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Snappii now offers “You-Start-We-Finish” App making for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices

snappii logoSnappii, a rapid growing start up that enables people who have no programming knowledge to create mobile mobile business apps for small businesses in minutes, enables every business to have a custom made mobile app.

Snappii, a rapid growing start up that enables people who have no programming knowledge to create mobile mobile business apps for small businesses in minutes, offers “You-Start-We-Finish” App making for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Snappii is proud to announce a new app development strategy, according to it users will not have to spend any more time on making their mobile business apps. Custom app development has never been so cost-effective and quick.

Snappii helps people who are short of time or are facing some difficulties understanding the app making process, finish their mobile business apps. Snappii offers this service for only $30 an hour. Making an app can take from 2 to 10 hours vs. many months when people outsource to programmers who write mobile business apps from scratch. A person can do as much or as little app development. Snappii’s model of “You-Start-We-Finish” is economical and practical. We closely work with customers and not only design the mobile business apps and submit them to stores, but also help creating developer accounts, set up pricing fees for the app downloads, make metadata changes and upload screenshots.

“Based on customer demand we now offer You-Start-We-Finish app development service using Snappii platform.” CEO Alex Bakman said. “We realize that many of you simply don’t have the time and would rather have us professionally design and build your app. Now customers can simply let Support team know that they need their mobile business apps completed and describe what the app needs to do. We will quickly respond to your request with additional questions, cost estimate and other information we need to build a great app for you. We realize that your app requirements continue to change and mobile business apps are never “finished”. That’s why we now offer $30 per hour service plan and can continue to refine your mobile business apps after they are completed. We will make content and feature changes, release it on additional mobile platforms and implement new features that become available on Snappii platform.”

The Apple Review process has strong filters and strict rules and sometimes Snappii customers need a professional look to evaluate the app functionality before submitting it to Apple. Snappii team has obtained such an experience for the past time and is looking forward to assisting all users to avoid Apple rejection.

Snappii allows non programmers to quickly and easily create functional mobile mobile business apps. It offers cost-effective and excellent service and will greatly suit those who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on app development. Anyone can start using Snappii web service functionality at only $39. The fee includes app maintenance, new features and excellent support. Here iOS and Android mobile business apps can be created in a matter of minutes. Due to Snappii CMS updates are distributed immediately to all users’ devices. Snappii is constantly growing and adding new perfect features to its functionality with the help of which great up-to-date mobile business apps can be made without any difficulties.

There’s an opportunity to get free access to White label (no Snappii ads/powered by, upload your splash screen) and Dashboard (app usage stats and push notifications) by becoming a Snappii partner.

About Snappii:

Snappii was founded by Alex Bakman, a successful serial entrepreneur who has already grown many companies from zero to millions of dollars in sales. Snappii has publicly launched its services in March of 2011. All are welcome to try Snappii at

For more information about Snappii:

Phone: 603-651-0066


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