The Apps Any Field Service Company Should Come With

The Apps Any Field Service Company Should Come With

The Apps Any Field Service Company Should Come WithWhy field service apps are essential these days

Up until recently, it was quite complicated to establish an efficient field service process. The main difficulty lies in the agility of this field. However today there is a great solution. Field service apps provide a complete feature-rich toolkit for field technicians, enabling them to do almost anything they need to from their mobile devices. Whether creating and assignment of work orders and change orders, generating invoices and providing customer quotes, making estimates, inspections, creating and submitting reports, and more. Field service apps empower technicians to deliver a superior customer experience and increase profits.

Snappii offers some ready-made field service apps for various operations.

Job Estimator app

The Job Estimator app is the best pocket tool to look professional and win more jobs. It helps create and deliver accurate, timely estimates anywhere. The app provides the pre-made mobile estimation form to fill it in in minutes. The users can also use the voice-to-text feature. The Job Estimator app automatically makes all calculations. The completed estimation form can be instantly generated into the PDF or Excel report. The app users can send it to anyone, and even right from the address book. Learn more about the Job Estimator app here, watch the video, and download the app in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Work Order Assigner app

Work orders are the engine of the operations and start the process. Snappii offers the Work Order Assigner app to easily create tasks and assign them to particular employees, provide details and time frames. Managers can instantly assign work orders to any worker and get a progress report as well as a notification about its completion. Field technicians see assigned work orders and add notes about the status. The completed mobile forms can be generated into PDF reports, shared, and stored in the app. Download and try the Work Order Assigner app in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Daily Log Reporting app

The Daily Log Reporting app is a must-have for anyone working in the field and on sites. The app allows users to easily add hours each employee has spent to complete a task, calculate total hours, and email a report to the office repository. The Daily Log Reporting app helps meet deadlines, increase efficiency, avoid overheads, and save time. Watch how the app works in this video. Download and try the iOS and Android versions of the Daily Log Reporting app.

Don’t settle for less

Most of Snappii’s ready-made apps are customizable. We believe that our customers shouldn’t settle for less and are ready to meet some of their specific requirements. Anyone can send the requirements here and we will be back with a free quote.

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