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Snappii Introduces its Updated and Improved FREE DocuMate Scanner App to Handle Files and Photos even Faster.

The DocuMate Scanner app from Snappii saves hours of work spent on filing, sorting paper and organizing electronic documents, and trying to find documents and photos. 

Rochester, NH, February 2023.

Snappii is a leading Mobile Business Apps company which enables organizations to go digital with mobile apps and forms.

With the new release, users can scan, sign and recover files and photos even faster.

With the advancements in mobile technology, there is now an easier and faster way to manage office tasks more efficiently  — using a mobile scanner app. The DocuMate Scanner app from Snappii  provides outstanding advantages of using its app to manage office tasks.

  1. Saves time collecting and finding paper documentation.

With the DocuMate Scanner app, it is easy to quickly scan documents, apply optional tags to them, sign and share. When needed, all the files are retrieved with a keyword. The DocuMate Scanner app has a built-in AI and OCR feature that understands what’s there on the photo or document. Instead of wasting time searching for paper documents, using the DocuMate Scanner app will help do this job in a matter of seconds.

  1. Saves money on paper storage.

Since there’s no handling of paper documents, there’s no need to store them in file cabinets and paying money for printing and storing physical paper files. The DocuMate Scanner app is a perfect tool to cut down on paper expense.

  1. Protects important documents by providing password to either a file, or the entire app.

Many documents should be hidden from unintended recipients. Meaning that they contain the information for designed employees only.

Having all the documentation at fingertips means improved productivity. The DocuMate Scanner app boosts collaboration between the team and the office because digital document flow eliminates the need to drive to the office or site to sign forms.

The DocuMate Scanner app is available for free download from the Apple App Store here.

How does it work? 

With the DocuMate Scanner app, users can capture, scan, sign, initial, stamp, share, make report, find, markup, call, text.

Once captured, users can find what they are looking for instantly with just a couple of keywords! The DocuMate Scanner app uses AI and OCR to understand what’s there in the photos and documents.

Once the information is found, DocuMate Scanner also enables people to annotate and easily share it with others. Take a look at the list of features one can do with photos or documents:

– tag with specific words

– annotate with text and arrows

– add notes

– crop to focus on a specific section

– extract information for emailing, calling, and searching the web

– and of course, instantly share the data using texting, emailing, iMessaging, and any other app.

Additionally, the DocuMate Scanner app allows its users to:

– group images into folders

– copy and paste any text from the web or notes or any other app to the app

– search the web right from the app.

No need to scroll forever to find photos, screenshots, scanned documents, tickets, invoices, licenses, bills, product information, business cards, and so on anymore. With the DocuMate Scanner app, anyone can instantly find any information.

All are welcome to try the DocuMate Scanner app at no cost. The app is available for free download from the Apple Store.


About Snappii: 

Snappii is a leading Mobile Apps company for Business Apps. About 500,000 people use Snappii Business Apps in 30+ Industries around the world.

All Apps are powered by the Ultra-Fast, No code Snappii App Platform which enables native App creation and modification 30 times faster than coding by hand and costs a fraction of hiring Mobile Apps Developers. Learn more at


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