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SNAPPII Has Just Announced Sign/Draw Controls Support

Snappii, a fast growing start up that allows people without programming skills to make mobile mobile business apps for different types businesses, has just announced Sign/Draw Controls support to be implemented in mobile mobile business apps for businesses.

With the help of this useful feature it is possible now to create and share digital signatures or draw pictures, send them to friends and etc. Let’s see what a digital signature is.

A digital signature takes the concept of traditional paper-based signing and turns it into an electronic “fingerprint.” This “fingerprint,” or coded message, is unique to both the document and the signer and binds both of them together. The digital signature ensures the authenticity of the signer. Any changes made to the document after it is signed invalidate the signature, thereby protecting against signature forgery and information tampering. Digital signatures help organizations sustain signer authenticity, accountability, data integrity and non-repudiation of electronic documents and forms.

Many aspects of an organization’s workflow processes require formal authorizations or approvals. So Sign/Draw element will simplify work and together with electronic forms will become a perfect alternative to numerous paper forms and documentation.

Ann electroic form can be really significant and indispensable feature in mobile mobile business apps especially if activities include much paper work. Why spend a lot of time and money on paper forms? It is easier to fill them in on devices especially the ones with bigger resolutions. IPad or Android tablets forms will logically replace paper forms and will allow users to eliminate paper usage and go green.

Now Snappii can build electronic form mobile business apps with signatures. Any company that has field service can use iPads to replace paper forms and get customers to sign when service is completed. Free hand drawing enables customers build many kinds of mobile business apps. For example surveyors can sketch property boundaries, architects can quickly show customers concepts, etc.

“Sign/Draw controls functionality implemented in custom iPhone/iPad and Android mobile business apps for various businesses is really awesome” CEO Alex Bakman said. “Digital signatures are popular and convenient and everybody wants mobile mobile business apps which allow using up-to-date features in them for their businesses. Sign/Draw controls will allow users to create different drawings and share with friends and others via Facebook, sign forms and documents. Snappii gives its customers the opportunity to make iPhone, iPad, Android mobile business apps with Sign/Draw functionality without programming skills and in a matter of minutes”.

“Eliminate paper work and go green” can now become a company motto as an iPhone/iPad or Android app will offer great opportunities for business expand and success. Snappii clients can choose DIY platform to make mobile business apps on their own and if they don’t have time to complete their mobile business apps Snappii team can build them at affordable cost starting from $30 per hour. Those who need full app development service can fill out the App Development Request and get a FREE prototype in the next 48 hours. Test and run mobile mobile business apps on devices before purchasing.

Snappii is making mobile app creating process simple and affordable for users who don’t have programming knowledge and big budgets for hiring developers to create a mobile app for them.

Anyone can start using Snappii web service functionality at only $39. The fee includes app maintenance, new features and excellent support. iPhone/iPad and Android mobile business apps for small businesses are created in minutes and can be simultaneously edited and managed online. Due to Snappii CMS updates are distributed immediately to users’ devices.

About Snappii:

Snappii was founded by Alex Bakman, a successful serial entrepreneur who has already grown many companies from zero to millions of dollars in sales. Snappii has publically launched its services in March of 2011. All are welcome to try Snappii at

For more information about Snappii:

Phone: 603-651-0066


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