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Snappii Corporation (Snappii) Announces The Availability of a First of Its Kind Mobile Application Review Service

Invites Customers to Send Their Mobile Apps to MARS

Rochester NH (PRWEB) September 25, 2014

Today Snappii Corporation (Snappii) announced the immediate availability of MARS (Mobile Application Review Service), its latest service offering to help its customers achieve success when designing, creating and deploying business mobile mobile business apps using the Snappii Mobility Platform. It allows users to submit their mobile mobile business apps for review and evaluation by a team of the company’s top designers and developers. They will look at the overall design, the user interface, functionality and data management requirements whether in the cloud or on premise, and provide specific comments, suggestions and guidance in order to complete the app and get it published in iTunes and/or Google play.

“With the explosion being experienced in the mobile app market, it is now time for every business to be looking at how they can take advantage of mobile devices in their companies. Mobile mobile business apps are a perfect way for a company to extend its reach and capabilities. We understand that mobile development is new for many companies, and we have changed the paradigm in terms of how to create and deploy mobile mobile business apps with the Snappii Mobility Platform,” said John Murgo CEO of Snappii.

John went on to say, “We have been designing and building mobile mobile business apps on our platform for over 4 years. We have the expertise to create well designed, efficient and useful mobile business apps as witnessed by the success of the more than sixty mobile business apps we have in the App Stores today. We can help companies save time and aggravation by assisting them in avoiding the pitfalls that often accompany the first few Mobile mobile business apps developed through our MARS offering and in the process further solidify the partnership we build with our customers.”

The free service works by having a user grant permission to the MARS team to view their app right from the Snappii management console. The app will be put through a series of automated and human based tests. The output is a report generated and sent to the app creator with comments and suggestions to help them complete the design, creation and deployment of their app. If more one on one conversation is warranted, the team is always available to help their community our users.


Many customers have already benefited from MARS. In fact the company has been informally reviewing mobile mobile business apps for a couple of years now. This is a formalization of the process, and the service will now be available for wide scale use by the end of the quarter.

About Snappii:
Snappii offers a wide range of Industry specific Mobile Apps along with the most powerful Mobile App Platform in the market today. The Snappii Mobility Platform offers a unique approach to the rapid design, creation, deployment and management of enterprise-grade native mobile mobile business apps. It enables both non-programmers and programmers alike to create sophisticated, feature-rich Mobile Apps, and deploy them across all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Web Apps without having to write a single line of code. These Apps can be easily and securely integrated with existing back-end systems.

Snappii enables this rapid and agile development of Mobile Apps with our unique visual editor contained within the platform.

The editor provides an ability to drag, drop, and configure virtually any functionality required for any business Mobile App. The platform also has built-in capabilities to facilitate the deployment and management of the mobile business apps all from a single platform. It is this unique capability that allows business managers to move from app concept to deployment of Apps in 8 weeks or less.


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