Work Assigner Mobile App from Snappii

Work Assigner Mobile App from Snappii

iconSnappii introduces its Work Assigner mobile app solution for anyone who is interested in assigning tasks to its employees anytime from anywhere.

The Work Assigner App is specifically designed for managers, office and in-field personnel. Managers can create tasks and assign them to particular employees, provide details and time frames as well as site locations.

After any task is assigned the assignee can log into the app under his credentials and review the given tasks. Assignees can make comments,update task statuses and notify managers when any task is completed.

All the updates become immediately available to the managers. This all makes the process of task assignment easier and quicker and allows to save time.

With the help of the Work Assigner App managers and supervisors can:

  • Assign various tasks to employees in minutes
  • Provide multiple details on tasks including locations,time frames and job details
  • Track the effectiveness of employees
  • Securely store the collected data on iOS and Android devices
  • Involve a BYOD model into a work process
  • Immediately notify employees using Push Notifications

Using this app employees can:

  • Get detailed tasks
  • Report task statuses to managers easily and quickly
  • Instantly contact managers via emails
  • When working in fields, save filled out forms on devices and submit them when Internet connection is reached
  • Store all the necessary data on their own devices

work assigner The benefits from using this app are obvious:

  • Improve accuracy
  • Save time and money
  • Eliminate Paperwork and Go Green
  • Get benefits of the BYOD business model
  • Track and analyze your team productivity

Download this must have app for your business at no cost here.

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