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Snappii version 3 Sets the High Bar for Codeless App Platforms

Snappii, a cloud based codeless platform for rapid native mobile app development, deployment and management of Enterprise Mobile Apps, announces the third generation of its technology.

Snappii, a cloud based platform for rapid mobile app creation enables business people to design, develop, and deploy enterprise grade feature-rich and secure business apps in weeks versus months. Using Snappii stakeholders can design and build feature-rich enterprise grade mobile apps once and deploy across all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and HTML5. In addition, since the platform does not require any mobile developer skills to get started, programmers and non-programmers alike can deliver robust native apps quickly and easily, saving time and money. The Snappii platform also provides easy to use application management and integration services.

Today Snappii has announced that it has added several major feature enhancements to the Snappii – Snappii 3.0. Snappii has now been available for 4 years and is a mature app development and management platform. It has been used to create thousands of business apps by companies of all sizes starting from Fortune 1,000 companies to small corporations alike. “At this point Snappii can be used to create practically any business app of any complexity. No other codeless platform has the features and flexibility to create sophisticated business apps. It is a real alternative to hiring mobile app programmers”, said Alex Bakman, Snappii’s Founder and Chairman.

Snappii Version 3 adds the following features:

Ability to personalize User Interface to any group or individual.

Snappii has added a powerful ability to decide what elements can be shown/hidden from the app user based on a formula or user’s choices.

Use case: Manager at warehouse scans a barcode to see the information about the item. If item is not found, then on scan, the form opens allowing manager to fill out the details about a new item. If item is found, its details are shown and the form to add a new item is hidden.

Use case: A nurse fills out patient history, there is an ability to show/hide the next question depending on the previous answer. For example, if there’s a question about activities. If the patient drinks coffee, then how many times a day. If not, then the question is hidden.

Control Dropdown list right from the app

Another cool feature is the ability to add/remove multi-choice selections right from the app.

Use case:Select airport by location. App owner loads a list of countries, app user selects a country, a list of cities is loaded, app user selects a city of interest and a list of airports for this city is loaded. App owner can manage this dropdown by adding new option right from the app via a form.

Table selection element

Snappii users can now simplify the process of retrieving the essential information from the lists and populate it into another list or form. It saves time and eliminates the necessity to retype the information.

Use case: Employee sends daily reports to manager. Manager wants to extract several reports. Manager can select several daily reports from this employee into one big report.

Use case: Create client lists and easily retrieve them from the table selection element. When creating invoices simply click this button to prepopulate the contact information on a client.

Aggregate functions

It is easy for the app user to sum up the total amount of orders, pricing, jobs, etc. with just one formula.

Use case: Sum up the total orders cost, calculate average order cost, retrieve min/max order cost and total amount of orders.

Expanded Searching capabilities

From now on Snappii users can extend the searching filters for more accurate data retrieving.

Use case: Refine searching options to look for words and phrases in a dictionary, or guests at a hotel.

Analytics Improvement

Snappii Platform users are welcome to try the new analytics option that shows and tracks which app features are being used the most or the least.

Other major enhancements include:

– ability to extract part of textual user location;
– cell view for table input control;
– ability to pre-fill the form field with predefined data;
– more searching options;
– draw and sign forms with colors;
– clear forms;
– reset filled in data to original;
– select predefined app color themes.

“Getting this big release done is a major accomplishment, – Alex Bakman, Snappii President and Owner says, – This is a major step forward for Snappii. Snappii now has all the features to build practically any mobile business app. App development speed is 30 times faster than coding apps. We really picked up the pace of development. ”

Since 2010 Snappii has incorporated a huge amount of platform improvements and their number is constantly growing due to extensive development work and customer oriented approach. Snappii 3.0 release will no doubt be followed with other great features, allowing Snappii users to create really functional, powerful, custom looking, and professional mobile apps. Snappii apps run stable on all iOS and Android devices keeping up with the latest versions.

Snappii is committed to continue improvement in functionality for building enterprise grade mobile apps. Please visit Snappii site to check for new options. Snappii offers customer a choice between a do it yourself service and full service app development.

About Snappii:
Snappii was founded by Alex Bakman, a successful serial entrepreneur who has grown many companies from zero to millions of dollars in sales. Snappii has publically launched its services in March of 2011. All are welcome to try Snappii at no cost

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