Five reasons your business needs a mobile app

Five reasons your business needs a mobile app

for blogMobile devices have never been as popular as they are now. Most people use them to fulfill a lot of daily tasks at work, as well as at home. Why go somewhere to get something, if you can easily make payments online, book rooms, call and order a taxi, look through your favorite magazines and newspapers, watch videos, check weather forecasts and more, all with a small gadget in your hand.  Smart phones, tablets, and mobile mobile business apps have truly transformed the way we communicate, play and manage our personal lives. With this increasing number of users, businesses have to adjust their policies to allow their employees and clients have easy access to the data.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider to go mobile.

1. Your customers are asking for it.

Look around. The world has gone mobile: everyone uses their mobile devices today to get the information they need. If you are not online, how else should they know you even exist? It’s easy to download a mobile app and get updates, reservations, call, email, see maps and directions, etc. than browse yellow book to find you.

2. Your competitors already did it.

Take a look at what your competitors and the big stores are doing. They probably already have mobile business apps set up, along with mobile-friendly websites. Even if you provide a superior product, this message may be lost if your potential customers are unaware of what you offer.

3. Improved job management.

Sales, service managers, dispatchers, and parts managers are just a few examples of the company personnel that can use an enterprise app to communicate job details directly to field personnel. These details could easily contain the customer address, the parts required to complete the job and even past activities with this specific customer.

4. Better data capture from the field.

When your field personnel are able to capture key customer data through a mobile app, you reduce tremendous amounts of paper forms, greatly increase the accuracy of the data collected and that information can be shared enterprise wide literally instantaneously.

5. Decreased payroll costs and processing time.

With mobile mobile business apps recording an employee shift start/end time and breaks right on their mobile device, employers can gain control of overtime pay and ensure actual work hours are truly being completed productively. By directly integrating this field data into your payroll service, you can eliminate the costs and resources historically involved with processing payroll.

Hurry up and go mobile today. Snappii will help you do it quick and affordable.

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