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Snappii Introduces Mobile Apps for Warehouse Management & Inspection and Insurance Adjusters for Automotive & Property

Snappii introduces its brand new mobile business apps to help Warehouse managers and Insurance adjuster professionals manage their activities and many tasks quicker and easier.

Durham, NH (PRWEB) April 25, 2014

Snappii, a mobile enterprise application platform that enables rapid mobile app development empowers its users to design, build, deploy and manage enterprise grade feature-rich business mobile business apps in days versus months. Using Snappii’s flexible WYSIWYG Visual Editor, users can build feature-rich enterprise mobile mobile business apps once and deploy across all major platforms including iOS, Android, and HTML5. In addition, since the platform does not require mobile coding skills, programmers and non-programmers alike can deliver mobile business apps quickly and easily, saving time and money. The platform also makes it easy to manage your applications and make ongoing changes as requirements change.

Today Snappii announces the release of its two brand new mobile business apps for the Insurance and Warehouse industries: Insurance Adjusters for Auto & Property and Warehouse Management & Inspection mobile mobile business apps.


Snappii Corporation ( is releasing the Warehouse Management app that allows users to make inspections and completing the necessary forms, provide inventories, order supplies, rent premises, calculate required warehouse space to store various goods and more. The app was developed using Snappii’s ultrafast app development platform and it only took a month to create a robust, feature rich app. This became possible due to multiple digital forms which collect texts, date/time, images, signatures, locations, calculated fields and more All the collected data can be stored on devices and emailed if needed or stored in the Snappii cloud database for further analysis and reporting. The app also uses GPS capabilities to provide and flag locations where inspections were made.

All Snappii mobile mobile business apps are 100% customizable using the platform In addition, all mobile business apps can be integrated into existing back end systems.

The Warehouse Management app is available on both the iOS and Android platforms as well as HTML5 for Tablets and Smartphones.


Using the Warehouse Management app, users will be able to:

  •     Make inspections of warehouses and collect any data or images
  •     Indicate places where inspections were made on Google Maps
  •     Create rental contracts and provide them to building owners for signature
  •     Take inventories and send them stocking requirements to suppliers
  •     Complete and manage supply records stored on the device
  •     Use digital form to order products
  •     Save and keep all forms and reports on the device
  •     Calculate warehouse space requirements for goods storage

The app utilizes camera, and bar code scanning. It also includes a community forum where you can ask questions to other warehouse managers. The app is 100% customizable if needed to meet business’s specific needs.

Being able to complete and submit detailed mobile forms, including photographic documentation, dramatically reduces paper usage and data inaccuracies. Inspectors, inventory managers and safety officials can work even in offline/online mode. User management and signature options offer the security so that only the appropriate people are accessing information. All personnel can be kept aware of regulatory changes and mission-critical instructions through in-app notifications and immediate distribution of app changes. This ensures the most up-to-date collection, reporting and reference capabilities will always be available.

The benefits of using the Warehouse Management and Inspection app are many including:

  •     Save time on many logistics tasks
  •     Eliminate paper usage and go green
  •     Greatly reduce data collection errors
  •     Save money on inspections and orders


Snappii Corporation is releasing the Insurance Adjusters For Auto & Property app designed to help insurance adjusters perform various types of inspections using their Tablets and Smartphones.

Insurance professionals can now take advantage of a configurable checklist to exactly match their inspections data requirements, capture date, locations, images and other details of specific incidents or accidents.


Using Insurance Adjusters for Auto & Property app users will be able to:

  •     Take as many pictures as required
  •     Create detailed reports with notes
  •     Save reports on device and email them as needed
  •     Capture location data
  •     Convert reports to PDFs and email them to home office
  •     Review reports, save reports at anytime from anywhere

Time is money. For those who are interested in moving the business to a higher level and attracting more prospects and clients this app is a good alternative to already existing insurance adjuster’s tools. Download this app totally free from the Appstore and Google Play and conduct daily tasks in a more accurate and timely manner. Businesses are just a few clicks away to be one of the first who will provide a digital estimate to a client via a mobile device.

The benefits of using the Insurance Adjusters For Auto & Property app include:

  •     Improve accuracy
  •     Save time
  •     Save money
  •     Eliminate Paperwork

Snappii Apps can be 100% customized using a rich WYSIWYG drag-and-drop web-based interface. Snappii has flexible form features to exactly match any requirement, collect date, time, locations, images, signatures and other necessary values and store them inside the app. Store the data in the cloud or integrate with existing back end systems.

Snappii allows to request additional features to be added to its mobile business apps.

About Snappii:

Snappii offers a wide range of Industry specific Mobile Apps along with the Industry’s most powerful Mobile App Platform on the market today. The Snappii Mobility Platform offers a unique approach to the rapid creation, deployment and management of enterprise-grade native mobile mobile business apps. It enables both non-programmers and programmers alike to create sophisticated feature-rich Mobile Apps once and then deploy them across all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Web Apps without having to write a single line of code. These Apps can be easily and securely integrated with existing back-end systems. Snappii enables this rapid and agile development of Mobile Apps with our unique visual editor contained within the platform. The editor provides an ability to drag, drop, and configure virtually any functionality required for any Mobile App. The platform also has built-in capabilities to facilitate the deployment and management of the mobile business apps all from a single platform. It is this unique capability that allows business managers to move from app concept to deployment of Apps in 8 weeks or less.

All are welcome to trial the Snappii Platform at no cost

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