifies the process of dispatching cabs by phone or email. It is a must-have app for dispatchers who are looking for a way to attract more clients. Like the app for drivers, the app for dispatchers also simplifies and speeds up the work.

taxi app for dispatchers

As for the Taxi App for Clients itself, it requires no registration and allows passengers to select from:

– Taxi cabs nearby,

– List of local taxi cab companies, or

– Local taxi cab companies on a map

Users can also see all necessary information about the driver they are requesting a ride from. They can choose the driver just with one click.

Taxi app for clients

Bring more customers to your taxi-business or make your taxi-ride faster and more comfortable with Snappii Taxi Apps.

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