The Best Solution for Move-In Inspections

The Best Solution for Move-In Inspections


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Moving into a new home is an exciting event, but it can easily be spoiled by the leftovers of the previous tenant. Completing a property inspection pre-move can aid with avoiding any unpleasant or unnecessary surprises. As with most inspections, there are common items that people tend to overlook. Here are some of them.



Undivided attention

The first thing most people notice is the floor. For hardwood floors, search for any broken, rotten or cracked pieces. Hardwood is also susceptible to scratches, and they can sometimes be hard to see. Shining a light on high-traffic areas may expose them. As for tile floor, any chips, holes or stains should be noted.

The walls, like the floor, should be inspected for any dents, spots, holes, cracked paint and other damages. In some cases, you should also note areas where there may be cold air leaking through the cracks.

Kitchens and bathrooms require a few extra steps to assure they are habitable. For these inspections, specialist usually need to check the gas, electric and water equipment. Appliances, however, can be checked by any individual with a keen eye. If anything is leaking, dripping or smells funny, you should advise the homeowner to check it out immediately.

Don’t forget to check all of the windows and doors. Pay special attention to areas where pests may be able to get through – these should be covered up well before moving in!

Create an app in a snap!

While conducting move-in inspections, it’s difficult to not get lost in the amount of data that needs to be recorded. With move-in inspection mobile apps, you can perform quick inspections, instantly collect data and store it on your mobile device.

Snappii is the leading provider of mobile inspections apps, which offer ready-made, powerful apps by using a zero-code app builder for DIY app creation. By using Snappii’s intuitive Express Form Builder, building an inspection list from scratch can take as little as minutes. Snappii also has a directory of hundreds of app templates to choose from, and they can be customized without any coding or programming skills at all. The Express app editor, another product of Snappii, also enables the user to make quick modifications to add extra widgets to their app. This can add extra functionality such as GPS navigation and push notifications.

Mobile apps can make most operations easier. Use Snappii to make your own mobile app to cater to your life in a snap!

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