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SnAPPii Enhances Mobile Data Collection Features For Field Service Apps

Snappii, a cloud based platform for quick and easy mobile app development, offers Enterprise mobile mobile business apps creation without coding. Snappii has announced it enhances mobile data collection features for field service mobile business apps.

Snappii, a platform for easy and fast mobile app development enables programmers and non-programmers to design, build, and deliver feature-rich and powerful business mobile business apps in days versus months. Using Snappii’s flexible Visual Drag and Drop Editor, users can make custom enterprise mobile mobile business apps once and deliver them across all the major platforms including iOS, Android, and HTML5. With Snappii’s robust Content Management System and SaaS options, it’s easy to maintain applications and make ongoing changes, with immediately deployment, whenever it is necessary.

It’s no secret that mobility matters for people working in field service industries. One of the most frequently asked questions, for both employers and employees, is how to accelerate the daily work process, and eliminate paper usage, saving valuable time and money. Paper can’t compare to the flexibility and scalability that technology offers. PC’s and even laptops are not conducive to most field site work. They are bulky, cumbersome and not suited for inspections and other tasks in tight spaces. As a result, companies are turning to tablets and smartphone devices as small, lightweight, high performance options. Aside from their long performance time before needing a re-charge, these devices are equipped with cameras for high resolution images capture, a necessary data collection component across many industries.

Native iOS and Android mobile business apps take advantage of the powerful tablet and smartphone devices for mobile data collection by offering detailed electronic forms, multi-layer data capture and multi-level data submission options. Native mobile mobile business apps can collect customer or sight data, such as date, text, signatures, images and location coordinates. They can also take advantage of various, detailed calculation formulas, allow real-time collaboration, integrate with backend databases and work even in offline mode, storing data on the device for submission once internet access is available.

Mobile Data Collection mobile business apps allow users to:

1. Save time and accelerate business processes
2. Eliminate paper forms
3. Improve data accuracy
4. Be flexible and attractive for clients

Due to Mobile Data Collection mobile business apps flexibility and scalability, field professionals across any industry and for any job, including customer-facing and remote location, will no longer need to use paper to collect any valuable data and then re-enter it into corporate systems. All of this data can be easily and conveniently captured through electronic forms and then submitted via email, web post, corporate database integration and even right back inside the app for others users to see.

Snappii has added multiple features to create powerful data collection mobile business apps such as:

  • Ability to upload current and chosen locations
  • Take pictures or upload images right from devices
  • Enable drop-down lists (multi-choice)
  • Implement custom calculators for specific industries
  • Select Date and Time
  • Ability to sign documents
  • Ability to store collected data on devices
  • Add/Edit/Delete collected data
  • Store data offline – when Internet connection is restored all data is submitted automatically
  • Ability to create forms inside forms
  • Send data in any required format – PDF, email body, Excel Spreadsheet, Database and images
  • RESTs connection to back-end applications CRM, ERP, databases and systems

Native Mobile Data Collection mobile business apps made on the Snappii platform work on both smartphones and tablets taking advantage of corporate devices and BYOD opportunities. These mobile mobile business apps allow creation and deployment of all types of forms as well as a host of other beneficial services allowing faster customer invoicing and proposal generation, better documentation (with photos), improved data accuracy, remote data capture and complete, easy customization.

“Industries such as Gas and Oil, Construction, Transportation and Logistics, Insurance, Financial services, Hospitals and Hospitality industries are major beneficiaries”, – Alex Bakman, Snappii Founder and President said. “These industries are especially starving for flexible, custom Mobile Data Collection mobile business apps. Our mobile business apps will help large and small companies accelerate their working processes without losing valuable time or incurring extra expenses“.

Snappii is making Mobile Data Collection app development simple for programmers and non-programmers alike. The easy to use Visual WYSIWYG editor and multiple tutorials make it possible to develop and publish native iOS, Android and HTML5 web mobile business apps, complete with custom forms, in days vs. months.

The Snappii MEAP is a real alternative to searching for hard to find developers or giving up control in an outsourcing scenario. The platform allows you to take advantage of current internal resources for development and real-time testing and collaboration. Snappii offers totally free app development and testing prior to app submission for full product evaluation before public release. Snappii’s multiple SaaS pricing options provide for ongoing maintenance, analytics and app upgrades that are affordable and scalable to your business needs. For more details on pricing please visit the Snappii website:

About Snappii:

Snappii was founded by Alex Bakman, a successful serial entrepreneur who has already grown many companies from zero to millions of dollars in sales. Snappii has publically launched its services in March of 2011. All are welcome to try Snappii at

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