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Snappii Mobility Platform is Now Powerful Enough to Build Robust, Industry Specific Mobile apps

Using its own mobility platform Snappii creates a portfolio of mobile business apps across many industries, business and productivity use cases.

Snappii, provider of the leading cloud-based visual mobile app development platform, announced today that its mobility platform is now powerful enough to create a growing list of industry specific enterprise grade mobile business apps with no coding, a testament to the functionality of the platform. Here are a few examples from the growing list of available mobile business apps:

Snappii Construction Manager: This app will greatly improve the efficiency of both managers and field personnel. Create job estimates, submit job status, and execute existing work orders.

Snappii Heavy Equipment Inspection: This app is ideal for the inspection of virtually any kind of heavy equipment such as trucks, tractors, cranes and elevators.

Snappii Oil & Gas Field Operations: This app is ideal for such items as risk assessment, field inspection and rig inspection.

Snappii Warehouse Management & Inspection: This app is ideal for such things as inventory management, warehouse supply records, warehouse inspection and shipment activity.

Snappii has now created over 30 mobile business apps for Oil and Gas, Construction, Medical, Government, HR, Regulation and Inspections, Field Services and Operations, Inventory Audit and Management, Utilities, Work management, Insurance, Public Safety, Airline and Transportation and Logistics.

These are native mobile business apps for iOS and Android platforms. HTML 5 is also supported. They come with industry specific forms and contain such useful features as ability to collect and transmit virtually any data including Text/Numeric, GPS locators, Images, QR and Bar Coding, Signatures, Drawings and Industry Specific Calculators. The forms are highly customizable giving user’s significant flexibility. All mobile business apps work in off-line/on-line mode. All data can be stored locally, on a network drive, in the cloud and/or integrated into existing back end systems. Email forms in PDF format and store reports for retrieval at a later time. Role based access control and authentication is also available.

“The explosion of the use of Tablets and smartphones is significant to any business, but they have limited use without powerful mobile mobile business apps. The price of tablets has come down and now the availability of industry specific mobile business apps at a much reduced cost is here as well. We are leveraging the Snappii Mobility Platform to offer robust industry specific mobile business apps and less cost,” says John Murgo, Snappii President and CEO, “We are committed to continued innovation and the delivery of additional Industry Specific mobile mobile business apps at a cost that is easily justifiable.

Please visit Snappii to learn more about our growing list of Industry-specific mobile business apps as well as the Snappii Mobility Platform.

About Snappii:

Snappii offers a wide range of Industry specific mobile mobile business apps along with the Industry’s most powerful mobile app platform on the market today. The Snappii mobility platform offers a unique approach to the rapid creation, deployment and management of enterprise-grade native mobile mobile business apps. It enables both non-programmers and programmers alike to create sophisticated feature-rich Mobile mobile business apps once and then deploy them across all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Web mobile business apps without having to write a single line of code. These mobile business apps can be easily and securely integrated with existing back-end systems. Snappii enables this rapid and agile development of Mobile mobile business apps with our unique visual editor contained within the platform. The editor provides an ability to drag, drop, and configure virtually any functionality required for any Mobile app. The platform also has built-in capabilities to facilitate the deployment and management of the mobile business apps all from a single platform. It is this unique capability that allows business managers to move from app concept to deployment of mobile business apps in 8 weeks or less.

All are welcome to trial the Snappii Platform at no cost

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