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SnAPPii® Opens Its Mobile Enterprise Application Platform With Release Of Javascript Plugin Capability – Extending Development Capability For Unlimited Customization

Snappii has announced an addition of JavaScript plug-in capability to its Snappii® mobile application development platform.

Today Snappii has announced an addition of JavaScript plug-in capability to its Snappii® mobile application development platform. Snappii has opened its platform to enable customers and partners to expand platform functionality via JavaScript. Now in addition to visual drag and drop mobile app development, programmers can add their own JavaScript code to extend the Snappii platform capabilities, reuse existing web mobile business apps and utilize third party JavaScript libraries. The JavaScript PLUGIN capabilities allow customized mobile mobile business apps creation without boundaries. Now mobile mobile business apps can be created with visually generated native code and further extended, customized and enhanced with JavaScript code. The result is a mobile app that combines native code for performance, security, local database access, scalability with extensibility, integration and ease of use of JavaScript. The additional capability is available immediately.

“Companies are looking for robust, extensible mobile app development tools that can meet the requirements of the rapidly changing business environment and generate results quickly and cost-effectively”, said Igor Stenmark, Managing Director of MGI Research – a leading tech industry research firm. “At the same time, users are not willing to compromise on a mobile experience, on security, on integration with their core applications or on having choices for extending their mobile mobile business apps with features not covered by key mobile app platforms” he continued.

“Snappii’s JS PLUGIN implementation is huge, because it has opened the platform to programmers and removed any platform limits. With JavaScript developers can make mobile business apps to do practically anything”, said Alex Bakman, Snappii® CEO and Founder. “Mobile Application developers now get the best of both worlds: with the performance, security, scalability and offline mode capabilities of native code and the ease of programming and extensibility of JavaScript. The Snappii® platform enables developers to focus on key business logic and not waste time on the necessary but mundane coding. It means robust mobile mobile business apps can be created in a few weeks vs. months.”

The Snappii® platform is an open, cloud-based mobile app development framework that enables programmers and non-programmers to prototype, design, build, and deploy enterprise-grade mobile business mobile business apps in days versus months. Using Snappii’s flexible Visual Drag and Drop Editor, users can create mobile mobile business apps for all major device platforms including iOS, Android, and HTML5, for smartphones and tablets.

When compared to other mBaas products and mobile app solutions offered by Kony, Verivo, Appcelerator and Antenna, none offered the depth, breadth, usability and speed of the Snappii solution. Snappii offers a complete end-to-end solution that enables users to generate robust, enterprise-grade mobile mobile business apps and deploy and manage them in a fraction of time and cost.

When compared to other mobile solutions like Sencha Mobile, JQuery and PhoneGap, which allow only hybrid app creation and no ongoing deployment and management solution, programmers can use Snappii® to build, deploy, manage and maintain composite mobile business apps which combine native code with JavaScript/HTML.

The resulting mobile mobile business apps:
1.    Have better performance, scalability and security
2.    Enable better migration from web mobile business apps to native mobile mobile business apps
3.    Give customers protection against well know HTML5 failures
4.    Allow customers to leverage existing Web Apps

Major benefits offered specifically by the announced JS PLUGIN include:

  •     Code Reuse. Snappii® app builders can reuse existing code from their websites and other mobile business apps and drop it in the JS PLUGIN control bringing the same features to their mobile app. Much time will be saved not having to write code from scratch.
  •     JavaScript library use. JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. It has become common in both game development and the creation of desktop applications, and it is now possible to use it in mobile mobile business apps development as well.
  •     Extensibility. Further extend the Snappii® platform features by enabling JavaScript plugins to create fully customized, enterprise mobile mobile business apps. For example use in-app HTML to create custom database query, registrations, integration with other systems, etc. It is also possible to add many more features such as image galleries, graphics, animations, etc. by way of different existing JS/jQuery plugins. Even simple games are available for adding into Snappii® mobile mobile business apps.
  •     Enable Javascript extensions to work in Offline mode when internet access is not present.

Snappii’s powerful cloud server offers a litany of dynamic back-end application integration services including Security and Encryption, User Management, Cloud Database, Complex Data Collection, Location Services and Notifications, Web Services and Legacy Connectors. With Snappii, users can address the most complex set of back-end integration requirements in a secure, well managed, time-and-cost-effective manner.

Snappii® is future-proof – eliminating the long standing debate concerning the issue of which app building option is the better choice: hybrid or native. Snappii® users can make mobile business apps that are native, or hybrid, or both. The new JS PLUGIN capabilities further strengthen the “make once and distribute across all major mobile platforms” solution.

Snappii® offers an alternative to finding hard to obtain Objective-C and Java development resources. The platform allows businesses to leverage their investment in existing JavaScript resources, enabling current development teams to build, deploy and manage native, enterprise-grade mobile mobile business apps.

About Snappii®:
Snappii® is the brainchild of Alex Bakman, a software entrepreneur with a 25+ year track record of success in creating companies such as Ecora, vKernel and others. Please visit for more details.

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