How IT Can Cross the Widening App-Delivery Chasm

How IT Can Cross the Widening App-Delivery Chasm

for blogWith the ever-increasing pace of life and nonstop technological advances, more and more businesses are calling for help in differentiating themselves from others, streamlining business operations, and boosting profits. Hence, businesses have a more urgent need in building their own
mobile apps, which was reflected in the recent survey of nearly 500 IT and business professionals conducted by Mendix.

The growing changes in the mobile development industry reveal the main demands for the mobile business apps boiled down to:

–          The demand for multi-channel apps. 68% of organizations with a mobile development agenda are prioritizing multi-device, multi-channel apps over standalone mobile or tablet apps. This confirms that the mobile channel must be integrated with other channels and back-end processes to deliver a unified experience for both customers and employees.

–          The demand for the agile and flexible development process. In addition to needing more apps, businesses are expecting a shorter modification process, requesting more frequent changes and desiring to increase their overall involvement in app delivery projects.

–         The demand for a faster pace of the development process. With the accelerated pace of life, business operations are also speeding up. The increase in rates in all processes, including the process of building mobile business apps, allows businesses to stay competitive.

However, IT isn’t ready for the ever-growing demand for custom business applications, and Mendix’ study confirms this,  stating that 71% of IT teams aren’t prepared yet to handle this.

Reasons for the Growing App-Delivery Chasm

–          Mobile business app development is a long-term process. As an example, 68% of respondents said it takes up to a year to deliver a new app, while 76% need months or more just to process basic change requests.

–          Required development tools are in short supply. In particular, it is difficult to create and share working prototypes to receive end-user feedback.

–          Businesses lack integrated deployment environments. It means that IT teams have to prioritize system needs over business needs. This puts business problems in second place.

In general, the demand is outstripping the supply and the ability of IT to meet the rapidly growing business needs, which puts extra pressure on IT and leads to the app-delivery chasm.


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